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demy digital recipe reader

demy digital recipe reader demy digital recipe reader
It’s like someone was reading my mind! The last time I baked ooey-gooey chewy chocolate chip cookies (here’s the recipe from, I emailed the recipe to my Blackberry and checking the ingredients and directions with my flour-covered fingers was not ideal. This digital recipe reader can hold your entire recipe collection in one easy place and the touch screen is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The font can be enlarged for easier reading and the built-in timers mean your cookies won’t burn when you turn your back. It quickly converts measurements and even offers up ingredient substitutions in a hurry. Does this thing wash the dishes, too? I love its sleek look and impressive number of features. Why didn’t I put this on my Christmas list? Check out more fabulous kitchen gadgets and find more great tech products in Lauren McPhillips’ blog Tech Style.

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