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Don’t I look intimidating?!?

erin brett karen the ultimate w expert challengeWho am I kidding? I’m just a big softie, and couldn’t pull a Simon Cowell even if I tried!

My stint as a guest judge on the W Network’s Ultimate W Expert Challenge is just around the corner, and it’s time to get acquainted with this season’s contestants: six experts who are vying for the chance to win a development deal with the network. Check ‘em out here and let me know what you think after you vote online! Who would you choose as The Ultimate?

Julie Arora, Food & Nutrition expert

picture 61 the ultimate w expert challenge

Bruce Krahn, Health & Wellness expert

picture 7 the ultimate w expert challenge

Nadia Albano, Beauty & Style expert

picture 1 the ultimate w expert challenge

Jennifer Reid, Home & Garden expert

picture 31 the ultimate w expert challenge

Sasja Nieukerk, Personal Development expert

picture 82 the ultimate w expert challenge

Steve Duncan, Home & Garden expert

picture 5 the ultimate w expert challenge

The new season premieres on Wednesday, August 4 at 8PM EST, and I’m behind the judge’s table —  shown here with Style at Home’s editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin and host Karen Bertelsen – on the episode airing August 11.

In the meantime, check out host Karen Bertelsen’s absolutely stunning home in the hot-off-the-presses September issue of Style at Home magazine!

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