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featured blog: the brick house

Blog: The Brick House
Blogger: Morgan Satterfield (and ‘The Boy’)
Location: California

What do you do for a living?
Designer, writer, photographer, stylist, snuggler, jack-of-all trades blogger.

What’s your blog all about?
The blog centers on the continued renovation of our current home. We bought a small mid-century brick house in a retirement town and are attempting to take it from half-way house to all-the-way awesome. With readers, I guess I hope to bring what I get from other blogs — namely ideas, a chuckle, and maybe a little bit of voyeurism.

If one song, movie, or soundtrack could sum up your life, what would it be?

Pretty obvious isn’t it? The Shining. Oh wait no, that’s not it.

Describe your home in 6 words or less.
Mighty Mighty.

What has been your fave post so far?
Probably my favorite post is always the one I just finished. I’m always happiest at the moment I post something — then I reread it later and cringe.

What is the ‘$100 rule’?
It’s a rule originally developed by a thrifty friend that I co-opted. It states: do not spend over $100 on any ONE item. You’d be surprised by how well you can stick to it, but of course there are exceptions. Sometimes I will sell a bunch of furniture to raise funds to buy something big like a sofa. Or I tend to trade and barter furniture with folks as well.

What has been your fave shopping find under $50?
Hard to choose — most everything great I find is under $50. Seriously… like, so many amazing things. I once picked up a mint condition vintage George Nelson bubble lamp for $6. That was pretty amazing.

Where do you shop for items for your home?
Thrift stores, estate sales, vintage shops, Craigslist, and, of course, Ikea.

If you could pick one celebrity (or writer or whomever) as the demographic for your blog, who would it be?
I just asked The Boy and he said Jeffery Lewis (???). I say Doctor Who. I guess neither makes much sense.

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