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Photography by Donna Griffith

Blog: The Art of Doing Stuff

Blogger: Karen Bertelsen

Location: Small town just outside Toronto


What’s your blog all about?

The blog really is all about how to do ‘stuff’. My philosophy is “It’ ain’t that hard. Any of it”.  Honestly, if I can do it, chances are you can do it.  I have no training in anything at all. Interior decorating, floral design, home improvement — the only reason I can do these things, while a lot of other people can’t, is because I try. Plus, I’m wildly curious and impatient. If some appliance or something breaks in the middle of the night I’d rather Google how to fix it and do it myself. I really just don’t have the patience to wait for a repairman to call me back.

What do you do for a living?
I’ve made my living for the past 15 years as a television host and writer in Canada. I’ve done a lot of pop culture commentary and celebrity interviews, plus have hosted a multitude of lifestyle type shows. And now I make 12 cents a day with my blog so… I guess add that to the list of how I make my living.

Karen's square hydrangea arrangement

If money were no object, what one item would you buy for your home?
3-ply toilet paper and a box of Maldon Salt.  Just kidding.

Where do you shop for items for your home?

Garage sales, the side of the road, HomeSense, IKEA, flea markets,  and inexpensive contemporary shops like Structube and EQ3.

What has been your fave find under $50?

Up until a couple of years ago everything in my house cost less than $50!  I often found stuff at the side of the road and it cost nothing.  Of course I had to scrape dead worms off of it, but still — it was free.  I didn’t keep much of that stuff, but I’m pretty fond of the mirror in my living room (and in the photo below, from the Style at Home shoot);  I got it at a garage sale for $5.  *Check out another fave find of Karen’s that is really a sight to see*

Karen's $5 mirror find (photography by Donna Griffith)

What’s your favourite movie interior?
I’m not sure if it really is my favourite, but the first thing that popped into my head was the kitchen in Something’s Gotta Give. And Grey Gardens. Love, love, love.

What song, movie or soundtrack sums up your life?

Green Acres
because I feel like I’m an exact cross between city and country.  I love them both.

Favourite post you’ve done?

The furry chair post is the one that “got me on the map”.  It’s the one that Design*Sponge picked up on and ended up being circulated from blog to blog to blog.  It was also the blog post that got Erin McLaughlin to notice me and my blog which led to a feature in Style at Home.

My favourite post is probably the post I did on my backyard makeover.  Not because it has the best pictures, or is written the best, but because it shows what one little girl can do if she puts her mind to it.

Oh!  And then there’s the frozen yogourt tampon post!  Also a fave…
Ugh, this  “pick your favourite post” thing is like asking a mother which child is her favourite.  You’re mean.

Karen's Thanksgiving tabletop

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