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Blog: Aubrey & Lindsay’s Little House Blog


Blogger: Lindsay Stephenson


Location: Upper Beaches, Toronto

What’s your blog all about?

I’d like to think that what I write about on our blog is all of the things I’d be telling my family or friends over a cup of coffee. Trying to figure out how to do trim, our latest fabric finds, the new vacuum that I bought that I want to recommend, DIY projects — we really talk about everything.

What do you do for a living?

I run an online art and stationery studio called Penny People Designs and do freelance graphic design for small businesses.

If you weren’t working in the profession you are, what would you be doing?

Had I not found my passion with running my own business/being an artist, I think I would have loved to have been an interior decorator as I feel it’s similar to what I do right now– a dash of business, with a whole lot of creativity.  But, I’m extremely spatially challenged, so I think I’ll leave the profession of interior decorating to other people.

Lindsay's IKEA Rast table makeover, which was a hit around the blogosphere

Describe your home in 6 words or less.
Young traditional.

Favourite post you’ve done?

I have a lot of favourite posts but perhaps the one I’m most proud of is our master bedroom, because it’s a perfect example of our style of decorating — splurging in some areas, saving in others. Our bed was a splurge (Colette from Crate and Barrel), while our wood dresser was found tucked away in a vintage shop and our vanity was repurposed by painting it white and adding new knobs.
Our side tables were a project we did after seeing them in the September 2008 issue of Style at Home. We immediately did them and posted about them on our Penny People Blog, and rather quickly our makeover shot went viral.

The sweet nursery Lindsay and Aubrey designed for new baby Oscar

If money were no object, what one item would you buy for your home?
A piece of original art, either by Peer Christensen or David Grieve.

Where do you shop for items for your home?

From boutiques to the used furniture store down the street, we shop everywhere. But surprisingly, we do a lot of DIY projects that involve IKEA. We did a DIY bench out of IKEA cabinets {image below}, and also used cabinets as part of my DIY desk. We made a daybed/sofa out of an IKEA bed that is in Oscar’s nursery {not shown in image above}.

Aubrey and Lindsay's clever DIY bench made from IKEA cabinets

What song, movie or soundtrack sums up your life?
I don’t think there is a soundtrack that sums up my life, but if there was an album that I wouldn’t mind playing my whole life, it would be any classical record. No matter what a day has been life, classical music seems to slow things down for me.

What has been your fave find under $50?

Our little hippo sugar container for $2.00.

P.S. Interested in having your blog featured?
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