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If you’re like me, you probably love the beautiful colours of vintage glass. I’m not a big antiques collector, but I do happen to love old mason jars. So simple, yet so beautiful. Especially the ones that have gorgeous blue and green tones! However, they can be pricey or hard to find.

Here’s a great DIY project for creating them yourself! Spaghetti jars never looked so good!

Like any great DIY, you have to tweak things a bit to make them work for you. I saw a ton of tutorials online and finally came up with one that worked best for me! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1 Collect some jars, wash the labels off. Then use equal parts white glue and water to create a paste.

2 Experiment with the colouring by adding drops of blue and green food colouring. For example, two drops blue, one drop green gives a pretty turquoise color!

3 Use foam brushes to paint the outside of the jars. That way, you can still fill them with water and put fresh flowers in them.

4 They will look streaky. Apply two coats. Allow to dry and you’ll see the streaks disappear. Or, at least most of them! It creates a really pretty frosted look.


Try it! So easy and literally cost pennies!! The makings of a great DIY in my opinion.

Natalie Cross is a Calgary-based wedding photographer and home blogger. She loves all things creative so for inspiration or great DIY’s, check out her blog, Beach House In The City.

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