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Having spent the better part of my weekend choosing, buying and decorating my Christmas tree, it was only fitting that I snap a few photos to show you the end-result! This is the first Christmas I am spending in Toronto and I really wanted to make it feel special. I decided on a white and silver colour palette this year, a beautiful classic.

My only pet peeve when it comes to Christmas trees is spending money on a – usually very unattractive – tree stand. My alternative is to ‘plant’ the tree in a dark grey planter, half filled with gardening rocks and half filled with neatly packed soil. It makes the tree stand out that much more and also allows you to invest in a planter that you can use once the spring makes its way back in.

Now, for the ornaments! Isn’t there something just magical about putting up that very first ornament? It gets me every year. Here are a few of my favourite ornaments – they all bring back a happy memory of the place where I found them.

You might have read my post listing expert tips to decorate your Christmas tree. Filling your tree with inexpensive ornaments and then edging it with your special pieces was key to getting a professional look. I have about a dozen of these silver balls, scattered around the tree.

These ornaments are the ones I am always afraid of breaking when I take them out of their storage box! They have come from far as well – I bought them in Paris (where I’m originally from) at the Bon Marche, an absolute gem for all Christmas ornaments. These are hand-painted and absolutely gorgeous, especially when they are lit by Christmas tree lights.

Every year, I usually get a new ornament (or two!) to add to the tree. This is my newest find. Adorned with a white velvet ribbon and completely covered in pearls, it’s a real beauty.

As for lights, in addition to the traditional Christmas lights, I added these mini snowflake lights. I like the touch of whimsy it adds to the tree!

What does your Christmas tree look like this year?

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