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decor vs. fashion: coat rack or bangle?

decor vs fashion 46012 decor vs. fashion: coat rack or bangle?
This week you have $100 to spend and in keeping with the colourful autumn season you’re on the prowl for something bright, vibrant and memorable. Which budget-friendly accessory do you choose to buy?
decor vs fashion coatrack decor vs. fashion: coat rack or bangle?
Keep reading to learn more about each before making your decision…

Spider coat rack
This functional piece of furniture looks like a modern sculpture, making it a lovely addition to any foyer or welcoming entryway. It is perfect for hanging hats, scarves and all sorts of other fab fall finds! CB2, $99.95.

Kate Spade Rope Bracelet
A stunning, handcrafted piece of jewellery is on every girl’s fall wishlist, right? The oval gem-like charms resemble the leaves outside and will add a little pizzazz to any outfit. Kate Spade, $98.

You can only buy one item, which do you choose?

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