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Colour me inspired.

i love how slim and delicate this one is.

Actually, colour me golden. After an entertaining interview with Vancouver designer Peter Wilds – who is unapologetically obsessed with skulls, woodland creatures and hearts (both anatomical and geometric), who tempers every classic or elegant moment with something quirky and eclectic, and who is also inspired by my favourite director, Wes Anderson – I’m inspired to embrace my own décor quirks I’ve been hiding from the wider world. Namely, my (now) unabashed adoration for all things shiny (mainly gold, but sequined or rhinestoned is okay too), all things mustache (well, except men), and everything gun (except the ones you can actually kill with, of course).

And since Peter Wilds can make skulls look suitable in even a more conservative room, I’m going for the gold in guns. Once something I only admired from afar, Philippe Starck’s Gun Lamps are now at the top of my wish list this year.


YES, it kinda clashes with my rustic decor and NO, I neither need it nor have a spot for it (yet) at home, but like Peter demonstrated in his interview (see Style at Home‘s January Issue) – if you love something, buy it, and worry about where to put it later.

Let’s hope that ol’ Field of Dreams principle applies: if you buy it, the space will come.

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