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all i want for christmas is …

It’s that time of year. My mom and my sister keep asking me what I’d like for Christmas and the thing is, I can never think of anything. But with growing pressure to come up with a few ideas to put on my Christmas wish list, I remembered something that caught my eye back in October.
lekue macaron set all i want for christmas is ...
The sinfully sweet macarons from Laduree in Paris are a treat I just can’t get enough of. But since traveling to Paris to pick up a box of these confections just isn’t in the cards, I figure the next best thing is learning how to make them myself. I’d love to find this kit for making homemade macarons under the tree this Christmas. Once I perfect the recipe, macarons for everyone! Lekue Macaron Baking Mat, $28.99, Lekue Decomax Pen, $44.99; The Bay or

What’s on your Christmas wish list this holiday season?

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