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decor vs. fashion: drum or ring?

We all want to look our best this holiday season, but we also want our homes to look the prettiest they possibly can as well!

So if you had an imaginary budget of $160, which would you splurge on: a stunning, traditional decorative drum (that doubles as an occasional table) or a gorgeous, chunky gold ring for that string of cocktail parties you have lined up?

Keep reading to learn more about each item before making your choice!

Decorative drum

This gorgeous decorative drum will delight wannabe drummer boys and grown-ups alike. Hand-painted and made of iron, it is a beautiful addition to any minimalist holiday decor scheme and can be employed for gentle use as an occasional table (just avoid putting hot cups of cocoa on it or anything too heavy!) Pottery Barn, $155.50.

Textured matte gold and diamond ring
Who doesn’t love a chunky ring to add a bit of spice to an outfit? This beautiful piece is handmade in Mumbai and the entire jewellery line features naturally occurring semi-precious stones. Plus, if that wasn’t enough reason to sparkle, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to a charity in India! Dagmar Jewellery, $159.

You can only buy one item; which would you choose?

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