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5 reasons to love the dyson dc 45 vacuum

One of my most hated chores growing up was vacuuming the house. The big, clunky, heavy beast of a vacuum made it difficult to maneuver and carry from floor to floor. And, as time went on, the bags and filters would fill and clog making any attempt utterly futile.

Clearly I’ve been traumatized.

Living on my own now, in a modest bachelorette apartment, I have a lack of space and storage, which meant I:

(a) Didn’t have much room to store a vacuum
(b) Could manage with sweeping and mopping

Though, after buying a new rug, I realized my multiple surface floors presented a new challenge. I finally caved and decided to try out the new Dyson DC 45 Animal vacuum, the latest digital slim model that debuted in Canada this past summer.

Though the model doesn’t come with a “therapeutic” setting, I think it has healed me because I’m no longer traumatized by vacuuming anymore! Here’s why:

1 Mobility
Just say no to power cords! Growing up with bulky vacuums and limiting cords were definitely my top reasons for hating this chore. Whether you have a large space or staircases, lugging the machine around, getting caught moving around corners and having to re-plug every 20 feet is just not ideal. The DC 45 has a chargeable battery that runs for 20 minutes at full power, which is enough for me to vacuum my entire apartment before even having to re-charge.

2 Reach
The long, slender reach of the vacuum makes it easy to clean under beds and sofas without having to lift or move furniture around. Simply turn the vacuum from side to side and let the swivel head to reach into the nooks and crannies in the far back. You can even reach the ceiling with ease, should you ever need such a power.

3 Swivel
The swivel head allows for full coverage, even when cleaning under the bed and you can’t quite see to the very back. Just turn your wrist and the machine can essentially lay flat on the floor, making those pesky corners no problem.

4 Multipurpose
Not only can I use it on my mixture of floor surfaces (hardwood, tile and rugs), but by detaching the aluminum arm it’s the perfect hand vacuum to clean the sofa, car or other close-up jobs.

5 Storage
Small space living means I also don’t have much storage. Fortunately, the DC 45 is not only slim and compact enough to slip into any closet corner, but it also comes with a lightweight docking station that you can mount on the wall. Simply screw into a wall in your closet and utilize space that would otherwise go unused!

What do you hate most about vacuuming?

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