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decor vs fashion: plates or scarf?

Who doesn’t love a little something extra cute over the holiday season? Of course, keeping to a strict holiday budget can make treating yourself to a present a little difficult. Fortunately, we’ve found two adorable options. The only question is, which do you buy for only $15?

decor fashion plates decor vs fashion: plates or scarf?
Keep reading to learn more about each item!

Patchwork Christmas dessert plates (set of three)

Whether you’re leaving oatmeal cookies out for Santa or sneaking a sweet treat for yourself, these adorable dessert plates will make any serving a little more festive! West Elm, $5.17 each.

Knitted scarf
Keep yourself bundled up nice and warm this year with a gorgeous knitted scarf, complete with candy cane-inspired tassels. Who wouldn’t feel jolly wearing this? H&M, $14.95.

You can only buy one item; which do you choose?

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