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decor vs. fashion: mugs or shirt

I am personally obsessed with all things heart-motif at the moment — seriously, it’s becoming a problem! So I thought I’d share some of the lovely fun with you.

You have $18 to spend this week, which item do you treat yourself to? Two gold-plated heart mugs (perfect for homemade hot chocolate or the perfect cup of tea) or a sassy vibrant top! Either would make an adorable Valentine’s Day gift idea!

decor vs fashion hearts decor vs. fashion: mugs or shirt Keep reading to learn more about each item…

Heart mugs

These gorgeous gold-plated heart mugs will steal your own heart the moment you see them! Imagine settling down for your first morning cup of coffee with one of these beauties or delivering a special cup of cocoa to your special someone. What a treat! Ideal for any bright kitchen or for anyone who loves whimsical decor. West Elm, $8.95 each.

2 Heart shirt
Don’t bother to wear your heart on your sleeve… not when you’re sporting this lovely hot pink top with a beautiful bleeding heart design. The silhouetted shape adds immediate interest to this soft jersey top. H&M, $17.95.

You can only buy one item; which do you choose?

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