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First up, meet Clipix, the newest online tool that makes organizing your inspirations so much easier. With its simple-to-use bookmarking button, images, articles, recipes and gift ideas can be stored and even categorized in one central place. If you’re anything like me and forever finding online genius, this tool is your ticket to compilation goodness.

One website that my newly installed Clipix button is going to see plenty of action from is Stone Textile. Started by designer and blogger Elizabeth Mollen, this shop is packed with textile gorgeousness, including the most amazing three-dimensional folded-fabric toss cushions – the Tuxedo is at the very top of my grown-up Christmas list!

Another item that ranks high on my list is an overdyed rug from the London Varner Etsy shop. You can either buy from its very reasonably priced selection of vintage rugs or (and this is the best part) simply state the size and colour and the stars at London Varner will find you a rug and dye it to your specifications. They’ll also gladly dye a rug you already own!

Which of these three trends do YOU love?

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