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dyson’s new double duty innovation

Yesterday I visited the Dyson Canada offices to see a pretty neat new concept from the brand in action: the Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer that washes and dries all in one sleek package!



So how does it all work?  Sensors pinpoint your hand position and release water from the tap stem. Once they move to the dryer, the Dyson digital motor V4 shoots out streams of HEPA-filtered air that dry off hands in 14 seconds. No dripping water on the floor and no towel bar or separate hand dryer required.


While I don’t forsee these babies popping up in every house on the block, the commercial design could definitely appeal to a high-end modern home owner who wants the automatic bells and whistles we’ve seen with toilets, now translated to sinks. (see Kohler’s numi and Duravit’s sensowash as examples)


Would you put in a hand dryer in your home?


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