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colour palette round up: romantic reds

Contrary to popular belief red decor can be used all year long, not just when Valentine’s Day comes a knocking.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with celebrating this special occasion with some lovely Valentine’s Day decor, but to add even more flavour we’ve rounded up a few stunning decor options that can live on well past February 14th.

colour roundup reds colour palette round up: romantic reds Keep reading to discover where you can source each of these looks for inspiration or to buy!

(From top left)

1  Gingham chair, CB2.
2  Brightwater bedding collection, Kate Spade.
3  Romantic dining room, Style at Home.
Red cabinetry, Style at Home.
5  Porcelain vase, CB2.
6  Shelving units, West Elm.

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