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editor’s pick: eco etsy toys


Hope you all had a lovely Earth Day! As promised, I’ve got more great environmentally friendly picks from the eco-conscious Etsy online marketplace in honour of Earth Month. Inspired by their daughter, the owners of Little Wooden Wonders decided to create organic wooden toys that are free of any chemicals or lead. Safe for baby and made by hand, these puzzles have a vintage appeal that recalls bygone days. They’re unique and unexpected tokens that any little princess or prince would be lucky to receive.

Elephant Puzzle Little Wooden Wonders editors pick: eco etsy toys Baby Elephant Puzzle, $13 US, Little Wooden Wonders.

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From skulls to Art Deco chandeliers: How to buy the things you love. Tips from Four Rooms’ Jessica Lindsay Phillips.

From schoolgirl garage sale enthusiast to globetrotting glamazon collector, you would be pressed to find a more knowledgeable and stylish expert on hunting for the things you love than Jessica Lindsay Phillips.

Jessica grew up in Ottawa and at a very early age became enraptured by the thrill of the find at local yard sales. Fast-forward a couple of decades and she’s cutting deals as an established collector on CBC Television’s Four Rooms.

Together with her late husband Billy Jamieson, she has collected thousands of rare objects that are often described as mysterious. She is the director of the Billy Jamieson-Niagara Falls Museum Collection and will soon be auctioning over 350 lots at Waddington’s Auction House. The items range from taxidermy to tribal art and art deco chandeliers. Waddington’s has also partnered with Farrow & Ball to create vignettes that are aimed to inspire you on how to showcase these collectibles in your home. It’s sure to be feast for the senses.

collection1 WEB 255x300 From skulls to Art Deco chandeliers: How to buy the things you love. Tips from Four Rooms’ Jessica Lindsay Phillips.

left: Polychromed Fiberglass Figure of a Tattooed Woman by Jonathan Shaw (b.1953) right top: Papua New Guinea Western Highlands Wahgi Valley Shield, 20th century right bottom: Victorian Taxidermy Diorama of Two Chihuahua Puppies in Landscape Setting, 19th century (Photography provided by

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confessions of a pinterest addict

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a Pinterest addict. My addiction crept up on me slowly. I started a Pinterest account years ago and loved it right from the beginning. I created a handful of boards but after a few weeks, my activity dwindled. But recently, I’ve rediscovered Pinterest and now I just can’t stop. I’m pinning in the morning while I’m eating breakfast and late at night just before I fall asleep.

My Pinterest boards focus mostly on design and decor, fashion, food and travel. There’s so much inspiration to be found and whenever a holiday rolls around, I peruse my boards for recipes, decorating tips and tabletop ideas. Here’s a glimpse at some of my pins:

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style showdown: shoes or pillow?

Even though spring officially arrived weeks ago, Mother Nature is having her fun with us (at least here in Toronto) and we’re being forced to dream about spring instead of bask in it. No matter. I’m still readying both house and wardrobe for the moment that we can throw off all the heaviness of winter and dive headfirst into spring.

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art: slim aarons

As a decorator I am always trying to inject my clients personality into each project I work on as well as my own. The best way to do this is through art. Art is an expression on ones inward feelings, it is objective and often without explanation. We are drawn to, what we are drawn to, sometimes without rhyme or reason, and that is the beauty or art, it takes a blank canvas an voila! Unique, beautiful, personal Slim Aarons ART LCD SAH art: slim aarons

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new-use tuesdays: club soda

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week’s versatile vixen is club soda. Carbonated water is a great addition to any bar. Its mild flavour is agreeable for most guests and its clear tone with your sofa, in case of spills. Here are a few more inventive uses that will have you reaching for this hostess favourite beyond the next cocktail party.

SodaStream recipe 2  new use tuesdays: club soda

Image courtesy of SodaStream

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eco-friendly find: cuppow mason jar lids

Mason jar lovers, unite! In celebration of Earth Day I wanted to share a great eco-friendly find. If you’re like me, you love finding new and creative ways to use mason jars. With a selection of specially designed lids, Cuppow turns any size mason jar into an easy-to-sip drinking glass, travel mug or dual compartment food storage container  – and best of all, they’re made from food-safe recycled plastic. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, they’re a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint and an inexpensive alternative to plastic bottles and containers.

ecofriendly find cappow eco friendly find: cuppow mason jar lids BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor – Wide Mouth – Pink, Cuppow, $8.99

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how to use a french press

I recently bought a Bodum French press to shake up my weekend coffee routine. Brewing coffee in a French press is pretty foolproof, but there are a few key considerations to keep your coffee from being a sludgy mess. Keep reading to find out my favourite method for brewing smooth and delicious coffee.

BodumChambordFrenchPress how to use a french press

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fab find: silver jade bowl

I recently ventured into ELTE to take a peek at their accessories for a few upcoming shoots. I’m always blown away when I go to the store (cause it’s just so darn pretty!) and they always have a great selection of accessories to browse through. I found myself drawn to a few different items – but none more so than the gorgeous ‘Jade Bowl’.

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4 great apps for environmentally friendly living

It’s Earth Day today, which means that it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate our commitment to the environment. Many of us have the best intentions when it comes to protecting our precious planet, but it’s easy to forget, to fall short. But since many of us never leave home without our smartphones, clinging to them like life lines, it has never been easier to keep the environment top of mind with apps that are right at our fingertips. In honour of Earth Day, here are four apps, all available for download on iTunes, that’ll help you make more environmentally responsible decisions every day.

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