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trending online: kitchen essentials

When it comes to kitchen design, the finishing details can make all the difference. So when I discovered the Etsy shop Officine Gullo, which sells bespoke brass apron-front sinks, well, let’s just say, I was in heaven.

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trending online: bathroom essentials

A fabulous bathroom design is very near the top of my dream home must-have list and, as with any project, I’m always searching for the perfect piece to make a space truly one of a kind.

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trending online: beautiful textiles and blankets

Sweet cottage season is finally here, and there’s no sense in driving for hours to arrive at a summer escape that’s not adequately decked out in pretty!

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trending online: decorating with white

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I want my entire house to be painted white. There’s just something so crisp and modern about a space done in this bright hue. As part of my plan, I’ve been stalking Etsy for some decor accessories to help me create the perfect tone-on-tone white abode.

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trending online: metallic toss cushions

If you’re looking to add some luxe to your home decor for less, perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so is with toss cushions. Lately, I’m thinking metallics are the way to go.

A few of my favourite Etsy shops of the moment are Melongings, Pillotopia and Sukan.
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trending online: garden decor and accessories

Admittedly, I have the opposite of a green thumb, but when it comes to garden decor and beautification, there are a few things even I can do to help the process along – and by that I mean shopping.

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trending online: statement light fixtures

If someone were to ask me what design element offers the biggest bang for its buck, I’d easily answer lighting. Nothing changes the feel of a room more than a light fixture with great impact.

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trending online: specimen box shop’s original art

I think it’s been established that I’m a total sucker for original art, and I’m even more inspired by artisans who are able to create pieces that are both elegant and whimsical.

Meet my newest obsession, Specimen Box Shop, and its owner, Gabriele Cavender. Keep reading to learn more about this shop.

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trending online: biscuit home and patterned paint rollers

I think it’s apparent by now that I love to shop, so when a new online store opens… well, it’s a happy day. I’m very excited to introduce the newest venture from blogger Bailey McCarthy. Named Biscuit Home, it offers an incredible selection of bedding, furniture and decor accessories, all designed with Bailey’s super exuberant signature style.

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trending online: jamie shop, hollywood regency style and dezyn app

I’m a total sucker for things I can’t have, especially when it comes to designer furnishings, fabrics, wallpapers and accessories. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found something I love online only to find out that it’s available just through the trade.

For those of you who, like me, want to be able to score those goodies on your own, I’ve found an amazing service from world-renowned interior designer Jamie Herzlinger. Called Jamie Shop, this new venture allows you to register as a client and have exclusive access to more than 400 of the top trade-only manufacturers. And, better yet, the shop will guide your purchases from inception to installation.
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