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erin’s picks: 6 of my favourite things in robin’s egg blue

I saw my first robin yesterday. The chipper bird was hopping delightedly on my front lawn. His enthusiasm for spring was contagious so I began thinking about how much I love robin’s egg blue. When I arrived at work this morning a spring collection from the bespoke wallpaper company Galbraith & Paul was in my inbox. And voila! Their beautiful Sakura paper is available in Sea, which is a palette of green and robin’s egg blue.

Galbraith & Paul's Sakura wallpaper in sea. image courtesy of Galbraith & Paul

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erin’s pick: jo malone’s ltd edition home fragrance collection with michael angove

When Jo Malone collaborates with artists and designers the results are always perfection. Such is the case with a just-launched limited edition home fragrance collection that has been produced in collaboration with Welsh fine artist Michael Angove. The packaging of this elegant new collection is a departure from Jo Malone’s minimalist packaging. Michael Angove designed a pattern for both Jo Malone’s classic orange blossom and blackberry fragrances that are as beautiful as the products are deliciously fragrant. My favourite product from the collection is the Orange Flower Scent Surround Diffuser. $95 (165 ml) exclusively at Holt Renfrew.




photography by Erin McLaughlin

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colour trend: pearl white

We all love pearls, don’t we? The rich and glossy texture combined with a beautiful reflective quality. And that’s why it’s no surprise to me that pearl white is hotter than ever. Here are three must-have objects in spring’s favourite hue!

Number ONE: The KitchenAid Pro Line Series 7-quart bowl-lift stand mixer in Frosted Pearl White.

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flower arranging: 3 fab spring centrepieces

One of my favourite part of my jobs is getting to go to interesting press events. I’m not able to go often – the Style at Home editorial and design team attend – but I love when I can get out of the office to be inspired. Today I went to a media launch for Kitchen Aid’s new Pro Line countertop appliances and the event exceeded my expectations. The appliances were spectacular (more on that later) but so were the floral arrangements that were used to decorate the space. When I first walked in to the event space I was struck by the beauty of this arrangements of red roses and tulips (yes, those are tulips!)

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editor’s picks: my 2 no-fail grey paint colours

I love grey. Ever since I was a teenager my room has always been painted grey. But I have also had years of trouble-shooting until I found two fantastic greys. One is Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath and the other one is Glidden’s Designer Grey. This does not mean that there aren’t other fabulous greys out there (in fact I am working with Beautitone paints right now on a new Style at Home paint collection and I can guarantee that there will be some beautiful greys!) but when it comes to knowing that I have to go-to paints, these two are no-fail.


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editor’s picks: bring gwyneth paltrow’s style home

Everyone’s talking about Gwyneth Paltrow. An Oscar-winning actor and fashion designer’s dream. Gwyneth is about more than just Hollywood. We heard of her upcoming “conscious uncoupling” with her partner Chris Martin last week, and we also know about her love of healthy food and her amazing cooking. But did you know that she also retails fashion and decor on her site goop? If you’ve ever wanted to look and live like Gwyneth (and who doesn’t), her website is the place to find out how to do it. Gwyneth launched the online weekly lifestyle publication in 2008 to encourage readers and fans to focus on what’s “real.” The site is brimming with items that all embody Gwyneth’s natural and casual style. Gwyneth works with numerous designers for exclusive limited edition pieces for both your home and closet. I took a peek at it this week and here is my wish list. What I love about  and this Chinti & Parker for goop striped t-shirt is one of those pieces. The exclusive heart pocket tee is $115.00 US and I love it!

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editor’s pick: nespresso on the road

I’ve written a few times about my obsession with Nespresso over the past month, but nothing prepared me for how much I would love to use it as I did at a horse show last week. A horse show you ask? I know that it sounds odd, but sure enough, I dragged along my incredible Nespresso UMilk machine to the Poplar Place horse trials in Columbus, Georgia last week. My horse Fleur was stabled at the show with a number of my friends’ horses. We had a separate stall where we kept all of the tack and snacks. And, of course, I couldn’t possibly spend a day without my beloved Nespresso machine. Note the wipe board in the background with the ride times of each of the horses written down.


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erin’s pick: favourite scented candle

Like most people, I’m very picky about scented candles. A room with too many scented candles can be off-putting to say the least. If you’ve ever been stuck in a crowded elevator with women wearing too much perfume, you know what I mean.

We’ve all smelled vanilla candles (and some of us love that smell more than others). But I have a penchant for fragrances that are neither too sweet or musky. That’s why I love Jo Malone’s scented candles. For ages, my favourite was their signature Lime, Basil and Mandarin candle. The peppery smell creates “an unexpected twist to the scent of limes on a Caribbean”. (Available at Holt Renfrew).

So imagine my surprise when I walked into my office and saw this!

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editor’s pick: white and gold nespresso cups

With my recent love affair with Nespresso coffee I’ve become somewhat obsessed with anything and everything from the company. While shopping for their coffee capsules the other day (I always buy Kazaar, Dharkan and Ristretto – the three strongest ones) I spied these pretty porcelain Premium Gold Ring Espresso Cups designed by Christian Dhion.


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hotel chic: tommy hilfiger’s raleigh hotel pool

Who doesn’t love the idea of celebrity fashion designers getting involved in home decor? After all, they’ve been doing it for years. So when  the decor crowd heard that Tommy Hilfiger, the famed fashion designer who has been translating his classic American style from the runways to the home for years, is in talks to take on the historic Raleigh Hotel in South Beach, Florida, they were thrilled. Hilfiger plans to buy and renovate the iconic luxury hotel. But one thing we hope Hilfiger doesn’t change is the Raleigh’s gorgeous pool.

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