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my deco bathroom: before and after

Knowing me, it’s not a total shocker that black and white was my choice palette for more than one of the bathrooms in my home. The September issue of Style At Home features what I like to call my deco bath, which earned its moniker thanks to its original 30s bathtub and vintage-inspired scheme.

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the making of my custom master bedroom rug at elte




My venture into ELTE’s custom rug department was the result of falling head over heels with their silk orchid collection.


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a chic retreat: my master bedroom

The master bedroom was part of our second floor addition, and while it’s not a huge space, it more than serves its purpose as a luxurious room to relax and rejuvenate in with a king size bed, small vanity and a bank of dressers for tons of clothing storage.


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my puuuurfectly glamorous powder room

Ah the powder room. The one space in the home where you can go buck wild with your design scheme. It’s usually isolated enough from the rest of the house’s principal spaces, either tucked into a nook or at the end of the hallway, and is often light-locked without any windows. This small bathroom is  just begging for some wallpaper or a snazzy vanity, so it took me months to narrow down my options and finally decide on how to jazz up my own.



Those who know me are well aware I have an affinity for leopard, cheetah, ocelot and even tiger prints.  Basically any exotic cat is fair game for me when it comes to choosing patterns for interiors or fashion, so that’s why I chose Thiabut’s Tanzania for my wallpaper, which is a decorator classic.


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den before and after

When we toured our home, I loved the small den tucked away above the garage (or as my husband calls it, “the lions den.”) It’s not large by any means, but we were enticed by the idea of having a little refuge off of the master bedroom for watching TV and having some quiet time. I viewed it as a great little bonus space on the second floor and was excited to transform it into a soothing oasis.


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a closer look at the dining room wallpaper

My striking dining room owes its wow-factor to the stunning hand painted Chinese wallpaper and gold-leafed ceiling that envelopes visitors with its jewel box effect.


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dining room before and after

One of the most dramatic transformations in my home was my dining room, thanks in large part to to the eye-catching Chinese hand painted wallpaper from Griffin and Wong. I’ll be going into more depth on the paper later this week, so for now let’s look at the furniture and lighting.


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herringbone heaven and a marvellous marble mantel

I mentioned in the last post that I wanted sophisticated interior details for my home that would evoke a traditional Parisian pied-à-terre. Two of those elements that I had my heart set on were herringbone wood floors and a marble fireplace mantel.


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living room before and after: part two

Yesterday was the first look at my living room, and now here is part two of how it all came together.

With the furniture in front of the fireplace and by the bay window completed, now there were only the corners by the dining room entrance to address. I took the opportunity to purchase a couple of vintage items that I have always had my eye on for some time: a brass-detailed bar cart and swooped back statement chair.

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living room before and after: part one

When we walked through our house for the first time, the living room was the most obviously promising space. The footprint was gracious, there was a fireplace and the whole room was flooded with light thanks to a big bay window.


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