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4 great apps for environmentally friendly living

It’s Earth Day today, which means that it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate our commitment to the environment. Many of us have the best intentions when it comes to protecting our precious planet, but it’s easy to forget, to fall short. But since many of us never leave home without our smartphones, clinging to them like life lines, it has never been easier to keep the environment top of mind with apps that are right at our fingertips. In honour of Earth Day, here are four apps, all available for download on iTunes, that’ll help you make more environmentally responsible decisions every day.

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recipe: sweetapolita’s pastel swirl cake

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter long weekend. As I mentioned last week, I was inspired by my neighbour, who made a lovely tray of Easter treats, to get into the kitchen and do some baking. So I decided to try my hand at a new recipe!

I’ve long admired Rosie Alyea’s work on her blog Sweetapolita. Rosie is enormously talented and her beautiful creations always look absolutely perfect. Take a look for yourself. You will definitely be inspired.

For months now, I’ve been eying this Sweetapolita Pastel Swirl Cake.

sweetapolita pastel swirl cake recipe: sweetapolitas pastel swirl cake {Image via Sweetapolita}
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recipes: easter cookies

I’m always amazed at how talented people are when it comes to creating beautiful treats from scratch. I’m not talking about professional bakers and all those goodies you find behind glass cases at trendy bakeries. I’m more inspired by regular people who teach themselves tricky techniques and pour their hearts into making pretty, Pinterest-worthy recipes that delight everyone who sees (and tastes!) them.

More than any other time of year, the holidays tend to inspire us and get our creative juices flowing. Earlier this week, my incredibly talented neighbour Marian gave me and my family this amazing plate of Easter cookies and I was so blown away. How pretty!

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editor’s pick: i could eat a horse spaghetti measurer

We’ve all been there. Cooking dinner, whether for one, four or 10, and vastly under- or over-estimating just how much food to make. For me, pasta is the worst culprit. I have a pretty tough time eyeballing just how much pasta I’ll need. So, imagine my delight when I found THIS:

i could eat a horse spaghetti measure editors pick: i could eat a horse spaghetti measurer
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black lace: shoes or curtains?

When you hear ‘black lace’ your first thought may be about sexy lingerie. But done right, black lace can be classy and elegant, both for your feet and your home! In this week’s shoe-inspired decor column, you’ll see what we mean.

shoes decor2 black lace: shoes or curtains?

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weekend baking: apple crumble

Yesterday, I told you that I’d had a weekend of baking. I baked a Glazed Lemon Poke Cake (that was seriously delicious) but for some reason, I wasn’t satisfied with just that. Since I had friends coming over to visit, I decided to give them options for dessert. But what to make? What to make?

I settled on an old favourite: Apple crumble.

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recipe: glazed lemon poke cake

This past weekend was the perfect weekend for baking. I didn’t have a lot to do (for once!), which meant that I was free to relax, browse through all the recipes I’ve saved on my Pinterest board and decide on something to make for friends who were visiting on Saturday night. The winning recipe: This Glazed Lemon Poke Cake from Canadian Living.

lemon cake recipe: glazed lemon poke cake
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6 laundry room essentials

Another Friday, another weekend ahead of chores. Laundry is usually the first task I tackle on the weekends. And while I don’t mind doing laundry, it’s still a chore and one that I’m happy to finish each week. But I find that if you create a space that’s pretty and that you don’t mind spending time in, then it’s easier to face the task at hand. So, if you need some inspiration to make over your laundry room, here are 6 essentials that’ll help:

west elm soiled garments laundry bag 6 laundry room essentials
Izola Cotton Laundry Bags – Soiled Garments, $45, West Elm
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artwork: 3 classic film stars

I’m a big lover of classic film. If I pass by an old black and white film on TV, you can bet I’m going to stop. Chances are I’ve seen it before (many times) but I’ll still watch again. I love the classics. Just the look of a black and white film fills me with nostalgia and transports me back in time to my childhood, the time when my mother introduced me to so, so many of the great films of the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.

I love black and white films and I love the stark contrast of black and white in decor so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with this special collection of artwork from Ralph Lauren Home.

cary grant artwork: 3 classic film stars

Cross-Legged Cary, $595.00
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shoe-inspired decor: black and white stripes

Black and white stripes are a dramatic choice, whether in the clothes you wear or as a statement in your home. This week’s shoe-inspired decor (or is it the other way around?) features this bold look: horizontal black and white stripes.

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