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win a $50 starbucks gift card

Did you know? It’s National Coffee Day today  – and while I’m a self-professed tea lover, I know that many (most?) of you, swear by your cup o’ joe. And it seems you’re not alone. Canadians LOVE their coffee (they drank more than 1.6 billion cups* of brewed coffee last year!) and Starbucks highlights this in an infographic they put out just for this special occasion!
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pretty novelty mugs

I just can’t get my day started until I’ve had my first cup of tea. For many people, it’s a cup of coffee that revs their engines but for me, it’s a cup of English Breakfast tea. Served in the perfect mug, one that’s just the right size, a cup of tea is my ultimate comfort, morning and night. With more and more novelty mugs available, it’s hard to choose just one but here are some of my favourites:

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Dream Home: $13 million Four Seasons Residence, Toronto

I love peeking inside people’s home’s and what better way to see some of the most luxurious houses in the city than by scouring real estate listings? This $13 million property in Toronto definitely caught my eye.

four seasons residence 1 Dream Home: $13 million Four Seasons Residence, Toronto
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removable wallpaper from chasing paper

I don’t know about you but I love decorating with wallpaper. There are so many gorgeous patterns out there to choose from. I adore the pattern I finally chose for my front hall and living room (Lumimarja by Marimekko) but when I see other beautiful designs, I sometimes wish that I could more easily switch up the look of my walls.

That’s where New York-based Chasing Paper comes in. Chasing Paper offers dozens of gorgeous designs of removable wallpaper. According to their website, the paper features the kind of high-quality texture you’d find on most traditional wallpapers but it’s really a peel and stick fabric, backed with a low-tack, non-toxic adhesive.

They say it’s super easy to hang yourself and since it’s easily removable, it’s perfect for commitmentphobes. The panels are 2 feet by 4 feet and cost $30. Here’s a closer look:

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win: a nate berkus back to school prize pack

nate berkus contest win: a nate berkus back to school prize pack
I really do hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s mid-August and that means that it’s officially back-to-school season. Personally, I used to welcome the start of the new school year but I know that many don’t share my sentiment. Since heading back to school is one of life’s non-negotiables, we’re here to help make it a little bit more exciting … and stylish, too!
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cake decorating: the petal cake

My lovely niece celebrated a milestone birthday last week. She turned one! Which meant that it was the perfect opportunity for me to try my hand at a new cake. I’ve tried the ombre rose cake and the pastel swirl cake but this time, I was eager to try the petal cake.

As always, I spent hours researching this cake online. There are lots of blog posts out there with tips to help you perfect the look. And I also watched a few YouTube tutorials like this one from Leslie Green and this one from The Boy Who Bakes.

Once I had done my research, it was time to get started!

I used three cakes so that it would have enough height to show off the ombre effect. Once the cakes were baked and cooled, I gave the cake a crumb coat and let that set before starting with the petal cake icing technique. Here’s how it looked with just the crumb coat:

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5 recipes to try this weekend

Friday, my long last friend! It’s so good to see you again!

What are you up to this weekend? Whether you’re having friends over for a fun backyard barbecue or you’re just hanging around at home, these 5 great recipes are all perfect for long, hot summer days. Try any (or all!) of them to impress friends or simply to try your hand at something new.

chocolate layer cake 5 recipes to try this weekend Easy chocolate layer cake
A tale as old as time, the meant-to-be combination of chocolate and vanilla is on display in this stunning layer cake.
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5 things to try this weekend

Happy Friday! The weekend’s finally here, which means there’s (hopefully!) some free time in your schedule to get around to those tasks that are on your to-do list, or to try something new. Here are 5 things to try this weekend:

how to remove pet hair 5 things to try this weekend {PHOTO: Virginia Macdonald}

1 Remove pet hair from upholstery
You love your furry friend but the fur all of your sofa? Not so much. Clean things up this weekend with our helpful tips.
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5 things to try this weekend

It’s Friday and the countdown to the weekend is on! What are you going to do this weekend? If you’ve got a few hours to spare, here are five things to try this weekend:

jewellery 5 things to try this weekend

1 Organize your jewellery
PHOTO: Donna Griffith
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ombre rose cake

Pretty much every cookie, tart or piece of cake I make and am subsequently forced to eat, I blame on Pinterest. As a self-confessed Pinterest addict, I am constantly finding not only new recipes to try but incredible decorating techniques.

Admittedly, the decorating techniques usually seem to be far outside my skill set but it never hurts to give something new a try. But one of the great things about this digital age is that there’s nothing you can’t find online. Before I set out to make a cake with a new or difficult icing technique, I watch YouTube video tutorials and read the blogs of all those brave souls who have gone before me. There’s so much to learn!

My latest cake challenge was an ombre rose cake, which, if you read food blogs or spend time on Pinterest, you may have seen already. Here’s what I was aiming for:

culinary couture rose cake ombre rose cake
Image via Culinary Couture
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