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art: slim aarons

As a decorator I am always trying to inject my clients personality into each project I work on as well as my own. The best way to do this is through art. Art is an expression on ones inward feelings, it is objective and often without explanation. We are drawn to, what we are drawn to, sometimes without rhyme or reason, and that is the beauty or art, it takes a blank canvas an voila! Unique, beautiful, personal Slim Aarons ART LCD SAH art: slim aarons

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fab find: silver jade bowl

I recently ventured into ELTE to take a peek at their accessories for a few upcoming shoots. I’m always blown away when I go to the store (cause it’s just so darn pretty!) and they always have a great selection of accessories to browse through. I found myself drawn to a few different items – but none more so than the gorgeous ‘Jade Bowl’.

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editor’s pick: eco etsy napkins

Everyone’s hopped up about Easter, but there’s another upcoming holiday to look forward to, Earth Day, which is on April 22. To some, April is known as Earth Month, and to honour it, I’m compiling my favourite eco-friendly offerings from the Etsy-sphere. The online marketplace seems a natural focal point as it is a certified B Corporation, meaning it’s met rigorous standards of environmental and social accountability. Today’s pick is Jaqs Studio, a textiles shop based out of Clayton, California. Hand sewn by owner Q, the eco merchandise includes quilts, placemats and toss cushions, in addition to a wide array of napkins. Check out the most swoon-worthy in the bunch.

Jaqs Studio Napkin 12 editors pick: eco etsy napkins

Large cotton Eco-Friendly Cloth N1333 napkins, $16 US per set of 4, Jaqs Studio.

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the blues

On a chilly day like the one we are currently experiencing here is Toronto, I find myself seeking solace in anything resembling warm weather!! I have always been attracted to the colour blue, it is so grounded, and yet versatile . I relate my love of blue to many beautiful days spent outdoors as a child enjoying the vibrant summer sky, and family vacations by the ocean.

BLUES2 the blues

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editor’s pick: beautiful serving bowl

How beautiful is this Brushstroke bowl from Provisions by Food52? It’s also available in the most lovely mint shade, and just perfect for serving Easter dinner or brunch.

ServingBowl editors pick: beautiful serving bowl

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palm beach inspired

As the warm weather sweeps over the city of Toronto, I am feeling inspired by design references of more exotic climates. One of my biggest design influences is Palm Beach, Florida. The pastels, art deco, and botanical motifs found throughout the many stunning interiors leave me wanting to kick back on a lacquered bamboo chair while sipping a daiquiri…. Pure bliss!

SAH PALM BEACH 23 palm beach inspired

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editor’s pick: ostrich-feather pen

Everyone needs to make a purely indulgent purchase from time to time. And if you’re looking for an excuse, I’m a queen of making them. (Need an excuse to update your artwork, even though the existing piece still perfectly fits your room? Life’s too short to not live with what you love. Want a reason to buy a third pair of sparkly gold shoes? They’re on sale – they’re basically free! Craving that bottle of black truffle olive oil straight from France? It’ll probably inspire you to eat more salads! Besides, isn’t your birthday sometime this year? Go for it!)

I’ve been coveting this over-the-top ostrich-feather pen by French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela for quite some time, but without a wedding on the horizon – and being someone far more likely to write with a keyboard than with a pen – it just didn’t feel like a practical purchase.

But, hey! It’s National Letter Writing Month, and I probably need something to celebrate the occasion, so I think I’ll indulge. Just think of the whimsy and texture it’ll add to my desktop! Think of the inspired letters I’ll write! Maybe I’ll even channel my inner Shakespeare and pen a new novel? Decision made! I was meant for this pen and it was meant for me.

Ostrich Pen editors pick: ostrich feather pen

photography, totokaelo art-object


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spring your doors into life: five ways to upgrade your front door

I could not be more pleased with the timing. It’s spring and a renovation project brings me to one of my favorite salvage shops, The Door Store. While the shop carries far more than its name implies, it is here that I am often reminded of the simple, mystical beauty of a great door. Wondering about the shop’s various nooks and corners you quickly realize that you don’t have to embark on restoring a century old door to achieve a look that’s rich in character and design. Here are five easy ways to take your door from drab to distinguished.

1 Choose a bold paint colour

A bold paint colour for your front door gives it immediate presence and personality. Consider a high-gloss finish, it adds depth and be cleaned easily. You can’t go wrong painting your front door in a high-gloss black, it’s a very classic choice and will go with everything. If you are feeling daring, make a statement with any of these bold choices:

Nifty Turquoise by Sherwin Williams

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erin’s picks: 6 of my favourite things in robin’s egg blue

I saw my first robin yesterday. The chipper bird was hopping delightedly on my front lawn. His enthusiasm for spring was contagious so I began thinking about how much I love robin’s egg blue. When I arrived at work this morning a spring collection from the bespoke wallpaper company Galbraith & Paul was in my inbox. And voila! Their beautiful Sakura paper is available in Sea, which is a palette of green and robin’s egg blue.

2014 sakura sea wp buoy 1100x849 erins picks: 6 of my favourite things in robins egg blue

Galbraith & Paul's Sakura wallpaper in sea. image courtesy of Galbraith & Paul

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matte collection by le creuset

This spring, renowned cookware company Le Creuset is offering their much-coveted baking dishes in a dreamy matte finish.

Le Creuset Matte Collection 3 matte collection by le creuset

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