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feature fridays: instagram inspiration

With each new issue of Style at Home our readers take to social media to share not only their excitement, but how the issue is inspiring their own creativity. Throughout the month, we’ve received lots of positive feedback from friends and fans especially through our @StyleAtHome instagram account. Since we love seeing our readers enjoying the magazine, we wanted to share a few of our web team’s favourites from the May 2014 issue.

SAH May Cover feature fridays: instagram inspiration

{Photography by Virginia Macdonald}

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shop envy

Rewind the that scene of the SATC movie a few years ago, when Carrie walks into that penthouse apartment turns to Big and says “Hello, I live here…” Well, that happened to me the other day- however it was at the Club Monaco on Bloor Street.

EYE CANDY LCD SAH5 copy shop envy

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confessions of a pinterest addict

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a Pinterest addict. My addiction crept up on me slowly. I started a Pinterest account years ago and loved it right from the beginning. I created a handful of boards but after a few weeks, my activity dwindled. But recently, I’ve rediscovered Pinterest and now I just can’t stop. I’m pinning in the morning while I’m eating breakfast and late at night just before I fall asleep.

My Pinterest boards focus mostly on design and decor, fashion, food and travel. There’s so much inspiration to be found and whenever a holiday rolls around, I peruse my boards for recipes, decorating tips and tabletop ideas. Here’s a glimpse at some of my pins:

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style showdown: shoes or pillow?

Even though spring officially arrived weeks ago, Mother Nature is having her fun with us (at least here in Toronto) and we’re being forced to dream about spring instead of bask in it. No matter. I’m still readying both house and wardrobe for the moment that we can throw off all the heaviness of winter and dive headfirst into spring.

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art: slim aarons

As a decorator I am always trying to inject my clients personality into each project I work on as well as my own. The best way to do this is through art. Art is an expression on ones inward feelings, it is objective and often without explanation. We are drawn to, what we are drawn to, sometimes without rhyme or reason, and that is the beauty or art, it takes a blank canvas an voila! Unique, beautiful, personal Slim Aarons ART LCD SAH art: slim aarons

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around town: cabbagetown

Have you heard of Cabbagetown?? Located in Toronto’s East End, this historical community is minutes away from Yorkville, Leslieville and the heart of downtown. It is also where I call home!!! Since living here for the past 3 years my love affair for this neighbourhood has solidified, and I continue to look forward to learning more about the history surrounding this area as well as the growth and opportunity it promises!

CABBATOWN LCD SAH around town: cabbagetown

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inspired by easter: my favourite pastels

With Easter only days away,  I can’t help but be inspired by the beautiful chalky pastel eggs I have been seeing on Instagram and Pinterest. It reminds me how much I love pastels and how beautiful they can look in your home, plus they pair beautifully with my favorite colour grey.  Here are a few of my favorite pastel items on the market.

Eggs inspired by easter: my favourite pastels Photography by Michael Graydon

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the blues

On a chilly day like the one we are currently experiencing here is Toronto, I find myself seeking solace in anything resembling warm weather!! I have always been attracted to the colour blue, it is so grounded, and yet versatile . I relate my love of blue to many beautiful days spent outdoors as a child enjoying the vibrant summer sky, and family vacations by the ocean.

BLUES2 the blues

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palm beach inspired

As the warm weather sweeps over the city of Toronto, I am feeling inspired by design references of more exotic climates. One of my biggest design influences is Palm Beach, Florida. The pastels, art deco, and botanical motifs found throughout the many stunning interiors leave me wanting to kick back on a lacquered bamboo chair while sipping a daiquiri…. Pure bliss!

SAH PALM BEACH 23 palm beach inspired

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Two of my favourite outdoor furniture collections

You know Spring is here (or around the corner) when you start to see outdoor furniture popping up in stores and on websites. Here are two of my favourites: the West Elm Dexter Collection and the new Crate & Barrel Communal and Berkshire Collections. The Dexter has been around for several years and has a lovely aged teak look to it. I also like the rounded back on the bench.

West Elm Dexter Dining Collection2 Two of my favourite outdoor furniture collections

West Elm

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