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woodland adventure

Hello all! I am heading up north to camp for a few days, and thought why not share with you a couple of my favourite woodland and nautical rooms on Style at Home, plus a sophisticated yet playful board I put together for a boy’s room.

This “woods” wallpaper from Cole & Son is definitely one of my all time favourites.  While the nature inspired pattern makes it the perfect choice at the cottage, the contemporary illustration and the colorways make it super chic in a modern contemporary space.  I love the soft, romantic look in this room, especially how the pale lavender accents juxtaposed with the masculine woodland backdrop.

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project kitchen refresh ~ casual dining

I have shared with you my idea book on Project Kitchen Refresh with the glamourous kitchen by Jesscia last week.  Today, I am ready to walk you through my game plan for the adjacent casual dining space.

Urban living/lifestyle has changed significantly over the past decade.  Many of us now have our dinner by the breakfast bar or on the sofa in the living room, our outdoor oasis is approximately 100 square feet and it sits 28 stories up in the sky, and our formal dining room is reserved for special occasion.  Since we spent most of our time dining casually in the “eat-in” area of the kitchen, it makes sense to ensure this family gathering space is every bit as practical and stylish as your showstopper kitchen.

This casual dining space by Stacy Begg has everything I dream of.  The dramatic wallpaper as backdrop, the statement chandelier, the comfortable seating that incorporates practical storage, the juxtaposition between timeless classics and edgy contemporary pieces, what is not to love?

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.24.04 AM

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New Project: Kitchen Refresh

Ever wonder what to do with an outdated kitchen?  I have one on my case and it belongs to my father.  The place has been mainly untouched for 23 years (I did attempt to give it a mini facelift about 8 years ago) and it is time to give it a fresh new look.

This fabulous kitchen by Jessica Waks sums up the feeling I want to achieve for #ProjectKitchenRefresh.  It is light, airy, cleanlined, and bold with gold accents: a perfect timeless classic kitchen.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.29.08 PM

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cottage fun: design inspirations

Chris and I rent our favourite cottage once a year to spend  time with close friends right by the water.  Hanging out by the deck, enjoying homemade mimosas, and of course gathering around the campfire with s’mores are all high on my “To-Do” list.  I would love to have my own cottage one day and have been collecting design ideas + inspirations for future references.  So I thought, why don’t I share with you some of my all time favourite cottages?

First up is this super stylish and chic private getaway for Dee Dee Taylor Eustace.  Being a professional interior designer and architect means Dee Dee knows how to push the boundaries to create the ultimate sanctuary of her dreams.  My favourite elements from Dee Dee’s cottage: the cedar shingles stained in navy blue (both interior and exterior), the eclectic mix of furniture pieces to give the space its character, and the classic yet cozy powder room.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.39.03 PM

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primary colours

One of the first colour schemes we learn to love are blue, yellow, and red. With those three colours we are taught that by mixing one with the other we can create virtually any hue we dream up. Commonly we associate blue, yellow and red with toddlers, recently I have seen this famous combination used in more sophisticated, mature ways. Now these spaces are somewhere I could definitely “play, laugh, and grow” in! 😉 Primary Colours copy

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nursery decor: cute cribs

There’s going to be a new addition to my family come September, and although there are lots of worries and concerns constantly running through my head as a first time mum-to-be, there’s no question about what sort of aesthetic I want to achieve in the nursery. I’m keeping the gender a surprise, so instead of incorporating a scheme of soft pinks or handsome blues, I’ll be going with a more neutral look. The most important piece in the room is the crib, of course, and I know I want something that’s white and very simple in design. There are so many options out there, so I thought I would share three favourites that I’ve come across.


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editor’s picks: mara hoffman for anthropologie

Anthropologie now carries an exclusive collection of home goods from New York-based Mara Hoffman, one of my favourite clothing designers. Mara’s statement-making graphic boho prints and vibrant colours are signature to her aesthetic. Although her pieces are a bit of a splurge, they are clothes that are always the centre of attention – they make you feel both confident and pretty. I imagine that the bedding, toss cushions, rug, drapery and chair she designed for Anthropologie will have the same effect on your home.


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5 things to try this weekend

It’s Friday and the countdown to the weekend is on! What are you going to do this weekend? If you’ve got a few hours to spare, here are five things to try this weekend:


1 Organize your jewellery
PHOTO: Donna Griffith
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lucite love

Lucite has been trending for the past few years. Since the resurgence of  mid century design spurred on by the popularity of Mad Men, we have seen this versatile material utilized as a home staple. Lucite Table

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places to go, people to see: modern home tour

Have you ever been out for a walk or a drive and chanced upon a stunning modern house? Looking more like pieces of art than houses, these dwellings are nestled all over Toronto, and this weekend you can get up close and personal. This Saturday, June 7, the second annual Toronto Modern Home Tour will grant participants an intimate glimpse of some of the best contemporary architecture and design in the city. The self-guided tour will include at least six homes and run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Buy your ticket online here today or tomorrow for $30 US, or the day of at one of the homes on the list for $40 US. Kids younger than 12 get in free, so it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the family without breaking the bank. Highlights include the award-winning home of artist Charles Pachter, located in Chinatown, designed by Stephen Teeple of Teeple Architects. Built in 2005, the home appears like a stack of transparent cubes – definitely not the dwelling for a messy person!

Teeple Architects

Courtesy of Teeple Architects

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