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diy: upholstered headboard

I did it. I finally made my upholstered headboard – and (surprisingly) it was easy! For anyone needing to add a little ‘umph’ to their bedroom decor, I highly suggest you give a DIY headboard a go. Here’s mine – it really makes the bed more of a focal point in my farmhouse room. Click to read my steps for how I crafted this together. The room is almost complete – now it’s just desperate for artwork!! So close to calling this project a wrap!

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diy projects: 5 things to spray paint gold

As a DIYer, part of the beauty of ‘doing it yourself’ is seeing something transform before your eyes.  Often times that transformation requires days or weeks, and sometimes months.  On the other hand, sometimes a transformation happens right before your eyes thanks to a can of spray paint.

Spray paint is the closest thing to magic I’ve found.  There is a huge array of colours to choose from, matte or glossy finishes, and even metallic.  My personal favourite is gold.  A little gold spray paint goes a long way to dress things up.

If you’ve got a few minutes, here are five fun items to whip out the spray paint for.  In a few quick coats and not much effort you’ll witness a  magical transformation right in front of your eyes.

Style at Home Heather In Heels DIY spray paint Rustoleum diy projects: 5 things to spray paint gold

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5 easy no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas

Put down those carving tools, there’s a new way to decorate pumpkins and it’s taking the internet by storm! Gone are the days of scooping, carving and candles. Say hello to paint, glitter and googly eyes!

sah blog pumpkin decorating 5 easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

If you’re thinking of spending the weekend decorating pumpkins for Halloween (but want to skip the mess), why not check out these five creative no-carve pumpkins.

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behind the scenes: diy wrapping paper

It’s getting to be that time of year again…the holidays. Which means presents. Which means wrapping! Last year, the Design Team created 4 different styles of DIY wrapping. This year, I looked to some of my favourite wallpapers for wrapping inspiration. And since our November issue is now available, I thought I’d share some behind the scenes pictures from my crafting. It was a ton of fun and not that hard to do (I promise). These would be great crafts to do with kids! Read on to learn more about the steps and to see some progress shots from the shoot!

Wrapping Front behind the scenes: diy wrapping paper photography Ryan Brook

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3 easy diy decor ideas: budget hack edition

Fall is most definitely upon us.  Thanksgiving is just two short weeks away and the fall colours are in full force.  There is no denying what’s next.  And I won’t say it…saying the W word right now feels way too soon.

Where summer is all about bare feet, flip flops, and cold drinks, fall is thick socks, cozy blankets, and warm drinks.  It’s also a time to make the house a bit cozier too.  Article after article, beautiful pin after beautiful pin, show homes with throw pillows and rugs to make the house feel hibernation-worthy. It’s just the price tags that send a shiver down my back.

If you want to warm your house up without breaking the bank, here are three easy DIY projects to help save you money.

Heather In Heels DIY roman blinds via @StyleatHome 3 easy diy decor ideas: budget hack edition


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new-use tuesdays: paperclips

It would appear that people can be divided into one of two groups: Paper clipper or stapler. I am the latter (there’s something so satisfyingly final about punching your documents together), but I’ve recently learned a few alternate uses for paperclips that threaten to sway me in the other direction. Here are three applications for the little metal fasteners you may not have considered before.

paper clips new use tuesdays: paperclips


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small space storage solution: raskog kitchen cart from ikea

Keeping a small space organized can sometimes be a difficult task. I’m definitely guilty of having too many items and not enough places to put them. So, I’m always on the hunt for stylish storage solutions to help keep me organized without blowing my budget or taking up too much of the little space I have.

While searching online for creative space saving ideas, I came across the RASKOG kitchen cart from IKEA. With an endless list of uses, this little cart has taken the blogosphere by storm. Thanks to its simple design, large storage compartments and colours (my favourite is the turquoise), I have fallen victim to its charm.

style at home ikea kitchen cart small space storage solution: raskog kitchen cart from ikea {RASKOG kitchen cart, IKEA, $69.99}

Starting to feel the same? Check out a few of my favourite creative uses for this versatile cart. You never know, they might just inspire your next diy project (or trip to IKEA)!
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wedding crafts: bunting cupcake topper

You’ve seen my flag cupcake topper, and you’ve seen the fringe topper I made. It’s time for the piece de resistance, the most challenging cupcake topper I made from my big day, the bunting topper. Isn’t it adorable? The work on this one is highly labour intensive and super delicate (read: frustrating). My best advice is don’t aim to make too many. Even if you have a big batch of cupcakes, you can top off a fraction of them – a sea of toppers can be overwhelming anyway.

topper bunting wedding crafts: bunting cupcake topper



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wedding crafts: fringe cupcake topper

If you liked the blue and white polka-dotted flag cupcake topper I made for my wedding, you’ll love this gold fringe one. As promised, this one is a bit more challenging than the first, but it’s still quite easy to make. Warning: It does get messy!

topper fringe wedding crafts: fringe cupcake topper

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wedding crafts: flag cupcake topper

Welcome to the Week of Cupcake Toppers. It’s a working title, but I think you get my drift. There is no such thing as a cupcake that’s too cute. So, I made three different types of toppers to add that little extra touch to the already adorable – not to mention delicious – cupcakes that Sweet Melissa baked for my wedding. As it turned out, some of these were easier to make than others, so throughout this week I’ll post the DIYs in order of difficulty, starting with the easiest. The first is a flag topper, made with polka-dotted washi tape and a toothpick.

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