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wedding crafts: bunting cupcake topper

You’ve seen my flag cupcake topper, and you’ve seen the fringe topper I made. It’s time for the piece de resistance, the most challenging cupcake topper I made from my big day, the bunting topper. Isn’t it adorable? The work on this one is highly labour intensive and super delicate (read: frustrating). My best advice is don’t aim to make too many. Even if you have a big batch of cupcakes, you can top off a fraction of them – a sea of toppers can be overwhelming anyway.

topper bunting wedding crafts: bunting cupcake topper



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wedding crafts: fringe cupcake topper

If you liked the blue and white polka-dotted flag cupcake topper I made for my wedding, you’ll love this gold fringe one. As promised, this one is a bit more challenging than the first, but it’s still quite easy to make. Warning: It does get messy!

topper fringe wedding crafts: fringe cupcake topper

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wedding crafts: flag cupcake topper

Welcome to the Week of Cupcake Toppers. It’s a working title, but I think you get my drift. There is no such thing as a cupcake that’s too cute. So, I made three different types of toppers to add that little extra touch to the already adorable – not to mention delicious – cupcakes that Sweet Melissa baked for my wedding. As it turned out, some of these were easier to make than others, so throughout this week I’ll post the DIYs in order of difficulty, starting with the easiest. The first is a flag topper, made with polka-dotted washi tape and a toothpick.

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wedding crafts: glitter-dipped mason jars

It’s official. I’m a Mrs. This past Friday, I got hitched at Belcroft Estates, a tree farm just north of Toronto. Think: Pinterest barn wedding. I wasn’t the type of bride to gush about my big day, but now that it’s all done, I’m excited to share a few of my DIY decor projects. (I use “my” quite liberally since I had a lot of help from my amazing bridesmaids.) Hopefully you get inspired to make a couple of things for your next event, be it a once-in-a-lifetime day or a casual gathering. First up: glitter-dipped mason jars.

mason jars wedding crafts: glitter dipped mason jars

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removable wallpaper from chasing paper

I don’t know about you but I love decorating with wallpaper. There are so many gorgeous patterns out there to choose from. I adore the pattern I finally chose for my front hall and living room (Lumimarja by Marimekko) but when I see other beautiful designs, I sometimes wish that I could more easily switch up the look of my walls.

That’s where New York-based Chasing Paper comes in. Chasing Paper offers dozens of gorgeous designs of removable wallpaper. According to their website, the paper features the kind of high-quality texture you’d find on most traditional wallpapers but it’s really a peel and stick fabric, backed with a low-tack, non-toxic adhesive.

They say it’s super easy to hang yourself and since it’s easily removable, it’s perfect for commitmentphobes. The panels are 2 feet by 4 feet and cost $30. Here’s a closer look:

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summer garden party

Summer is finally here and with the beautiful weather upon us, are you ready a summer garden party? I hosted one a couple of weeks ago at my roof top garden, and added three special touches to make the party a memorable one.  Today, I want share with you on how to put together an effortlessly elegant summer party.

Screen Shot 2014 07 24 at 12.26.33 AM summer garden party

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summer pizza

Summer is one of the busiest times of year around our house. I am always on the lookout for simple recipes I can throw together last minute. This is a perfect recipe for entertaining, it has a handful of ingredients, and only requires a few minutes on the grill, just make sure you have enough when guests ask for seconds!!!

PIZZA copy 2 summer pizza

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diy: simple glitter art

I went through a phase about a year and a half ago where I was semi-obsessed with glitter. It was a messy obsession (and I’m pretty sure my roommate hated finding glitter on pretty much everything in our apartment)…but I just loved crafting with it! My favourite creation is my “Everyday I’m Hustlin’” hot pink piece that I hung above my living room sofa (see it here). It is such a simple craft and really quite fun to make. Experiment with fun quotes and coloured glitter! Here’s another example (which was also my first attempt) that is hung above my bed. Keep reading for more pictures and info on how to make!

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5 things to try this weekend

Happy Friday! The weekend’s finally here, which means there’s (hopefully!) some free time in your schedule to get around to those tasks that are on your to-do list, or to try something new. Here are 5 things to try this weekend:

how to remove pet hair 5 things to try this weekend {PHOTO: Virginia Macdonald}

1 Remove pet hair from upholstery
You love your furry friend but the fur all of your sofa? Not so much. Clean things up this weekend with our helpful tips.
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wrap the perfect gift with gift horse & co

There’s just something about a beautifully wrapped present that makes gift giving extra special. If you’re someone who loves getting creative when it comes to birthday or holiday gift wrapping, then you’ll love Gift Horse & Co.

Newly launched, this premium gift wrapping subscription-box service offers members wrapping papers, ribbons and embellishments for stylish gift giving all year long.

sah gift horse and co wrapping boxes wrap the perfect gift with gift horse & co
Founded by expert gift stylist, Corinna vanGerwen, each box contains a selection of  unique products to help you create beautifully wrapped presents.

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