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easy summer style essentials

Summer officially starts this weekend, so let’s talk about warm weather style.

SummerStyle CasualBackyard easy summer style essentials

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recipe: sugar cookie bridal shower favours

This past weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend and bride-to-be. Planning a bridal shower can sometimes be challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun. With help from the rest of the bridesmaids, we had pretty party decorations, a menu full of tasty recipes and lots of delicious desserts. After dividing the to-do list there was one last thing that needed to be done; bridal shower favours.

SAH blog bridal shower sugar cookies recipe: sugar cookie bridal shower favours
When it comes to gifts for guests, I am a firm believer that baked goods are always a great idea. Almond macarons, cake pops and even double chocolate brownies – all delicious choices. After scouring Pinterest for ideas, I decided to put together favours that were as delicious as they were pretty.

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a flower’s power: how to be fierce with florals

Florals. Where do I begin? For most of my adult life I have been of the conviction that flowers and anything remotely floral belongs in the garden and the garden only. Being an 80s child and somewhat of a tomboy, I often suffered the extreme discomfort of many a floral fashion blunder – theatrical bridesmaid dresses, cutesy Laura Ashley day dresses and flawless floral bedding selected by my well intentioned mother, just to name a few. Truth be told, I have often joked about “florals” being my personal F-word.

Today this predictably pretty and ultra feminine motif has turned frisky and fierce – it’s all about less structure and a more organic, large scale and fluid look. Florals have taken on a new life and blossomed into a form that’s experimental – “flower power” in its true spirit.

town and country floral by ruven afanador 3 a flower’s power: how to be fierce with florals

photo by Ruven Afanador

6 1363793011 a flower’s power: how to be fierce with florals

photo by Ruven Afanador

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decor: dining room before and after

Just like my living area, my dining room also came together over time. With my first apartment featured in this month’s Style at Home I’m sharing some progress shots of how my apartment came to its final look. Here’s my dining room now, read on to see it before!

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new-use tuesdays: bread

You can’t help what you love, and I love bread. Baguette, challa, bagel, lavash, naan – you name it, I’ll devour it. Needless to say, I’ve got a lot of bread in the house (and, since I gravitate mostly toward the white stuff, a soon-to-be-expanding waistline!). Once you see a few other practical applications for the doughy delicacy, you’ll want to load up, too.

bread new use tuesdays: bread

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new-use tuesdays: club soda

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week’s versatile vixen is club soda. Carbonated water is a great addition to any bar. Its mild flavour is agreeable for most guests and its clear tone with your sofa, in case of spills. Here are a few more inventive uses that will have you reaching for this hostess favourite beyond the next cocktail party.

SodaStream recipe 2  new use tuesdays: club soda

Image courtesy of SodaStream

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editor’s pick: beautiful serving bowl

How beautiful is this Brushstroke bowl from Provisions by Food52? It’s also available in the most lovely mint shade, and just perfect for serving Easter dinner or brunch.

ServingBowl editors pick: beautiful serving bowl

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the new onion ring

I was over at my friends’ house on Saturday night. They cooked up this interesting take on onion rings – leek rings. Crispy and light like an onion ring, but healthier maybe. My friend lightly breaded them in flour and then fried them. Delish.


leeks the new onion ring

sister parish’s go to drink: vodka and clamato

I’ve been reading Sister Parish: The Life of Legendary American Interior Designer. Mrs. Parish was a famous decorator – she helped Jackie Kennedy decorate the White House and she ‘s also known for establishing/founding the American country style. The book shares little tidbits of information gathered from old colleagues, friends and family.  One item that is sticking with me is her drink. It says she enjoyed bourbon, as well as vodka with a splash of Clamato. I thought Clamato was a Canadian thing, but clearly it was available in the US. I don’t think it was a caesar, more like a martini, as it sounds like the Clamato left the vodka looking pink. I mixed one up myself and it was not bad a little salty. Has anyone else tried something similar?

clamato2 sister parishs go to drink: vodka and clamato

celebrate cinco de mayo: mouth-watering margarita

Forget celebrating Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving! Cinco de Mayo is one of my favourite holidays. I love Mexican food and I love a great margarita, so what’s better than an excuse to throw a latin-themed fiesta that promotes enjoying both of those delights. Looking at my calendar today, I realized that this joyous occasion is coming right up (May 5th, Mayo = May, cinco = 5), so what better way to get excited than with a fantastic margarita recipe? This favourite of mine comes from Food 52. It’s bold, it’s delicious and it’s sure to please a crowd. Salud!

margarita celebrate cinco de mayo: mouth watering margarita

Photo by James Ransom, Food 52

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