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entertaining: simple washi tape diy

I’ve always had a love for Washi Tape – which is clear when you come into my apartment and spot it being used throughout my home. For example, in the past I’ve used it to outline art prints on my bare walls and to add colour to the frame of a boring bulletin board. It is a quick DIY and you can remove it when you want to try something new. It’s all over my house, but I’m always coming across great new ways to use it again!. Recently, a blog I follow - jentertaining - linked me to a great use of washi tape when entertaining.

wine 1 entertaining: simple washi tape diy image via. jentertaining

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oh joy for target: pretty summer party planning essentials

For the first time in the company’s history, Target is teaming up with top social influencers to create product lines exclusive to Target. First up is a partnership with Joy Cho, founder and creative director of Oh! Joy and a top pinner on Pinterest. The new line is a collection of party planning products in punchy patterns and a pretty palette of summery hues.

Take a look:

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editor’s pick: polka dot napkin set

Sometimes all you need is a pretty pop of colour to take your tabletop from drab to fab. And I can’t think of an easier way to do just that, than with these whimsical polka dot napkins from West Elm.

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what’s your entertaining style?

I took this genius quiz from Dinner: A Love Story to find out what kind of entertainer I am. If you have five minutes to spare, take the quiz here. How did you do? Apparently I’m fun-loving, spontaneous and non-fussy. Hm.

entertainingstyle whats your entertaining style?

Photography, Ryan Brook/TC Media; Styling, Christine Hanlon

editor’s pick: white and gold nespresso cups

With my recent love affair with Nespresso coffee I’ve become somewhat obsessed with anything and everything from the company. While shopping for their coffee capsules the other day (I always buy Kazaar, Dharkan and Ristretto – the three strongest ones) I spied these pretty porcelain Premium Gold Ring Espresso Cups designed by Christian Dhion.

20140314 184631 editors pick: white and gold nespresso cups

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my favourite cookbooks

I have a pretty extensive collection of cookbooks, but I’ve noticed that regardless of how many new ones I buy, there are some that I just go back to again and again. Why is that? I think they all have three things in common: They have enough variety, their recipes are easy and accessible for a busy person like myself and they always deliver delicious results. So, because I know I love hearing about a great cookbook, here are my top four:

img41c my favourite cookbooks The Williams-Sonoma Cookbook is a favourite of mine for entertaining. It has great recipes for dinner parties that aren’t overly complicated to prepare, but look impressive. The appetizer section is especially great when you’re preparing to feed a crowd.

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shopping around at zara home

Yesterday I made my inaugural trip to Zara Home at Yorkdale. Yes I know a little old news, but better late than never. Here are a few things I saw:

1. Antique brass horsey knobs for my horse loving friends (you know who you are):


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friday happy hour: minty mojito

Since there’s nothing quite like a boozy drink to warm you up at the end of a long work week, I’d like to share a cocktail recipe each Friday for the next month or so. Next up: mojito. Best enjoyed poolside, it’s also delicious with a plate of tacos. Since I have some fresh mint and a bottle of rum on hand, this is what I’d like to make tonight.

Mojito friday happy hour: minty mojito

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entertaining without hosting: spin toronto

Team TC Media recently took to the ping pong tables at Spin Toronto for a cross-company celebration. And what better way to better get to know the colleagues you don’t cross paths with day to day than to defeat them at ping pong? (Although, admittedly, I can’t say I did any of the defeating.)

But it did get me thinking: What an awesome space for a celebration that brings together different interests and age groups! A place where you don’t have to think about keeping guests entertained (the tables do that for you) or about prepping, serving and cleaning up the food and drink (thanks to their extensive menu and helpful staff).

It’s pretty much a win-win-win (unless you’re like me, and losing at ping pong – then it’s win-win-win-lose). Ha.


spin4 entertaining without hosting: spin toronto

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editor’s pick: marimekko aprons

I love to bake. Cookies, cakes, loaves, cupcakes … on a lazy weekend, I love to pass the day in the kitchen, mixing and stirring and creating sweet treats to share with friends and family. I find baking relaxing and rewarding and sometimes daydream about opening up my own bakery.

Having the right tools at hand are essential when you’re trying to be efficient in the kitchen. Mixers, bowls, measuring utensils and … an apron! I never wear an apron when I bake but it’s time to reconsider, especially since I always end up covered in flour. After seeing these adorable Marimekko aprons from EQ3, I think it’s time to invest in one!

blue marimekko apron editors pick: marimekko aprons
Rasymatto Apron, EQ3, $18
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