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recipes: easter cookies

I’m always amazed at how talented people are when it comes to creating beautiful treats from scratch. I’m not talking about professional bakers and all those goodies you find behind glass cases at trendy bakeries. I’m more inspired by regular people who teach themselves tricky techniques and pour their hearts into making pretty, Pinterest-worthy recipes that delight everyone who sees (and tastes!) them.

More than any other time of year, the holidays tend to inspire us and get our creative juices flowing. Earlier this week, my incredibly talented neighbour Marian gave me and my family this amazing plate of Easter cookies and I was so blown away. How pretty!

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editor’s pick: beautiful serving bowl

How beautiful is this Brushstroke bowl from Provisions by Food52? It’s also available in the most lovely mint shade, and just perfect for serving Easter dinner or brunch.

ServingBowl editors pick: beautiful serving bowl

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gluten-free goodness: cookie dough balls

As a kid, the best part of my mom baking cookies was licking the spoon, the bowl and the attachments to the stand mixer. At the time, obviously, I wasn’t thinking about the risk of eating raw cookie dough. For all those cookie dough lovers out there (myself included), I’ve found the perfect solution: a healthy (yes!), gluten-free (yes!), salmonella-free (yes!) alternative. Believe it or not, these raw cookie dough balls are made with chickpeas, along with other ingredients like chocolate chips and almond butter. They’re decadent and protein-packed! This recipe by Elissa Goodman is a win-win for me. For the complete recipe, check it out here.

raw cookie dough balls gluten free goodness: cookie dough balls

editor’s pick: i could eat a horse spaghetti measurer

We’ve all been there. Cooking dinner, whether for one, four or 10, and vastly under- or over-estimating just how much food to make. For me, pasta is the worst culprit. I have a pretty tough time eyeballing just how much pasta I’ll need. So, imagine my delight when I found THIS:

i could eat a horse spaghetti measure editors pick: i could eat a horse spaghetti measurer
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new-use tuesdays: sugar

Hey there, sweet stuff! If you have a sweet tooth like I do, this week’s new-use feature is for you. I’m putting the new-use spotlight on my all-time favourite food group (kidding – okay, half kidding): sugar. Check out a few other handy ways you can utilize this pantry staple; just don’t share these tricks with your neighbours – they might drop by for a cupful of sugar that much more often!

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celebrate cinco de mayo: mouth-watering margarita

Forget celebrating Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving! Cinco de Mayo is one of my favourite holidays. I love Mexican food and I love a great margarita, so what’s better than an excuse to throw a latin-themed fiesta that promotes enjoying both of those delights. Looking at my calendar today, I realized that this joyous occasion is coming right up (May 5th, Mayo = May, cinco = 5), so what better way to get excited than with a fantastic margarita recipe? This favourite of mine comes from Food 52. It’s bold, it’s delicious and it’s sure to please a crowd. Salud!

margarita celebrate cinco de mayo: mouth watering margarita

Photo by James Ransom, Food 52

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drink recipe: the perfect cafe mocha

This weekend I created a delicious hot morning beverage using 3 simple ingredients: espresso, hot chocolate powder and milk. I was in the mood for coffee, but wanted something a little sweeter, so I made my own cafe mocha! The results were delicious and it was super easy.

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stylist staple: ikea hotdogs

I frequent Ikea quite a bit – minimum once a week. I know to some of you this might be too often (especially during the weekend crush), but to a stylist/decorator it is just a fact of life. With this often comes needing to pick-up something quick to eat. My go to is the Ikea hotdog – not the greatest thing to put in your body, but tasty and convenient when on the run. I like to wash it down with the Swedish Lingonberry drink. If only they had dill pickles to top it off.

hot dog stylist staple: ikea hotdogs

Anyone else have a favourite food item at Ikea?

preview: kitchenaid pro line series

Yesterday was the official Canadian launch of KitchenAid‘s new Pro Line series of premium countertop appliances. To highlight some of these new (super sleek) appliances, designer Shai DeLuca was called in to create 4 unique vignettes to highlight the new colours available: Candy Apple Red, Frosted Pearl White, Onyx Black and Medallion Silver. Check out the vignettes here and see how easy the new pro line collection applies to everyday decor!

KitchenAid1 preview: kitchenaid pro line series

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new product alert: kitchenaid pro line series food processor

This morning, I got a sneak peek at the brand new Pro Line Series of countertop appliances from KitchenAid, and let me tell you: gourmands – get excited! The  line features easy-to-use, hardworking appliances that are all beautiful enough to always be on display in your kitchen. While each piece has features that will make your jaw drop, there was one item that especially stood out to me.

FoodProcessor new product alert: kitchenaid pro line series food processor

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