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3 cute illustrated cards sets for national letter writing month

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a total card junkie. I’m not even great about writing cards, I just like collecting them and knowing they’re there for whenever an occasion arises. And National Letter Writing Month is an occasion for letters like no other (except Christmas season perhaps). The last in my roundups of cute cards to help with your correspondence for National Letter Writing Month is three illustrated boxed variety packs, so you can choose the card that best matches the recipient!



Fox Cards 3 cute illustrated cards sets for national letter writing month
Studio Oh! Woodland Creatures Set, $14 (set of 12), Indigo.


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3 cards that say “stay in touch” for national letter writing month

Tomorrow marks the start of National Letter Writing Month (who knew that was a thing!?), so I’ll be rounding up some of my favourite greeting cards this week.

Who doesn’t love to receive unsolicited snail mail? So pull up a chair, turn off your computer, put pen to paper and reach out to some of the people you love…the old fashioned way.

Don’t know what to write? With their cute sayings, the cards I’ve rounded up today will start you off in an easy way.

(Don’t forget your stamps!)

Kate Spade Greeting Card 3 cards that say stay in touch for national letter writing monthWhy Hello There, $25 US (set of 10), Kate Spade New York. 


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book review: rachel ashwell couture prairie

Anyone who’s ever seen decorating icon Rachel Ashwell knows that she’s more at home in well-worn jeans and cowboy boots than anything else. So it really comes as no surprise to learn that her latest book, Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie ($44, Cico Books), centres around her purchase of a small hotel in Round Top, Texas, that she’s transformed into a shabby-chic haven called The Prairie for like-minded people who make the trip to the Round Top antiques fairs that happen three times per year, as well as those who just want a quiet getaway at a rustic-meets-sophisticated country inn.

Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie book review: rachel ashwell couture prairie


RACP Lilliput Lodge book review: rachel ashwell couture prairie

The Seabury Suite in Lilliput Lodge

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diy: dyeing easter eggs

It’s the first day of spring, which means Easter is just around the corner. This past weekend, I thought I’d try my hand at dyeing some eggs but in an ombré effect. Check out how easy it is to create your own.

dyed ombre easter eggs diy: dyeing easter eggs

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st. patrick’s day: best green rooms

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite green interiors. While clover green may seem daring and bold, check out how these rooms made the lucky hue work.

horchow bedroom st. patricks day: best green rooms

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holiday: st patty’s prep

I’m a sucker for anything that has a theme – so when a holiday rolls around that I’m allowed to dress up for, I get really into it! St. Patrick’s Day is this coming Monday, March 17th….but for those of you who are celebrating this weekend (am I the only one?!) I recommend you head to your nearest Target! Check out my great finds there early this week.

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place to visit: sugar shack

Ah, it’s that sweet, sweet time again – maple syrup (also known as “sugaring off”) season. The timing varies every year, but it usually happens sometime after the end of February. The sugar shack experience is more than just tasting loads of maple syrup – if you’re in Quebec, you’ll likely get to enjoy a traditional meal of pea soup, ham, baked beans, potatoes, cretons (a pork spread similar to pâté), omelettes, gherkins and sugar pie (these are the highlights but there’s much more).

constantin sugar shack place to visit: sugar shack

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valentine’s day decor: 5 heart-inspired accessories

It’s that day of the year when the colour red, bouquets of flowers and heart motifs abound. No matter how you celebrate today, it’s hard to avoid the Valentine’s decorations and declarations of love. While it can be fun to go all out for Valentine’s Day, for those seeking a subtler look, I’ve found five beautiful heart-inspired items.

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last-minute valentine’s day idea

It’s not too late to get (or even better, make!) your special someone a Valentine’s day treat. Here, I repurposed a honey jar that’s in the shape of a bear and filled it with cinnamon hearts. It’s easy and cute – and doesn’t look like you put it together in just a few minutes. After all, it’s the thought that counts right?!

cinnamonjar last minute valentines day idea

foodie at heart: valentine’s day addition

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! For those looking for a cute and easy V-Day dessert (or for those just looking for an excuse to eat chocolate!) look no further. I was inspired by a fellow blogger to try my own version of her Chocolate Strawberry Hearts. Read on to check out my step by step breakdown. They are super delicious and really simple to do. A perfect (kind of messy) activity for kids too!

Strawberry7 foodie at heart: valentines day addition

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