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new-use tuesdays: bar soap

This week’s new-use spotlight is on bar soap. I’m not a huge fan of bars of soap (I prefer the liquid form) but I get some on occasion as gifts, and, frankly, sometimes pretty packaging or a heavenly scent are just impossible to resist. So, if you’re in search of a useful application for that forgotten soap bar in the back of the medicine cabinet, I’ve got a few ideas.

Barr Co Soap1 new use tuesdays: bar soap

Anthropologie, $8 US

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editor’s pick: office organizing magazine holders

So I have a problem. I feel like my desk at work is completely showing me up. I am usually a very organized person, and I like things to be neat and tidy. But lately I feel as though things are getting away from me. Every morning I come in to piles of paper littering my desk – forms to be signed, layouts to read or write, invoices to file, etc., as well as a piece of fruit from the day before that I didn’t eat, or a book that someone has left for me to look at. Here’s just an example.

my desk editors pick: office organizing magazine holders

My leaning tower of Style at Home and Canadian Gardening magazines

Ridiculous, right? I have now decided that I need to tackle this problem asap, and I’m going to start with this pile of magazines. I had a few free moments today and went online to investigate my options for magazine holders. Besides the plain white ones, the plain wooden ones, the plain plastic black ones and the DIYed ones done over with paper I found these.

mag holders editors pick: office organizing magazine holders

Magazine holders from Happy Forsman & Bodenfors in Sweden

Perfect! They are from the firm Happy Forsman & Bodenfors in Sweden that designed them for the Swedish Museum of Architecture. They represent different styles and periods of buildings found in the city and when placed together form a cityscape. I think they look like the DoodleArt posters I used to do as a kid, and I’m completely smitten. Do you remember those? You’d get a poster with all kinds of hidden pictures and you’d have to colour everything in any way you wanted. Loved them! I think these will be my new obsession. Don’t they look like DoodleArt to you?

sourcing along the summerhill strip

While out sourcing for a few upcoming photo shoots, I had the chance to spend some time strolling one of my favourite area’s of Toronto – the Rosedale/Summerhill ‘strip’. This stretch of Yonge street (from Walker Avenue down to Crescent Road) is home to some of the best interior decor stores in the city – including Absolutely, Boo Boo & Lefty, Love the Design, Of Things Past, Farrow & Ball …the list goes on! Anyone looking for home decor accessories or furniture should remember to check out this part of town – it’s a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Here are some of my favourite pieces from my visit to Absolutely.

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editor’s pick: white and gold nespresso cups

With my recent love affair with Nespresso coffee I’ve become somewhat obsessed with anything and everything from the company. While shopping for their coffee capsules the other day (I always buy Kazaar, Dharkan and Ristretto – the three strongest ones) I spied these pretty porcelain Premium Gold Ring Espresso Cups designed by Christian Dhion.

20140314 184631 editors pick: white and gold nespresso cups

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editor’s pick: rooms i love

Yesterday I shared the first of some of my favourite spaces we’ve featured. Today I want to highlight this great mid century modern guest room…another space that I keep in mind when dreaming about my future home (…one day!).

mid century guestbedroom editors pick: rooms i love Photography by Barry Calhoun

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home decor: gallery wall

I recently started a gallery wall in my daughter’s bedroom and have collected some great pieces from various artists (including my little Maddie!). Now, I find myself completely obsessed with the hunt to find the perfect pieces to finish it off. Here’s a picture of Maddie’s room with what I have collected so far but take a peek at a few of the pieces of art that are on my wish list.
picture wall home decor: gallery wall

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fab find: travel jewlery case

When you travel, how do you store your jewelry? I usually use the old ‘zip lock bag’ method – which normally works out well if you take the time to bag each piece individually. However recently I jetted away to celebrate my Mom’s birthday and didn’t take the time to separate my bling. Needless to say I came home to one giant ball of necklaces and lost a good hour of my life sorting them out. So I’m thinking it’s time to get a travel case… and I’m loving this one from Mark and Graham.

Mark Graham Jewelry fab find: travel jewlery case image via. Mark and Graham

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home organizing idea: wall-mounted coat racks

Along with the snow, ice and pelting winds, winter just generally comes with a lot of stuff. Hats, scarves, mittens, boots, and that oh-so-necessary (but completely overbearing) parka take up a lot of space and this winter has been a rude awakening, mainly in my entryway. This extremely limited space has become a disaster zone due to my shameful lack of organizing solutions.

While I do have smaller wall-mounted hooks for keys and lighter scarves, the harsh reality of the season has proven it cannot handle winter gear. And this simply won’t do. After all, every home needs a welcoming entryway! So, to remedy this, I need a larger and sturdier wall-mounted coat rack and take advantage of the vertical space since my front foyer only spans about 1.5 metres.

My search started with an Eames design featured in our March 2014 issue. Which of these five racks is your favourite?

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best organizing solutions: under-the-bed storage

In an effort to live more simply (with less stuff), I’d like to share my favourite organizing solutions over the next 10 posts. You can check out my first eight tips HERE.

BedStorage best organizing solutions: under the bed storage

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jewelry organizing ideas

My jewelry box is a disorganized disaster. Despite its handy little compartments and its sole function as an organizing tool, it somehow has become a hotspot for one big mess and I find I have to time to organize something that’s meant to keep things organized. The problem is that a jewelry box is no place for necklaces … they still get tangled. And ultimately, it’s just not big enough to hold everything. It’s the year of the statement necklace and they can be quite big, requiring a fair bit of room to store them. So I’m thinking it’s time to rethink the way I organize and store my jewelry.

Our Editor in Chief Erin McLaughlin offered up some really fun and interesting ideas in this video on organizing your jewelry. How cute is the decorative ceramic egg tray she suggests? Great idea!

And, I’ve found some great items from Pottery Barn that will not only keep my jewelry organized but will look great on display as well.

jewelry bust jewelry organizing ideas
Woven jewelry bust, Pottery Barn, $125
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