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fab find: architectural wall hooks

Lots of people are gearing up for fall and back to school season, both of which mean coats and bags will start taking over many homes. Help contain the chaos with these oak wall stumps – a modern update to the more traditional hooks we’re used to. Read on to find out more info.

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brass office accessories

If you’re looking to give your office a sense of authority, add a few choice brass accessories – the sophistication level will skyrocket! Here are a few of my favourite decorative items for the desk top in the finish.

West Elm book end brass office accessories Geo Brass bookends, $49 per pair, West Elm.  

Keep your books in place with these geometric bookends, which subtly reference the shape of a horse.

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fab find: rose gold letter holder

Looking to get a bit more organized? This week’s Fab Find can help you start! The Balance Rose Gold Letter Holder from CB2 can be used to collect your mail at the front entry or organize paperwork on your office desk. Clutter will never looked more stylish!

Want to buy it? Click to find out where to get it!

balance rose gold letter holder fab find: rose gold letter holder

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5 things to try this weekend

Oh, TGIF. It was a short week but somehow it feels like it’s taken forever for Friday to roll around. But now that the weekend is here, I’m looking forward to finding some time to get things done. Some practical (like cleaning and cooking) and some fun (like maybe spending some time in the kitchen and whipping something up!) How about you?

Here are five things you can try this weekend:

decorate with flowers 5 things to try this weekend
Decorate with flowers
PHOTO: Virginia Macdonald

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icymi: this week’s top 5 posts

Some of you may say beige is boring, but interestingly a calm and inviting neutral interior was our top post this week. Followed by a simple and budget-friendly before and after reveal, beautiful bedrooms and essential organizing ideas, here’s what dominated our social media accounts this week. Which story was YOUR favourite?

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decor: dining room before and after

Just like my living area, my dining room also came together over time. With my first apartment featured in this month’s Style at Home I’m sharing some progress shots of how my apartment came to its final look. Here’s my dining room now, read on to see it before!

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behind-the-scenes: our colourful special issue

Have you picked it up yet? Our newest Special Issue is now on stands and it’s All. About. Colour!! One of my favourite stories is about bookcase styling, which I worked on with the talented Stacy Begg. Check out a few behind the scene pics from our shoot! Here’s Joe Kim, our photographer, working his magic on the bold black and orange ‘Man Den’ shelving unit.

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new-use tuesdays: milk

Today is such a grey, rainy day in Toronto that it makes me want to lay in bed eating cookies with milk (am I the only adult who still does that?). So it’s only fitting to put this week’s new-use spotlight on milk. Beyond it’s cheer-up potential, you’d be surprised what this calcium-filled drink can do.

Best Before Ricochet Studio new use tuesdays: milk Porcelain Best Before creamers, from $45 US each, Ricochet Studio.

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4 entryway design ideas for small spaces

There’s one spot in every apartment I’ve ever had that is always severely neglected — the entryway.

It tends to be one of the most frustrating areas of my home because it’s always a tight squeeze and differs from my last space, so previous decor doesn’t work. I’ve been piecing together a few no-fail, must-have entryway essentials that can be transferred from one home to another.

With some inspiration from Style at Home, here are four ways to make a small space entryway work:

entryway 1 4 entryway design ideas for small spaces

{ Photography by Yale Wagner }

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new-use tuesdays: bar soap

This week’s new-use spotlight is on bar soap. I’m not a huge fan of bars of soap (I prefer the liquid form) but I get some on occasion as gifts, and, frankly, sometimes pretty packaging or a heavenly scent are just impossible to resist. So, if you’re in search of a useful application for that forgotten soap bar in the back of the medicine cabinet, I’ve got a few ideas.

Barr Co Soap1 new use tuesdays: bar soap

Anthropologie, $8 US

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