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new-use tuesday: sponge

As I wrote in the March 2015 edition of Style at Home‘s Housekeeping column, your kitchen sponge can harbour a ton of bacteria and ought to be disinfected rigorously and regularly. But in addition to some unpleasant surprises it might have in store, the sponge also holds tons of wonderful potential. Here are just a few of its handy alternate uses.

Meridian sponge holder, Umbra.

Meridian sponge holder, Umbra.

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order in the media room

No matter how well decorated, a media room or office loses its style factor once you factor in the colony of tech boxes connected to the TV or computer by a tangle of cords. Whether it’s the cable box or game console, the internet router or an external hard drive, what the tech lover in you craves, the decorator in you hates. That’s why I’m thrilled to have chanced upon HIDEit Mounts. The company makes affordable discreet holders for all those ugly tech accessories that you can mount up and out of the way. Some are made to hide on the wall behind your flatscreen, others can hang off your monitor. All of them solve the issue of unattractive electronics cluttering precious console and desktop space – because after all, those zones are best reserved for the likes of a pretty vase of flowers or a picture frame holding a sentimental snapshot. Am I right?


eat more fruit

Berry baskets are nothing new…BUT I love when I stumble upon new designs and shapes. You’ll often see the classics, like the two on the right in the image below – but rarely have I found full sided ceramic baskets. I was so happy to find this collection online. Read on to see where to buy. It’s a larger size (just under 6″ square) so it’s quite a practical size for storing food in your fridge or kitchen pantry.
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so pretty you almost don’t want to use it…almost

Step aside boring white plastic hangers! Check out this gorgeous triangular scarf organizer. Designed by Laura Carwardine, the geometric openings are meant to store scarfs and accessories, and when left unused the hanger provides visual interest to your closet. Made from metal, this beauty is the hip new way to organize your closet!  Read on to learn more.

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a beautiful way to stay organized in 2015

Is staying organized one of your 2015 goals? I feel like I’d be better at keeping my days straight if my calendar was as pretty as this one! Read on to find out where this work of art is from.


all images via. Julie Song

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weekend project: tidying up with marie kondo

Have you heard of Japanese tidying consultant Marie Kondo? She believes that decluttering your home will change your life. While there was once a three-month waiting list for her services (she’s now focusing on training others in her approach), you can tidy your whole home using her “KonMarie” method thanks to her bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


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closing down the holidays

Are you one of those people that tears down Christmas decorations right after the ‘big day’? Is your tree (and its falling needles) now driving you crazy? If yes, check out these great storage boxes with 12 compartments – perfect to store your ornaments away safe and sound till 2015.


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winter style essentials

Winter is coming and, if you’re anything like me, it’s time to hibernate. But before you hide away, let’s talk about winter style.


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decor vs. fashion: leather magazine rack or tote?

Saddle-coloured leather with its warm caramel hue is one of my favourite things. I’ve had a leather handbag in a tanned hue for a few years now, and every year the texture seems to get softer and the colour, richer. The other day I was wandering around Anthropologie and the Saddle Ring magazine holder naturally caught my eye. It got me thinking about saddle-coloured leather accessories (and how I want them ALL), and so I’ve dedicated this week’s Decor vs. Fashion post to the top two on my must-have list right now.

If you had around $150 to spend this weekend, which would you choose: a magazine holder or a tote?


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cubbys for all ages

Who says you have to stop using cubbyholes after kindergarten? Meet Soapbox – a ready to assemble, no tools required furniture line that carries a great mix of modern, minimal pieces.

Soap-Box image via. soapbox

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