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spring your doors into life: five ways to upgrade your front door

I could not be more pleased with the timing. It’s spring and a renovation project brings me to one of my favorite salvage shops, The Door Store. While the shop carries far more than its name implies, it is here that I am often reminded of the simple, mystical beauty of a great door. Wondering about the shop’s various nooks and corners you quickly realize that you don’t have to embark on restoring a century old door to achieve a look that’s rich in character and design. Here are five easy ways to take your door from drab to distinguished.

1 Choose a bold paint colour

A bold paint colour for your front door gives it immediate presence and personality. Consider a high-gloss finish, it adds depth and be cleaned easily. You can’t go wrong painting your front door in a high-gloss black, it’s a very classic choice and will go with everything. If you are feeling daring, make a statement with any of these bold choices:

Nifty Turquoise by Sherwin Williams

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erin’s picks: 6 of my favourite things in robin’s egg blue

I saw my first robin yesterday. The chipper bird was hopping delightedly on my front lawn. His enthusiasm for spring was contagious so I began thinking about how much I love robin’s egg blue. When I arrived at work this morning a spring collection from the bespoke wallpaper company Galbraith & Paul was in my inbox. And voila! Their beautiful Sakura paper is available in Sea, which is a palette of green and robin’s egg blue.

2014 sakura sea wp buoy 1100x849 erins picks: 6 of my favourite things in robins egg blue

Galbraith & Paul's Sakura wallpaper in sea. image courtesy of Galbraith & Paul

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editor’s picks: my 2 no-fail grey paint colours

I love grey. Ever since I was a teenager my room has always been painted grey. But I have also had years of trouble-shooting until I found two fantastic greys. One is Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath and the other one is Glidden’s Designer Grey. This does not mean that there aren’t other fabulous greys out there (in fact I am working with Beautitone paints right now on a new Style at Home paint collection and I can guarantee that there will be some beautiful greys!) but when it comes to knowing that I have to go-to paints, these two are no-fail.

farrowright editors picks: my 2 no fail grey paint colours


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den before and after

When we toured our home, I loved the small den tucked away above the garage (or as my husband calls it, “the lions den.”) It’s not large by any means, but we were enticed by the idea of having a little refuge off of the master bedroom for watching TV and having some quiet time. I viewed it as a great little bonus space on the second floor and was excited to transform it into a soothing oasis.


den before den before and after

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colour: be bold

Sharing a sneak peek today from a produced shoot Stacy and I did early this week. For my own home, I usually gravitate towards lighter colours – however I fell in love with the dark Benjamin Moore colour we used as our backdrop!

Paint colour: be bold

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colour inspiration: bermuda

Colour surrounds us, but I find it often goes unnoticed. I’ve decided to start posting a few everyday images I’ve taken that showcase beautiful, natural colour palettes. My first is from a recent trip down to Bermuda. I realize Bermuda isn’t an ‘everyday’ occurrence, but my picture focuses on the striking colours of the sky, sand and water that can be found anywhere in the world! Read on to see the colours I’ve chosen to make up this coastal palette.

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design inspiration: 47 ronin

My lifelong crush on Keanu Reeves is not the only reason I enjoyed watching 47 Ronin over the holidays. I know, I know, it won’t win any Academy Awards this year, but it did get me thinking about a fresh new colour palette.

Like all my favourite Asian films, 47 Ronin features an epic story, lots of crazy good martial arts, mystical themes and grand settings, all of which are exquisitely beautiful to look at. Cherry blossoms fall gently from the trees, mist shrouds ancient bamboo forests, monks in saffron-yellow robes kneel before golden Buddhas—it’s a visual feast. But what really caught my eye were the costumes of the movie’s heroine, Mika, played by Kou Shibasaki. Kimonos and robes made from swathes of lavish raw silks in shades of mint, ivory, salmon and raspberry dress the actress, but the one I particularly liked was a little number that was a combination of pale pink and orange. I could only find a picture of it from the back, but you can see what I’m talking about.

47ronin1 design inspiration: 47 ronin
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diy: painted ceramics

I have been looking for a fun, simple, DIY project (I get antsy if I don’t craft every week or so!) and I recently came across some great hand painted ceramic crafts. There are a few different variations I’ve seen (ranging from ready to buy Etsy items to true DIY creations). Trying to figure out which design I like best to test my own skills at, but I think I’ve found my next craft. Check it out!

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home decor: a love of greys

I love colour, pinks and blues currently topping my list of favourites, but when it came to purchasing larger items for my apartment (like my rugs and my sofa), I stuck to more neutral colours. This way, I have a solid base and can switch out the smaller accessories (like toss cushions) every couple of months with something a little bolder when I feel the need for a change. Many of my larger pieces are white (so fresh and light) – however, lately I have been on a major grey kick! Check out some of my favourite grey picks and how you can incorporate them into your own home.

Moles Breath home decor: a love of greys image via. Farrow & Ball

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new-use tuesdays: aluminum foil

I’ve always admired my mother, the ultimate frugal homemaker. No matter what issue popped up (and something always did), she had a handy solution, often repurposing something readily available in our home. In tribute to her, I’m starting “new-use Tuesdays” – a weekly dose of you new ways to utilize familiar items. This week I’m putting the spotlight on aluminum foil.

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