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lumas art gallery now open in toronto

LUMAS, a Berlin-born photography gallery, has opened its second set of Canadian doors in Toronto’s well known Yorkville area. After opening in Vancouver back in February of this year (to an overwhelmingly positive response), the Toronto location was an obvious next step. As a gallery that offers a variety of contemporary art at an accessible price, LUMAS is exactly what was needed to bring a fresh clientele to the established Yorkville hood. Any art lovers on the hunt for their next great piece should definitely check out LUMAS’ new pad. Read on to take a peak inside their showroom.

IMG_8050 Above is one of my favourite pieces on display by Peter Funch

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for the big and the small

Are you a To-Do list maker like myself? Writing down things I need to get done makes me feel more organized (even though sometimes the lists just sit on my desk for a couple weeks…). If you’re anything like me though, half the fun is picking the notebook that you use. I love the dip dye effect on the front of these french inspired books. The two sizes are great – the large book for your ‘Grand’ lists that you can keep at your desk and the ‘Petite’ book to pop in your purse. Read on to learn where you can get this fab find.
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goodge place: a new vancouver design store worth visiting

Listen up, design enthusiasts: A home decor shop is opening its doors tomorrow in Vancouver’s South Granville district, and it’s no ordinary store. The boutique, called Goodge Place, is named after a charming street in London, England. That said, it should come as no surprise that most of the merchandise is sourced from there too.

Goodge Place

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this product belongs on every book lover’s wish list

I consider myself an avid reader. Whether I’m invested in a novel on my daily commute to work or find myself flipping through a magazine come Sunday morning, words are always present. It goes without saying then, that losing your place on a page (and proceeding to skim over the same sentence at least five times) doesn’t exactly make for a thrilling read. Good news: I’ve come across a product that will solve this book burden forever more.

finger print

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decor vs. fashion: girly pink bows

Have you seen the Kate Spade New York for GapKids collection? The limited edition pieces are bright, pretty and ideal for the upcoming holidays. I adore the girly flourishes like bows, gold glitter and shiny graphic letters, and was super-excited to spot a coordinating toss cushion from The Land of Nod.

So, which would you choose for party season: a toss cushion with a pink bow or a crossbody bag?


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decor vs. fashion: faux fur toss cushion or scarf?

Soft and luxurious faux fur is having a moment this fall, and with good reason. I’ve been seeing the coziest accessories everywhere, and have been daydreaming about spending days cuddled up in them. For this week’s Decor vs. Fashion post, I can’t decide whether I’d like like to dress my sofa in faux fur or myself!

What do you think – if you had $75 to spend this weekend, which would you choose – a faux fur toss cushion or scarf?


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decor vs. fashion: leather magazine rack or tote?

Saddle-coloured leather with its warm caramel hue is one of my favourite things. I’ve had a leather handbag in a tanned hue for a few years now, and every year the texture seems to get softer and the colour, richer. The other day I was wandering around Anthropologie and the Saddle Ring magazine holder naturally caught my eye. It got me thinking about saddle-coloured leather accessories (and how I want them ALL), and so I’ve dedicated this week’s Decor vs. Fashion post to the top two on my must-have list right now.

If you had around $150 to spend this weekend, which would you choose: a magazine holder or a tote?


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decor vs. fashion: eyelet bedskirt or dress?

Although summer’s definitely winding down, I’m still grasping on to my lighter layers. Soon it will be all wool and denim and down. Eyelet is one of those great breezy patterns that’s meant for summer, but is perfect when you’re transitioning to fall – just pair it with warmer fabrics. I spotted this eyelet bedskirt at Anthropologie and it quickly inspired this week’s Decor vs. Fashion post, which is all about dainty eyelet.

So, if you had around $150 to spend this weekend, which would you choose: an eyelet embroidered bedskirt or an eyelet dress?


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decor vs. fashion: jersey pillow or oversize sweatshirt?

Casual, cool and comfy sweatshirts are all the rage these days – I’ve been spotting them everywhere lately! For this week’s Decor vs. Fashion post, I was inspired by this easy breezy look to find an equally cozy sweatshirt-like piece for the home.

So, if you had $90 to spend this weekend, which would you choose: a cotton jersey toss cushion or a sweatshirt?


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editor’s pick: cat beds

Meet Tootsie. She is my Scottish fold kitten, who is of the Lol Cats persuasion that “if it fits i sits,” as evidenced by her perch in my stock pot. (Cat soup, anyone?) I’m forever finding her in strange places, such as shoes, drawers, the fridge, etc. Adorable as she may look in these – ahem – resourceful spots, I think the time has come to get Tootsie her very own place, so I’ve been scouring the net for cat beds. Check out a few of my favourite finds so far.


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