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editor’s pick: cat beds

Meet Tootsie. She is my Scottish fold kitten, who is of the Lol Cats persuasion that “if it fits i sits,” as evidenced by her perch in my stock pot. (Cat soup, anyone?) I’m forever finding her in strange places, such as shoes, drawers, the fridge, etc. Adorable as she may look in these – ahem – resourceful spots, I think the time has come to get Tootsie her very own place, so I’ve been scouring the net for cat beds. Check out a few of my favourite finds so far.

Tootsie editors pick: cat beds

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The hunt for a new soap dish

I recently renovated my main bathroom – the one I share with every member of my family. While accessorizing I searched high and low for a new soap dish – something functional, but still good looking, one that would elevate a simple bar of soap. Here are a few of the ones I found:


West Elm soap dish The hunt for a new soap dishThis is my favourite (right now) with the sexy brass and the draining ability – no soggy soap bars here. Its from West Elm Market.

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fab find: personalized rolling pin

Put your mark on your next pot luck offering with a rolling pin that’s embossed with a your monogram. Australia-based Denis Savelyev will hand-carve your initials into a sturdy birch pin. Even the most rustic of pies will be oozing with class – not to mention a yummy filling! And if pressing your moniker into your baked goods doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps a graphic pattern or swirly motif is more your style. Whatever your pick, fellow guests are sure to get a kick out of it. Check out some of Denis’s pieces below, or visit his Etsy shop for more.

Bezalel Art Shop pin fab find: personalized rolling pin Personalised Monogrammed rolling pin, $63, Bezalel Art Shop.

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if I could decorate Eugenie Bouchard’s club house

I’m a pretty diehard tennis fan. I use to play in my youth, but have put it on the back burner due to my young trio of kidlets. For good luck I even brought out my tennis handbag. Below I’ve chosen a few preppy inspired items for the home or clubhouse.


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eco-friendly find: cuppow mason jar lids

Mason jar lovers, unite! In celebration of Earth Day I wanted to share a great eco-friendly find. If you’re like me, you love finding new and creative ways to use mason jars. With a selection of specially designed lids, Cuppow turns any size mason jar into an easy-to-sip drinking glass, travel mug or dual compartment food storage container  – and best of all, they’re made from food-safe recycled plastic. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, they’re a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint and an inexpensive alternative to plastic bottles and containers.

ecofriendly find cappow eco friendly find: cuppow mason jar lids BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor – Wide Mouth – Pink, Cuppow, $8.99

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editor’s pick: ostrich-feather pen

Everyone needs to make a purely indulgent purchase from time to time. And if you’re looking for an excuse, I’m a queen of making them. (Need an excuse to update your artwork, even though the existing piece still perfectly fits your room? Life’s too short to not live with what you love. Want a reason to buy a third pair of sparkly gold shoes? They’re on sale – they’re basically free! Craving that bottle of black truffle olive oil straight from France? It’ll probably inspire you to eat more salads! Besides, isn’t your birthday sometime this year? Go for it!)

I’ve been coveting this over-the-top ostrich-feather pen by French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela for quite some time, but without a wedding on the horizon – and being someone far more likely to write with a keyboard than with a pen – it just didn’t feel like a practical purchase.

But, hey! It’s National Letter Writing Month, and I probably need something to celebrate the occasion, so I think I’ll indulge. Just think of the whimsy and texture it’ll add to my desktop! Think of the inspired letters I’ll write! Maybe I’ll even channel my inner Shakespeare and pen a new novel? Decision made! I was meant for this pen and it was meant for me.

Ostrich Pen editors pick: ostrich feather pen

photography, totokaelo art-object


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3 cute illustrated cards sets for national letter writing month

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a total card junkie. I’m not even great about writing cards, I just like collecting them and knowing they’re there for whenever an occasion arises. And National Letter Writing Month is an occasion for letters like no other (except Christmas season perhaps). The last in my roundups of cute cards to help with your correspondence for National Letter Writing Month is three illustrated boxed variety packs, so you can choose the card that best matches the recipient!



Fox Cards 3 cute illustrated cards sets for national letter writing month
Studio Oh! Woodland Creatures Set, $14 (set of 12), Indigo.


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3 cards that say “stay in touch” for national letter writing month

Tomorrow marks the start of National Letter Writing Month (who knew that was a thing!?), so I’ll be rounding up some of my favourite greeting cards this week.

Who doesn’t love to receive unsolicited snail mail? So pull up a chair, turn off your computer, put pen to paper and reach out to some of the people you love…the old fashioned way.

Don’t know what to write? With their cute sayings, the cards I’ve rounded up today will start you off in an easy way.

(Don’t forget your stamps!)

Kate Spade Greeting Card 3 cards that say stay in touch for national letter writing month Why Hello There, $25 US (set of 10), Kate Spade New York. 


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one of a kind spring show: artwork picks

More than anything else in your home, your artwork should reflect who you are. It might be the last thing that someone would ever expect you to choose, but it belongs in your home as long as it speaks to you on some level. With 150 new artisans, 2014′s spring One of a Kind Show & Sale, on through March 30, offers plenty of unique Canadian-made options. Here are a few that spoke to me, each in its own way.

This photograph by Patrick Lajoie of Caledon, Ontario made me stop dead in my tracks. In addition to some bright hues, it has such beautiful graphic appeal. I love that an ordinary subject – a crowd – appears so engaging. The blurred image becomes clearer toward the centre, creating a natural focal point.

Patrick Lajoie art one of a kind spring show: artwork picks

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editor’s picks: one of a kind spring 2014 show

Yesterday morning I had the chance to head to the One of a Kind Spring 2014 show and boy was it worth the trip!! On top of all the regulars, there were 150 new artists at the show this year. Filling the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition place, roughly 450 artisans total are showcasing their handmade creations – from jewellery to dresses, note cards to prints, specialty coffees to candy apples and much, much more. Check out some of the booths that caught my eye.

Mitani editors picks: one of a kind spring 2014 show Mitani

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