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words of wisdom wednesdays: the kitchen cousins’ two things to look for when hiring a contractor

Last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing hunky handymen Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri of the HGTV shows Kitchen CousinsCousins on Call and Cousins Undercover. With so many years in the biz, they’re bonafide experts in kitchen renos and can tackle almost any challenge dished their way. But since we aren’t all as comfortable with kitchen renos as the cousins, we’ll take all the advice we can get. And coming from these experts? Even better. In an interview last year, I asked them what to look for when hiring a contractor (assuming the cousins aren’t available, of course) – here’s what they said.



image courtesy of HGTV Canada

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words of wisdom wednesdays: alfred sung’s close encounter with givenchy

One of the highlights of my job is, without a doubt, the opportunity to interview iconic designers who have influenced, if not altered, the decor landscape. Whether we’re sitting down face-to-face or catching up over the phone, it’s invariably one of the most inspiring experiences to be able to pick the brain of someone I admire and hear nuggets of wisdom I wouldn’t have expected as well as fascinating stories I can hardly fathom. I think about those interviews often, revisiting some of the more compelling conversations.

So every Wednesday, I’ll share a favourite moment from a designer interview and hope that inspires you as much as it did me.

First up? An interview with iconic China-born Canadian fashion and decor designer, Alfred Sung, that I conducted in winter 2011.



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life lessons from jonathan adler and simon doonan’s wedding

Have you ever wondered what a wedding between an adored decor idol and a formidable fashion icon would be like? Spectacularly one of a kind and over the top? Swoon-worthily chic and sophisticated?

You’d be surprised.



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kelly wearstler for the rug company

Last Friday, I had the honour of interviewing the über-glam designer Kelly Wearstler and the ever charming Christopher Sharp, co-founder of The Rug Company. We met in the morning at the stunning east-end decor store Avenue Road and talked parties, kids, decor, inspiration and, of course, Kelly’s new rug designs for The Rug Company.



Check out the rugs and the answers to a few quick questions I asked Kelly and Christopher below. But for the full interview? You’ll have to watch for it in an upcoming issue of Style at Home.


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let me introduce myself

This is my first blog post so I thought I would start off with a little introduction. As you know my name is Ann Marie and I am the Senior Style Editor here at Style At Home.  My personal style is on the modern side and I have never met a gray and white fabric that I didn’t love.


I am looking forward to sharing some of my favorite products and behind the scene photos to give you an inside look at what working at the mag is all about.



designer interview: windsor smith

SAH You describe yourself as a lifestyle architect – what does that mean?
WS I’m always considering how we can shift the old paradigms of how rooms are architecturally set up to best suit the way we live. I want to set people up for a better lifestyle within the context of their home – it’s more anthropological than it is interior decor. For example, having a games table in the room adjacent to the kitchen would inspire family time because they’d naturally go to that table after dinner and maybe play backgammon. But if that table never existed, no one would think to go there – the room would just become a pass-through. I want to take a room from something you’re just looking to something you’re actually living in.

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designer interview: peter wilds

It was a delight to interview hip Vancouver designer Peter Wilds for a feature in Style at Home’s January 2013 issue.

His ability to juxtapose opposite elements like masculine and feminine, elegant and industrial, unique and classic is impressive. As is his talent for making the quirky look chic – his obsession with skulls single-handedly made me feel better about my love of guns (…in terms of home decor, that is).

Peter Wilds in his Gastown, Vancouver, studio. Photograph by Janis Nicolay

But what I didn’t have room to include in the article was where Peter’s style comes from – how he got into the business, where he got started and what inspires him. How lucky, then, that blogs aren’t nearly as limited in space.

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design icon: tea with lord wedgwood

Interviewing incredible design icons just happens to be one of the many perks of this job, but only every now and then do we have the honour of sitting down with a legend.

Last month, design editor Jessica Waks and I enjoyed afternoon tea with Lord Wedgwood, great grandson of Josiah Wedgwood, who started perhaps the best-known and best-collected tableware brand in the world, Wedgwood (now Waterford-Wedgwood-Royal Doulton) more than 250 years ago. We chatted about everything, from tea to terrible cooking, from spectacular dishware to Downton Abbey, and walked away, under the spell of British charm, to bring tea time back to our own homes.

Jess and I with Lord Wedgwood

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one-on-one with steven and chris

I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of Canada’s favourite design duos at the Winnipeg Home Expressions Show earlier this year. The pair I speak of are the oh-so fabulous Steven Sabados & Chris Hyndman – co-hosts of the popular daytime talk show CBC’s Steven & Chris and regular contributors to the Style at Home magazine.

It was with a bit of nerves and a whole lot of excitement that I sat down with the guys to talk about everything from life as a celebrity designer to where they look for design inspiration. Their close ties with the blogging community make them all the more endearing and the perfect topic for today’s post. So, without further delay, here’s a look into the lives of Steven & Chris. Enjoy!


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blogpodium 2012: connecting the design community

One of the best part’s of my job is connecting and working with talented, knowledgeable and influential people in the interior design industry. From designers to editors to stylists, the opportunity to learn is endless and thanks to people like Jennifer Flores and Lindsay Stephenson, this opportunity is becoming more and more available to everyone.

From interior design shows to tweet ups, the decor dialogue continues to grow exponentially. Thanks to online platforms like magazine websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and blogs, the talent seen in magazines is becoming more accessible to the mass public. Likewise, talent from all across the nation is being recognized and shared.

Enter creator of Rambling Renovators, Jennifer Flores, and Little House Blog, Lindsay Stephenson. These two passionate and driven women have created something to truly connect the design community on a more personal and educational level in Canada: BlogPodium. I was fortunate enough to chat with co-founder Jennifer to find out the ins and outs of this fantastic event.

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