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nesting with nest

My first floor renovation is finally coming to an end. One of the most exciting things to happen was the installation of the Nest thermostat. First off it is a thing of beauty – round, black, and shiny – it almost looks like jewelry on my wall. Secondly it is smart and can program itself and finally, my favourite feature, is that I can adjust it wirelessly from my iPhone or tablet. So I can be lying in bed and not have to run downstairs to turn the temperature up or down. I know I’m lazy, but to me this is a luxury.

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stop what you’re doing and watch scott mcgillivray bond with a stray kitten

I’m going to make a bold claim here. It does not matter if your day has been bad, good, or great, because it’s about to get way better!

Enjoy a serious injection of cute this afternoon thanks to our regular contributor and expert handyman Scott McGillivray as he bonds with a stray kitten found onsite while shooting his HGTV show Income Property.



eco-friendly flooring: cork

We recently had the opportunity to take a sneak peek inside the home of interior designer, Vern Yip whose newly redesigned New York City home included the installation of cork flooring. We think it looks great! Which made us want to learn a little more about this stylish and environmentally friendly flooring option.

cork flooring vern yip home eco friendly flooring: cork

With a wide variety of newfangled flooring options available, choosing the right floor material for your home means finding one that’s just right for you and your space.

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new-use tuesdays: rubber band

When you need a secure hold in a snap, you turn to the good old rubber band. It’s reliable, resilient and certainly affordable. For this week’s new-use spotlight, check out a few more uses for this household staple.

Rubber bands Bill Ebbesen new use tuesdays: rubber band

Photograph by Bill Ebbesen

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Before shots of my kitchen

Just as the issue is coming off the newstands I found the before shots of my kitchen and dining room. It took a lot of planning and decision making to get it where it is today, but it was well worth it.

kitchen off of post11 Before shots of my kitchen

This wall of grey herringbone Arto tiles used to look like this….

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My trip to Minneapolis with Cambria

A few weeks back I went to visit Cambria in Minneapolis. Cambria is a manufacturer and fabricator of beautiful quartz solid surfacing. Here are some photos from my trip (sorry not so pretty):

cambria truck2 My trip to Minneapolis with Cambria

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new-use tuesdays: nail polish

Even the most low-maintenance among us have a bottle of clear nail polish in a drawer somewhere. If your nails aren’t seeing much of it (overdue for a mani-pedi?), you can still get some use out of your nail polish. Check out a few other surfaces around the house that could use a quick coat.

Spring lineup Vinyl new use tuesdays: nail polish

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words of wisdom wednesdays: the kitchen cousins’ two things to look for when hiring a contractor

Last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing hunky handymen Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri of the HGTV shows Kitchen CousinsCousins on Call and Cousins Undercover. With so many years in the biz, they’re bonafide experts in kitchen renos and can tackle almost any challenge dished their way. But since we aren’t all as comfortable with kitchen renos as the cousins, we’ll take all the advice we can get. And coming from these experts? Even better. In an interview last year, I asked them what to look for when hiring a contractor (assuming the cousins aren’t available, of course) – here’s what they said.


Kitchen Cousins words of wisdom wednesdays: the kitchen cousins two things to look for when hiring a contractor

image courtesy of HGTV Canada

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debate: bathtubs with aprons or no aprons

I’m in the midst of debating my tub scenario – first off it has to fit into a 3-walled alcove situation. So the front portion of the tub is exposed. I have seen 2 ways of doing this – one where you finish the front of the tub with either tile, wood or stone. The other way is to do one with a built-in apron. What are peoples thoughts on this? Here are images of both:

Apron sided tub. This one is from Kohler:

apron tub debate: bathtubs with aprons or no aprons

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editor’s pick: top 5 ikea kitchens

It’s no longer a secret that interior designers love IKEA cabinets for their quality and customization. Behind their stylish closed doors, IKEA cabinets have some of the best space saving and organizational units on the market. Here is a round up of some of fantastic IKEA kitchens that have all been featured in Style at Home.

industrial bistro island1 editors pick: top 5 ikea kitchens Orsa birch cabinets sprayed in grey, designed by Ingrid Oomen

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