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editor’s pick: speaker roundup for small spaces

There are three undeniable facts about my life. The first two are that I live in a very small space and I’m rarely home. And when I’m out and about I’m always eyeing fabulous decor items that make my heart skip a beat. Then I have to remind myself that the gorgeous eight-foot floor mirror will not even clear my ceiling height.

The third thing is that I am constantly listening to music. Whether it’s during my commute, lazy Sunday walks, or for those impromptu apartment dance parties.

Which leads to my dilemma as of late – finding a multi-purpose speaker that has the quality to work in my home (albeit, a small bachelorette home) and is small enough to transport on my travels to the beach or camping. Keeping size, weight, quality and style in mind, I’ve rounded up five picks that may just be music to my ears.

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editor’s picks: ipad case roundup

I put a lot of stock into my iPhone and iPad case choices – I mean, these days, they’re as much a part of my outfit as my purse, wallet or shoes: always on display. And while there’s a whole mountain of options available for the iPhone, the iPad case selection, by comparison, is a bit of a molehill.

At least, that’s how I felt until I stumbled upon the extensive collection available at Society 6, a company that takes gorgeous artwork and illustrations by a bank of contributing artists and prints their work onto iPad, iPhone and laptop skins as well as toss cushions, tote bags, mugs and clothing, all of which are available online.

The selection is so full and extensive (with upwards of 2,000 options!) and so many illustrations call out to you, it’s almost impossible to choose. Perusing the page at home, I must have thought, “this is perfect for me!” ten times. And I still can’t choose.

Here’s a roundup of a few faves. I need your help to make a selection. Here’s what and why!

1. Because I’m a crazy cat lady (and reclaiming it as the new hipster).

Cat Case editors picks: ipad case roundup

Cat // Aware by Amy Hamilton, $60.

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5 pretty iphone cases

My one (very hopeful) Christmas wish was to get an iPad Mini.

Spoiler alert: I did not get an iPad Mini.

In all fairness, I did not actually expect to get one. So now, to appease my tech fix, I’ve decided my phone could use a little update. Since returning from holidays I’ve spied friends and coworkers sporting new iPhone cases (the perfect stocking stuffer no less), which has only spurred my hunt. The options are endless and while I’ve been rocking a black and studded case for the past year, I’m having a hard time deciding between girly glam, classic chic, or bold and colourful.

I’ve rounded up five pretty iPhone cases in hopes you, dear readers, can help me decide.
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best organizing solutions: purge your inbox

Welcome back from the holidays – I hope you feel relaxed and ready for 2014! I’m curious: are you making any new year’s resolutions? I usually don’t, however, I’d like to go on a spending hiatus for the next few months. Over the holidays, I felt like I was spending too much money on random things (don’t we all). I’d go Christmas shopping and come home with a sweater or a book for myself. My closet and apartment feels cluttered,  and my bank account is a bit worse for the wear.

MacBookPro best organizing solutions: purge your inbox

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editor’s pick: cool humidifier

Since I can already feel the effects of the cold, dry air, I’d like to get a humidifier this winter.

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instagram prints: create personalized art

I’ve always been a snap happy kind of person. I was the paparazzi in my own little world, taking pictures of everything and everyone wherever I went. Once I finally got the iPhone, this love of documenting life reached a whole new level – I always have my phone. This also happened to be around the same time I discovered the iPhone photo app, Instagram.

instagram print profile instagram prints: create personalized art

When I learned CanvasPop was now offering Instagram printing I jumped on it. I’m always looking into good printing services to create my own, personalized wall art. But when it comes to phone pictures, I worry that the quality of the photo may not translate well into a larger, professional print.

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win: $700 panasonic lumix camera prize pack

Okay, so there’s no denying that we live in the age of technology. But out of all the electronic advancements, cameras have to be one of the industry’s leading consumer products. They’re always striving to be faster, more powerful, and much more user-friendly. They’re in our hands, phones and computers. We use them to visually document our life – constantly. And we spend hours looking at and sharing photos online.

What would we do without cameras?

Well, now you don’t have to ask because here’s your chance to win one!

panasonic contest banner blog win: $700 panasonic lumix camera prize pack

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7 reasons to download the royal tour app

Do you have royal wedding withdrawal?

Despite the intense build up that led to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the round-the-clock coverage dropped off soon after and the world was left in awe of the whole event.

Fortunately, the Department of Canadian Heritage has your back. They’ve released a mobile app for 2011 Royal Tour to Canada! Download it to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and keep track of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they tour the country from June 30th to July 8th.

royal tour app 7 reasons to download the royal tour app
{ Screen captures from my iPhone }

Not sure if you want to download it? Here 6 reasons why you should get this app:

1 Itinerary
Stay on their royal heels with an up-to-date itinerary of their trip to Canada.

2 Photos & videos

Find the latest pictures and video clips of Will and Kate during their Canadian tour.

3 Events

Keep on top of public events and RSVP through the Crown in Canada Facebook page.

4 Social media
Follow what’s happening with who and where on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube right from the app platform.

5 Share with family & friends
Write a personalized message to your friends and family with a virtual postcard. Choose from existing images or take your own photos to create and send them via email or post them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

6 Weather

It even has a weather app so you know exactly how to dress when in view of the royal couple.

7 The price is right

The app is free. FREE!

Are you going to download the app?

the new kobo touch + you could win one!

kobo touch the new kobo touch + you could win one!
If you haven’t made the switch to an e-reader, I urge you to consider it. A book fiend myself, I’ve always treasured my novels and have always surrounded myself with bookcases overflowing with favourite reads and reads yet to come. But when I was introduced to Kobo, things started to change. It was love at first sight and I haven’t looked back. It happened quickly and unexpectedly. I hadn’t planned to end my love affair with actual books – and of course – there are classics and favourites that will always fill my bookcases. But I’m so in love that I’ve had the following exchange with my boyfriend. More than once.

him: If you had to choose between me and your Kobo, what would you choose?
{long pause}
him: {long, awkward silence}

The Kobo has revolutionalized reading for me and the new Kobo Touch (indigo.ca, $139) has taken things one step further. Here’s what I love best:

- The infrared touch screen makes using this device so simple to use. It’s intuitive and with just the tap of a finger, you can flip the pages, enlarge the font and zoom in on PDF files.

- It’s smaller, more compact than previous incarnations of the Kobo. The paperback size makes it easily portable. Throw it in your purse and you’ll always have something to read when you’re left waiting at the dentist.

- Kobo uses E-Ink technology to simulate the printed word on a page. It’s easy to read and because the screen isn’t backlit, it doesn’t feel like you’re reading on a computer or other handheld device. The glare-free screen is easy on the eyes and feels like a real book.

- The Kobo Touch holds up to 1,000 books! Not enough? Add a memory card and it can hold up to 32,000 books. So when you finish one book, you don’t need to wait til you get to the bookstore to pick up a new one. You’ll always have a full library right at your fingertips.

I love the feeling of Kobo’s signature quilted back and it’s got WiFi capability too, which means you can order books on the go. I’ve been reading more books more quickly ever since I converted to Kobo. And as a frequent traveler, it’s ideal. No more lugging heavy books around with me. It’s super light and I always have options, depending on what I feel like reading.

must-have accessories
The new Kobo Touch comes in white, black, silver and lilac and there are an array of accessories. Here are my faves:

kobo accessories the new kobo touch + you could win one!
1 The Verso Clip Light (indigo.ca, $16.99) is perfect when you’re reading in the dark at night. Just clip it onto the top of your Kobo and you needn’t turn your sidetable lamp on. The flexible neck means you can adjust the light as needed to brighten your pages.

2 The Book Style Cover (indigo.ca, $29.95) will not only protect your Kobo Touch but gives it that ‘real book’ feeling that book lovers will appreciate. Elastic bands on the inside will hold your Kobo securely in place and there are also inside pockets. Available in purple, black, navy and natural.

3 Don’t have the Kobo Touch? There are new accessories available for the WiFi Kobo and I love that you can now get the Book Style Cover (indigo.ca, $29.95) for this version. The older Kobo is slightly larger than the new Kobo Touch so be sure to get the right size cover. How fun is the pink?

Want to win one? {Of course you do!} We’ve got four to give away. Enter here. Good luck!

samsung digital cameras

When I was invited to check out Samsung’s latest digital camera lineup, I admit I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. Samsung is known for TVs, not cameras, right? Well, they wasted no time in showcasing innovative new products that proved that Samsung is a legitimate player in the lucrative digital camera business. Here are some of the features you’ll find on new Samsung cameras, that make them some of the most innovative on the market:

samsung PL121 samsung digital cameras Samsung PL121
Cool feature: This compact digital camera features ‘Two View’ – dual LCD screens, one on the back and one on the front so you can see yourself when you’re taking that self-portrait to upload to Facebook. Love it!

samsung landscape samsung digital cameras Samsung WB210
Cool feature: This camera can take a seriously wide angle shot. You don’t need to lug around a heavy SLR to get a great panoramic photo. It’s got a 21mm ultra-wide, 12x Super-Zoom Schneider-KREUZNACH lens – and if that sounds like Greek to you, it just means that you’ll get a wider, deeper perspective with crystal clear sharpness.

samsung wifi samsung digital cameras
Samsung SH100
Cool feature: This camera’s Wi-Fi capability makes it seriously cool but the best part isn’t even that you can share your photos with friends, family and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The best part is that it has an Auto-Backup feature – meaning you can wirelessly download photos to your computer with the touch of a button. No hunting for wires and cables to free your photos from the camera. Now THAT’S cool!

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