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order in the media room

No matter how well decorated, a media room or office loses its style factor once you factor in the colony of tech boxes connected to the TV or computer by a tangle of cords. Whether it’s the cable box or game console, the internet router or an external hard drive, what the tech lover in you craves, the decorator in you hates. That’s why I’m thrilled to have chanced upon HIDEit Mounts. The company makes affordable discreet holders for all those ugly tech accessories that you can mount up and out of the way. Some are made to hide on the wall behind your flatscreen, others can hang off your monitor. All of them solve the issue of unattractive electronics cluttering precious console and desktop space – because after all, those zones are best reserved for the likes of a pretty vase of flowers or a picture frame holding a sentimental snapshot. Am I right?


6 iPhone 6 cases you’ll love

Getting a new phone is extremely exciting, am I right? Shiny and new and boasting all kinds of new features, it’s a big day when you take your newest companion home. You need some time to get to know each other and you really do have to handle it with care.

Finding the right case for a new phone is important. You’ll want something that not only protects your precious gadget but that looks good and represents your sense of style, too. With endless options out there, it can be overwhelming but here, we’ve rounded up 6 of our favourite iPhone 6 cases we think you’ll love!

24 Karat Gold Case for iPhone 6, Case-Mate, $50
Sometimes, you just need to amp up your style and this essential accessory is a surefire way to do it. Add a bit of bling to the every day with this gorgeous iPhone 6 case that features genuine 24 karat gold leaf inlaid into acrylic. It’s guaranteed to dazzle!
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nesting with nest

My first floor renovation is finally coming to an end. One of the most exciting things to happen was the installation of the Nest thermostat. First off it is a thing of beauty – round, black, and shiny – it almost looks like jewelry on my wall. Secondly it is smart and can program itself and finally, my favourite feature, is that I can adjust it wirelessly from my iPhone or tablet. So I can be lying in bed and not have to run downstairs to turn the temperature up or down. I know I’m lazy, but to me this is a luxury.

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editor’s pick: 808 audio wireless speaker

Earlier this year I was on the hunt for the perfect speaker that would work for my small bachelorette apartment, but also be transportable on my travels all year round.

Most of the speakers I looked at before were fantastic products from reliable brands, but they were a bit out of my price range. There were also concerns that investing in an expensive speaker would make me hesitant about traveling with it on snowboarding trips or taking it to the park or the beach.


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new keurig 2.0 brewing system launches in canada

Walking down the bustling streets of New York, a band of Canadian journalists approach a mysterious building whose storefront is blocked out with white panels. The only indicator that we have arrived at our destination is the large KEURIG 2.0 branded on the upper panels.

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ikea russia wins instagram with ps 2014 campaign

We at Style at Home are avid Instagrammers, but this week we tip our hat to IKEA Russia for harnessing the power of this popular app and creating an Instagram website for the new PS 2014 collection. Honestly, I’m willing to just give them my hat because this is the greatest creative in-app advancement since the developers added photo editing and video capabilities (which, really, wasn’t breaking the mold anyway).


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win: irobot scooba floor mopping robot

Let me just start by saying that I hate to scrub floors. I mean, there’s sweeping, there’s vacuuming, there’s mopping, and then there’s Cinderella-like laborious scrubbing. And that cleaning ethic definitely came from my mom.

This woman is so dedicated to keeping her home clean that she hand scrubs the hardwood floors, despite the various easy-to-use mops that have been bought in the past. What can I say? The woman is traditional. It has now gotten to the point where her knees and lower back cannot handle the chore anymore. Thankfully, I could finally provide her a non-painful solution – a hands-free machine that would do the job for her!


Mother’s Day 2014 marked the day a robot saved my mom’s joints. More specifically, the iRobot Scooba.

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editor’s pick: speaker roundup for small spaces

There are three undeniable facts about my life. The first two are that I live in a very small space and I’m rarely home. And when I’m out and about I’m always eyeing fabulous decor items that make my heart skip a beat. Then I have to remind myself that the gorgeous eight-foot floor mirror will not even clear my ceiling height.

The third thing is that I am constantly listening to music. Whether it’s during my commute, lazy Sunday walks, or for those impromptu apartment dance parties.

Which leads to my dilemma as of late – finding a multi-purpose speaker that has the quality to work in my home (albeit, a small bachelorette home) and is small enough to transport on my travels to the beach or camping. Keeping size, weight, quality and style in mind, I’ve rounded up five picks that may just be music to my ears.

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editor’s picks: ipad case roundup

I put a lot of stock into my iPhone and iPad case choices – I mean, these days, they’re as much a part of my outfit as my purse, wallet or shoes: always on display. And while there’s a whole mountain of options available for the iPhone, the iPad case selection, by comparison, is a bit of a molehill.

At least, that’s how I felt until I stumbled upon the extensive collection available at Society 6, a company that takes gorgeous artwork and illustrations by a bank of contributing artists and prints their work onto iPad, iPhone and laptop skins as well as toss cushions, tote bags, mugs and clothing, all of which are available online.

The selection is so full and extensive (with upwards of 2,000 options!) and so many illustrations call out to you, it’s almost impossible to choose. Perusing the page at home, I must have thought, “this is perfect for me!” ten times. And I still can’t choose.

Here’s a roundup of a few faves. I need your help to make a selection. Here’s what and why!

1. Because I’m a crazy cat lady (and reclaiming it as the new hipster).

Cat // Aware by Amy Hamilton, $60.

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5 pretty iphone cases

My one (very hopeful) Christmas wish was to get an iPad Mini.

Spoiler alert: I did not get an iPad Mini.

In all fairness, I did not actually expect to get one. So now, to appease my tech fix, I’ve decided my phone could use a little update. Since returning from holidays I’ve spied friends and coworkers sporting new iPhone cases (the perfect stocking stuffer no less), which has only spurred my hunt. The options are endless and while I’ve been rocking a black and studded case for the past year, I’m having a hard time deciding between girly glam, classic chic, or bold and colourful.

I’ve rounded up five pretty iPhone cases in hopes you, dear readers, can help me decide.
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