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store spotlight: nesters & chatelet

At 2207 Queen Street East, in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood is a little store that is actually two little stores. Here you will find Nesters, and Chatelet, sharing a storefront. It was only recently pointed out to me, that this little store, is indeed two. Should you visit, you will see why I was surprised – both retail stores carry very complementary items to one another.

Nesters 1 store spotlight: nesters & chatelet
The store is filled with home decor items such as French antiques, lighting, as well as smaller gift items.
Nesters Start store spotlight: nesters & chatelet

On the “Nesters” side, I fell for the two pieces above. I’ve always been a fan of the French antique look and weathered wood mirrors.

Nesters second store spotlight: nesters & chatelet

Still on the Nesters side, I really loved the little vignettes you could shop from. I often come here to find little gifts for special occasions, as the price points for the gift items are quite reasonable.

Chalet store spotlight: nesters & chatelet

On the Chatelet side, my one-year-old son, Oscar, selected this sweet little box to give to his grandmother for Mother’s Day.

IMG 3601 store spotlight: nesters & chatelet
Outside as I was leaving, I fell for the hilarious hooks and door stops on Chatelet’s side. Not a fan of the metal look? As someone who has just discovered the joys of spray paint, I thought these would look awesome if sprayed in a bright colour, perfect for a cottage.
Nesters + Chatelet
Address: 2207 Queen Street East, Toronto Beach Neighbourhood
Phone: 416-698-2207

Lindsay Stephenson is our guest blogger who has her eye on all things fabulous in Toronto. When not scouting out the coolest stores and the fabbest finds in the city, Lindsay runs a graphic design business (Penny People Designs) and blogs about her life and home decorating projects on Aubrey & Lindsay’s Little House Blog.

bathroom renovation: day five

As one would expect of any renovation, there are sure to be hiccups along the way. My bathroom renovation is no different, but thankfully, the issues have been small and easy to fix. Today’s hold-up: The vessel sink.

When I selected the vanity for my bathroom, I didn’t realize that it had a pre-cut hole in the middle to accommodate a particular kind of sink. Aaaand – the sink that I chose doesn’t fit. Fortunately, Tony (the project manager overseeing my renovation) is a star and he went to Home Depot for me and snapped a photo of a suitable replacement. It’s an entirely different look but I like this sink, too! Number one is the sink I’d originally selected – square vessel lavatory; number two is the replacement – round clear glass vessel sink. What do you think?

sinks bathroom renovation: day five

bathroom renovation: day four

When I stopped by my condo to check on the progress of my bathroom renovation on Friday, I was very pleasantly surprised! Things are moving quickly and the work should be done soon. Unfortunately, the marble for the ledge in the shower is still a big ol’ question mark. I haven’t heard an update yet as to when they’ll be able to find the piece they need. I hope it’s not two weeks as I was originally told. I can’t go two weeks without a working shower!

So, here’s how things are looking:

bathroom renovation tiled ledge bathroom renovation: day four The ledge has been tiled and looks great! Now, just to find that piece of marble for the top. I wondered why we couldn’t just continue the subway tile along the top but once it was explained to me, it made perfect sense. If you tile and grout the top and water sits on that ledge, it will eat away at the grout. So a solid piece of marble to match the floor is a much better solution. Ah! Makes perfect sense.

bathroom renovation tub and floor bathroom renovation: day four At this point in the renovation, this is the picture that thrills me most! Here you can see the new tub, tile and polished marble flooring, all from Home Depot. My old bathroom had tile baseboards (ew!) but the new baseboards and painted walls look fantastic. Out of hundreds of paint colours to choose from, I settled on Elusive Blue (D51-1) from Olympic Paints and I’m thrilled with the results. It looks a bit bluer here than it does in person. It’s actually a bit lighter and really picks up on the grey in the floor tile.

Today, the toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet and mirror should be going into place. I’ll provide an update tomorrow!

honeycomb bud vases

Fab find

Bee pressed-glass bud vases, $29 for set of 3; Williams-Sonoma.

fabfind beeglassvase honeycomb bud vases

Fresh flowers are blooming everywhere and it makes me want to bring those beautiful, bright buds home! It’s amazing how a few freshly cut florals can impact a room, so why not elevate the look with some textured glass vases? These honeycomb vases come in a set of three and I love that they’re shaped differently for an eclectic, yet unified arrangement.

What’s your favourite way to display flowers?

bathroom renovation: day three

The shower enclosure is tiled! And the ledge is in place, too! Here’s what the bathroom looks like today:

bathroom renovation tiled shower1 bathroom renovation: day three Love the subway tile! I chose the 3-inch by 6-inch subway tile from Home Depot. Love how it looks now that it’s in place.

bathroom renovation tiled shower2 bathroom renovation: day three And here’s the ledge. The guys pushed the wall back to its original place and created this ledge, which will be a handy spot to, you know, put stuff. But … (isn’t there always a but?) … they don’t have the right size of marble to put across the top of the ledge. I was told that it might take two weeks to special order the piece that they need – yikes! I won’t be able to use the shower until the marble across the top is put in place, so I’m hoping that they can come up with a solution. Soon. Tony, the project manager says not to sweat it so I’m not going to! Stay tuned …

farewell to our dear lauren

It was a sad day at the Style at Home office. Today we bid adieu to Lauren McPhillips — our web editor, social media whiz, passionate blogger, style maven and good friend. She’s off to explore new opportunities and while we couldn’t be more excited for her as she embarks on this new journey, we’re so sad to see her go.

eat my words farewell to our dear lauren
Our farewell party for Lauren included these bite-sized treats from Eat My Words. A special thanks to Sacha for making these with such care. They’re as beautiful as they are delicious!

For those of you who have worked with Lauren, emailed her or read her blog, please join us in wishing her all the best in her new adventure. A fond farewell from all of us at Style at Home!
nat signature farewell to our dear lauren

bathroom renovation: day two

So, things are trucking along on my bathroom renovation. Here’s a look at how things are going:

bathroom renovation day2 2 bathroom renovation: day two
The mess in my condo has multiplied by, oh, I don’t know … three? Understandably. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to go in the bathroom and not a lot of space. But again, these guys are as neat as they can be and considerate. I can tell that they’ve been taking good care not to damage my floor, especially.

bathroom renovation day2 1 bathroom renovation: day two One of the guys from the Home Depot installation crew. So far, so good!

bathroom renovation day2 3 bathroom renovation: day two We’ve only run into one small issue. While researching everything I needed for this bathroom renovation, I learned that standard tubs are now smaller than tubs from 20 years ago. My original tub was 64″ while the newer tubs are only 60″. (You can order a custom tub if you really want.) To make up for that difference in space, we decided to create a tiled ledge, which would not only solve the problem but give me some space for shampoo bottles and the like. When I got back to my condo yesterday, I saw that instead of a ledge, the guys had built out the wall. Looks fine but since this is already a small space, why make it even smaller? I talked to Tony, the project manager, and he says it’s not a problem to put the ledge in as originally discussed. Pictured above is how it looks with the wall that was built to meet the tub. We’ll see shortly what it looks like with the ledge. I think the ledge is a better solution. Do you agree?

bathroom renovation: can you guess which paint colour I chose?

After choosing all of the fixtures for my bathroom renovation – the tub, toilet, vanity, mirror, lighting, shower tiles and flooring – the final element was the paint colour. But with SO MANY COLOURS to choose from, how do I narrow it down to just one? This is what I’ve been sifting through:

paint fan decks bathroom renovation: can you guess which paint colour I chose? I have finally made my selection and you can actually see the chip I chose in this photo. Any guesses? You’re going to have to wait for the final reveal to find out, but I will tell you that I chose a colour from Olympic Paints’ Colours of Inspiration line. I liked that all 1,200 shades of the Colours of Inspiration palette are available in zero-VOC and low odour. After much debate and looking at chips in this light and that light, I love the shade I FINALLY settled on. Now I just need to see it on the walls!

re-formed, canadian company spotlight

I’m hugely sentimental. My basement storage room is filled with boxes and boxes of saved birthday cards, airplane tickets from trips, Oscar’s first baby clothes … the list keeps growing. Although I take great delight in opening a box up and going through memory lane, it’s sad to have certain things packed away. Sarah Gunn (@lovelaughshop) tweeted last week about getting a piece of work from @ReFormedArt and curiosity got the best of me and I went to Re-Formed’s website. I fell head over heels for this gem of a Canadian company.
Untitled 1 re formed, canadian company spotlight

What Re-Formed has done, is put a modern spin on the shadow box. You give them something you love and they permanently frame it in a beautiful plexi box, allowing you to also customize the background colour, and even add on text to the front of the box.

By putting something in one of these boxes, it transforms your memento from being just an object, to being a really cool conversation piece in your home as well as a beautiful piece of art. I’m now going to go dig through my boxes in the basement and find some things I know I’d like to have done! Pricing starts at $95 and increases with the size of box.

Untitled 12 re formed, canadian company spotlight

Pssst – The current boxes permanently encase your item (which is fine for most things) but Amanda, the designer behind Re-Formed mentioned that they are going to be releasing a new box that can open shortly.

Visit Re-Formed website here for pricing and more (gorgeous) photos.
Photography by Margaret Mulligan

Lindsay Stephenson is our guest blogger who has her eye on all things fabulous in Toronto. When not scouting out the coolest stores and the fabbest finds in the city, Lindsay runs a graphic design business (Penny People Designs) and blogs about her life and home decorating projects on Aubrey & Lindsay’s Little House Blog.

bathroom renovation: day one

Welcome to day one of my bathroom renovation! The demolition began yesterday and I returned home to find everything … GONE! Here’s what my bathroom looks like today:

bathroom reno during1 bathroom renovation: day one Yikes!

bathroom reno during2 bathroom renovation: day one The wall-to-wall mirror is gone, as are the sink and vanity. Can’t say I’m sad to see ‘em go.

bathroom reno during3 bathroom renovation: day one Adios, bathtub!

bathroom reno during4 bathroom renovation: day one I found this drawing behind the tile on the shower wall. I’ve heard tons of stories about the things people have found behind walls and underneath floors when doing a renovation. Have you ever found anything interesting? A friend of mine found well preserved newspapers from the 1920s when she renovated her house.

bathroom reno during5 bathroom renovation: day one I have to hand it to the installation crew from Home Depot. I’m so pleased with the way they’ve been treating my home. They put up plastic coverings in all the right places and have kept the mess contained to the bathroom. We’ve all heard horror stories about renovations gone wrong, so it was nice to start things off on the right foot. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it.

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