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style at home is at brimfield 2012

Style at Home is honoured and excited to be the media sponsor for the 2012 Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show. Whether or not you’re in Massachusetts, we want to make sure you can join in on the fun, too! Read on to find out how.

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fab find: pragmatic eat cake vase

Fab find
Pragmatic Eat Cake vase, $48; Anthropologie.

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pinterest boards we love {mother’s day entertaining}

The more we grow up, the more we understand and appreciate our mothers.  These remarkable women go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of us, nurture us, inspire us, encourage us, and keep our dreams lofty but our feet on the ground. Mothers also go out of their way to make special occasions magical for their little ones, so this year why not turn the tables and make a memorable Mother’s Day event for your special lady.  This week we’ve scoured Pinterest in search of pretty party and pastry boards – the perfect inspirational combination of Mother’s Day design secrets to help you treat your mother to something sweet as well as stylish!
Keep reading to learn to whom these pretty Pinterest boards belong and for all sorts of decadent decor ideas and dessert recipes.
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mother’s day giveaway: fruits and passion decorative diffuser set

Not sure what to get mom for Mother’s Day? We’re giving away a diffuser set from Fruits and Passion that’s not only decorative, but also provides a delightfully soothing scent for your home!

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sister act: behind the scenes

Decorating a girly glam bachelorette apartment is always fun, but when it’s for your own sister you can bet the fun factor get’s tripled!

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fab find: mix and match lamps

Fab find
Mix and match lamps, $5 each; Walmart.

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get the look of this posh parisian hotel: hotel duret

At once masculine and modern, sleek and stately, Hotel Duret exudes Parisian chic – how fitting that it’s in one of the chicest parts of Paris. Local to everywhere you want to be, it’s walking distance from the Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Foche (among the most expensive residential streets in the world), Avenue des Champs-Élysées and the Eiffel Tower (I should know, I walked them all). It feels cozy, homey and welcoming while also clean, charming and fashionable – exactly the kind of combination that will have you waking up feeling like a bon vivant every day of your holiday.


a swanky room equals stylish sleeps

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pinterest boards we love {kitchen design}

I have endured my fair share of poorly designed kitchens over the years, thanks to my student and intern days (haven’t we all?) And although thinking back on those times, when all I had was a hot plate and a meager toaster oven to get me through the evening meal, is enough to make anyone shudder, I prefer to think of those culinary challenges as something of a rite of passage. Nowadays I have a deep appreciation for beautiful kitchen craftsmanship; an appreciation that would never have been nurtured had I grown up in college with fabulous kitchen design at every turn. That’s why this week the Style at Home team and I are focusing our Pinterest perusing upon kitchen-themed boards that are so pretty the sheer sight of them will inspire you to create mouth-watering dishes, experiment with spices and dirty every pan in your cupboards.
Keep reading to discover who these boards belong to and bon appetit!
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fab find: circles rubber doormat

Fab find
Circles rubber doormat, $21.32; Crate & Barrel.
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pinterest boards we love {earth day inspiration}

Are you excited for Earth Day? While this special occasion doesn’t come with parades, presents, extravagant dinners or exceptional hoopla, it remains one of my personal favourite days of the year. Why? Because it is a lovely reminder that our natural world is a wondrous place, brimming with unrivaled beauty, stunning colour palates and incredible sights that cannot be replicated. Outdoor living is an amazing way to appreciate this beauty, so this week we’ve scoped out some of the prettiest Pinterest boards we could find that celebrate and embrace the greener aspects of the design world.
Keep reading to learn who these pretty Pinterest boards belong to, as well as gather some inspiration for making your life a little greener this Earth Day.
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