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sneak peek: cb2 coming to toronto

It has been a long time coming now, but it’s worth the wait!

cb2 cookies sneak peek: cb2 coming to toronto

Though CB2 was supposed to arrive this summer, it hasn’t officially landed in Toronto yet… BUT they did share a sneak peek with us last night! True to CB2 form they brought their signature modern designs, showcasing pieces that add function and comfort to your home, with that perfect pop of colour.

So, friends, want the inside scoop??

Here’s a preview of what’s to come and, of course, the all-important when and where!
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win: great back to school supplies from indigo

I was never one of those kids who dreaded going back to school. On the contrary, I eagerly awaited my first day back, excited about all the possibilities the new school year promised. I enjoyed school, both the academic and the social aspects of it. I enjoyed learning. And I enjoyed the back to school shopping! It was never anything extravagant – but I can still remember the excitement to stock up for the coming year – especially shiny new school supplies! You know, replace my old pencil case, get a new set of Laurentian pencil crayons (this may have been the highlight!) and a new Finder Binder – please tell me you remember Finder Binders! Oh, I’m nostalgic just thinking about it!

As back to school season rolls around again, kids all around the world are getting ready to hit the books, some more excited than others, I imagine. If you’re one of them or have kids that are heading back, we want to hear what your best strategy is for staying organized during this notoriously hectic time of year. Leave a comment below with your best back-to-school organizing tip and you’ll be entered in our contest to win one of two great prize packs from Indigo. I’ll choose the two winning responses on September 7, 2011. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

back to school contest1 win: great back to school supplies from indigo 1 Kraft Notebook – Off the Record, $8.99
2 Classic All Out Of Pad, $7.50
3 In My Humble Opinion Inner Truth Journal, $19.99
4 Status Update Sticky Notes, $4.00

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hardwood floors: the installation

If you’ve been following along with my latest renovation project, you’ll know that I recently went shopping for hardwood floors for my mom’s new condo. We settled on a beautiful red oak from Lumber Liquidators. You can read the full post here.

cam 3 hardwood floors: the installation Here’s another look at the space – in all its messy glory!

Once the wood was selected, the real work began. (We were already working with a contractor, but Lumber Liquidators does offer installation for $2/square foot.) Because we were working in a condo, we had to adhere to the board’s strict rules regarding the flooring underlay. (If you live in a condo, you’ll have to find out what the accepted standards are regarding the thickness of the underlay you use to minimize noise transfer.) Since you can’t nail flooring down in a condo, make sure you find a floating floor that clicks and locks into place and doesn’t require being nailed down. There are lots of beautiful hardwood options!

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bang on budget bathroom

In just over a year, I’ve overhauled every room in my historic condo – every room except for the bathroom, that is. I’ve been putting off the looming “reno” for as long as possible. Though it’s often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom can take a mighty bite into one’s design and decor budget. Having already tackled a kitchen reno this year, I’m not quite ready to eat the costs of another major home project.

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foodie visits

Being pretty new to Toronto, I’ve been exploring the city left and right for the past couple of months. The best place to start for me has been the farmers’ markets.  My favourite, so far, has been the one at Evergreen Brick Works.

Market21 foodie visits

Filled with all the seasonal produce you can think of, local artisans, a garden market and plenty of homemade goods to nibble on, it’s a great place to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning.

Beans1 foodie visits

If you shop at supermarkets most of the time, it’s sometimes hard to remember that fruits and vegetables are not meant to be perfect round and shiny. The produce at the Evergreen market is a great reminder of what food should taste and look like! The tomatoes are beautifully uneven in shape, the lettuce is organically grown and the carrots are bountiful and filled with different hues of orange and crimson. Here are a few of my food photos from this past weekend.

Flowers1 foodie visits

Tomatoes foodie visits

Market foodie visits

Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market
Saturdays from 9AM – 1PM
550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Jennifer Bartoli is a Toronto-based food writer, photographer and recipe developer who grew up in Paris. Her longstanding passion for food took her to New York City, where she studied at the French Culinary Institute. For delicious recipes and more, check out Jennifer’s blog Chocolate Shavings.

duke of york dinnerware

Fab find
Duke of York dinnerware, $3.99-$5.99 per piece; HomeSense.
fabfind duke of york dinnerware duke of york dinnerware

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benjamin moore community restoration program

I love a good restoration project. Life at Style at Home means you’re always thinking of ways to renovate and DIY your home to make it that much more beautiful and fab. But what about your community?

Think about your neighbourhood. Do you ever pass a community service or historic building that could use a little TLC? Benjamin Moore has. And they’re doing something about it.

benjamin moore exterior benjamin moore community restoration program
Exterior of the Boat and Heritage Centre in Muskoka, ON.
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how to: keep your cool in the shade

As fun as soaking up the sun can be in the summer, it’s less than ideal for an entertainer, their guests, or their food to roast in the heat. Whether you’re entertaining or unwinding with a book in the backyard, it’s always a good idea to have a place where you can escape the elements – rain or shine!

A sheltered nook creates the perfect retreat to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. There are numerous ways to create a chilled outdoor oasis. So don’t sweat it… we’ve got three tips to keep you cool:

shade umbrella how to: keep your cool in the shade
1 Umbrellas
Both classic and timeless, umbrellas are a great option to create shade during the summer. Instead of being confined to putting your umbrella in the middle of your table or lounge area, explore the use of cantilever umbrellas. Using two square 10’ x 10’ umbrellas, side by side, looks very chic and maximizes your shade area, while making a strong presence.

shade pavilion how to: keep your cool in the shade
2 Pavilion
Pavilions are a great option for creating shade if you have the space.  Ideal for defining an outdoor area, pavilions create an intimate environment for outdoor entertaining or provide protection from the sun for your family to play under. Combined with a comfortable sectional and low table, a pavilion creates a perfect backyard retreat.

shade awning how to: keep your cool in the shade
3 Awning
An awning is a great space saving alternative to traditional shade products. When you don’t have a lot of room, an awning gives you the freedom to have shade and shelter when you please, at the twist of a handle.

Designer and entertaining expert Andrew Bockner is the owner of Andrew Richard Designs, a Canadian luxury furniture brand celebrated for its materials and designs. Andrew Bockner creates custom, unique experiences to enhance both the space and lifestyle of his customers.

pretty pendant lamp

Fab find
Fillsta pendant lamp, $29.99 for 35cm;
fabfind pendant lamp pretty pendant lamp

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5 new products from fresh home elements

Love shopping for home accessories, but hate the price?
Desperate for more storage, but don’t have a lot of space?

Fresh Home Elements (FHE) has the answer: affordable and functional designer home accessories. Though it’s not a brand new concept, Adam Schachter and Jonathan Levy, owners for the FHE Group, are determined to up the ante with creativity while keeping price points low. What more can you ask for?

Their contemporary designs fit stylishly into your home decor while adding incredible function, whether that be extra storage, seating or cleaning. Check out five of the latest products from FHE and see why you (and your wallet) will love their home furnishings!
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