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flensted’s marvellous mobiles

horses11 flensteds marvellous mobiles

Prowling through Copenhagen’s legendary Illums Bolighus last summer, I fell deeply in love with this mobile from Flensted. Not only did the gorgeous grown-up silhouette offer a slice of Danish design on a dime (I snagged it for a mere $25 CAD), but it made the perfect souvenir, as mobiles are a traditional Danish craft. It was Christian Flensted, back in 1954, who conceived the mobile as a moving work of art for the home (and not just something to hang above the crib), and his legacy of perfectly balanced and sophisticated hanging sculptures is now carried on by his wife and son.

Flensted launched his collection over 55 years ago with “Lucky Storks” - a design that’s just as popular today. Now that’s staying power!

storks1 flensteds marvellous mobiles

This design, “Flowing Rhythm”, featured prominently in the bedroom of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in the film “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?”. Very midcentury modern!

rhythm1 flensteds marvellous mobiles

I love “Andersen’s Ballet” - a nod to famed Dane Hans Christian Andersen.

f nutcracker flensteds marvellous mobiles

But it’s the swirling, twirling animal mobiles that first got me hooked…

“Feline Mobile”

f buddy flensteds marvellous mobiles

“Seahorse Mobile”

f seahorses flensteds marvellous mobiles


f swallows flensteds marvellous mobiles


f swans flensteds marvellous mobiles

And no, you don’t have to catch the next flight to Copenhagen to get your hands on these graceful works of art – they’re now available at retailers across Canada from about $27 each. Call Euro Design Canada at 866-932-0261 for your closest dealer.

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reflect on these: new mirrored furnishings

Whenever I think interest in mirrored furnishings is on the wane, a gorgeous new collection fires things up again.

Check out the new Andrea line from the always-gorgeous Bungalow 5: Hollywood Regency, but a bit chunkier and more substantial than what you might expect. The desk is positively dreamy, albeit utterly impractical for my home office, as one of my hands would constantly be gripping the bottle of Windex. If they ever resurrect Dynasty, I can see Joan Collins seated behind this baby, brokering billion-dollar mergers and checking her makeup at the same time. Over the top elegance!

picture 3 reflect on these: new mirrored furnishings I think I could handle the side table though. They’d be very so pretty flanking the bed as nightstands…

picture 6 reflect on these: new mirrored furnishings

And then there’s the ever-innovative Jonathan Adler, whose new series of brass side tables go for the gold… Not really mirrored, per se, but polished to such a brilliant shine that the magpie in me just had to include them here. I’m blown away by those striking silhouettes! (The hourglass is my fave…)

picture 10 reflect on these: new mirrored furnishings

picture 9 reflect on these: new mirrored furnishings

picture 81 reflect on these: new mirrored furnishings

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the moggit girls dish: on trends they hate!

Guest post by The Moggit Girls
Visit: Moggit: The guilty pleasure of the decorating world

First, we dished on the design trends we love. And then there are these…

mural the moggit girls dish: on trends they hate!
1 No more murals!
We’re just gonna say it. Murals = Bad seventies flashback. Can’t we just all just agree to be done with them now? Via: Design Milk

decoupage the moggit girls dish: on trends they hate!
2 We’re done with decoupage
Listen, mod-podging the hell out of a piece of furniture is way too time-consuming and labour-intensive, especially when you know it’s going to end up in next year’s yard sale. C’mon, you know it’s true! Via: Apartment Therapy

monochromatic the moggit girls dish: on trends they hate!
3 Mundane monchromatic
Too much of a good thing is… not necessarily a good thing. Yawn. Via: Fresh Home

nautical rope the moggit girls dish: on trends they hate!
4 Nautical rope
This is one of those five-minute trends we warned you about. We think it’s just way too literal and thematic not to get on your nerves really fast. If you see this anywhere, do yourself a favour and hoist anchor, matey!

geometric pattern the moggit girls dish: on trends they hate!
5 Too much is too much– Of a geometric print, that is!
This is a trend that we’re actually sitting on the fence about. Don’t get us wrong, we do love us a great graphic geometric print (as evidenced here!) and not just on rugs. And we’re not saying you shouldn’t love them either. But what we are saying is that you shouldn’t love them too much. Because too much ‘graphic’ going on in one space … well, you get the point. Just be judicious in your graphic print judgment. That’s all we ask. Thankyouverymuch.

the moggit girls dish: on trends they love!

Guest post by The Moggit Girls
Visit: Moggit: The guilty pleasure of the decorating world

Some trends we love … Others? Not so much!

Decorating. Trends. Two words that when put together can strike fear into the very heart of the average homeowner or renter. Not to mention confusion. Why? Because just when you think you’ve got the look of your space all pulled together– wham!– you get slammed with a new ‘must have’ trend. And they can be so … daunting. So much so that they often leave us shelter mag junkies scratching our heads and thinking, ‘Now I have to go and buy what?!”

These ‘trend’ things — they also come and go, sometimes seemingly faster than some people change their underwear. So how do you know which ones to invest your time and hard-earned cash in? Or which ones will be so-five-minutes-ago in about, say, five minutes?

For us, these decisions are based on personal taste. Basically, we say if you love a trend, have at it. But beware: Some trends you really only want to dip into as sparingly as you would a jar of La Mer face cream. Others just have a timeless look about them — they’re the ones that you know will be sticking around for a while and are deserving of your attention.

We’ve checked out some of the latest trends for you (you’re welcome!) and have detailed which ones we think are actually worthy of the name (meaning you can figure on it lasting a year or so), and also which ones we think are, to quote the Eagles, ‘Already Gone…’

Trends we love:

white and bright the moggit girls dish: on trends they love!
1 White and bright

We gotta say — We. Still. Love. White. And we probably always will. It’s one of those trends that is never really not a trend, it is just that perennially dependable. You can always count on white to be classic, fresh, crisp and clean. What’s trendy now is how white is being paired with bright pops of colour. There can be no denying that colour is back, so pairing your existing whites with a set of spicy orange cushions on your sofa, or gracing your kitchen table with a bowl of sunny yellow lemons or sharply verdant Granny Smiths brings your space stylishly up-to-date — without breaking the bank. Image source: Style At Home

grasscloth the moggit girls dish: on trends they love!

2 The grasscloth is always greener …

Or orange-er. Or yellow-er. Or patterned with great, punchy graphics or whimsical florals. Grasscloth is suddenly everywhere — the mark of a true trend. But new variations in colour, texture and pattern, as well as the prevalence of great fakes for this possibly pricey old ‘design standby’ make it modern, fresh and fun. In other words, this ain’t yo’ Momma’s grasscloth! And a nice thing to remember is a little can go a long way toward making your space one that is trendily on-point. Image source:

filigree the moggit girls dish: on trends they love!
3 Filigree-dee-dee!

We do declare — filigree is a trend that is as hot as poor Scarlett’s beloved Tara at the end of Gone With The Wind. That said, this is one trend that we really think you won’t want to over-do. Indulge in small doses. A touch here and there is all a space needs to exude the elegance that filigree is meant to provide. Scarlett might not agree, but we are of the mind that with this trend, less is definitely more. Image source:

geometric rug the moggit girls dish: on trends they love!
4 A great graphic geometric rug

The great thing about a great rug is that it can instantly change the vibe of a space. And if your great rug happens to sport a great geometric graphic, then the vibe of your space suddenly becomes edgy, and up-to-the minute trendy. A fabulous graphic rug (we’ve already used great way too many times) pulls a space together, sets the tone and energizes the room. And for those worried about too much contrast stealing the limelight, a tone-on-tone graphic might just be the ticket to, well, greatness! Via: casa sugar

eco chic the moggit girls dish: on trends they love!
5 Eco-chic

We think this ‘design trend’ is so prevalent and so beneficial that it should be upgraded to ‘design staple’. Being eco-chic is not only eco-friendly, it’s ultra-cool. Plus, there are tons of great new eco-minded products available. It’s a whole new world, people. Literally. So wherever you can make the switch to eco-chic, get eco-on-it! Source: Style At Home

Next up: Trends we could live without!

luxe launch party at 1212 decor

If you are in any way involved in Toronto’s interior design scene, you were very likely at the grand opening of 1212 Decor on Wednesday, June 9.

1212a luxe launch party at 1212 decor

We’re talking HUGE turnout here, including (amongst the 300+ who were packed into the showroom) Arren Williams, designer Erin Feasby (whose work we’re featuring in an upcoming Style at Home issue! Can’t wait!), the CityLine crew, and of course, the guest of honour, the inimitible Larry Laslo.

1212b luxe launch party at 1212 decorThe world-renowned interior and product designer was on-hand to share his latest pieces gracing the 1212 showroom, while sharing some details on his latest fabric collection for Robert Allen. I was a little disappointed that Larry only took the mike for a few precious seconds, as he’s the consummate showman who has THE best stories to tell. I had the pleasure of interviewing him two years ago when his Robert Allen collection first launched, and he’s an absolute scream (“I love everything. It’s unfortunate. And expensive.”) had me laughing the whole time. A great choice of guest for 1212 to bring in!

Also on-hand was fashion designer Lucian Matis, whose latest collection worked the showroom floor throughout the evening.

1212c luxe launch party at 1212 decor

But the real reason for all the excitement was the chance to check out the truly extraordinary collection of home furnishings, art and accessories. Alex Donovan of 1212 has assembled a carefully curated collection that’s truly inspiring. Trad and rad, all rolled into one inspirational space…

1212d luxe launch party at 1212 decor1212 had me won over long before this big bash, though, as the dealer of Kindel Furniture’s staggeringly beautiful Dorothy Draper Collection. Insanely expensive, but oh-so-elegant…

American Baroque Mirror, Dorothy Draper

picture 14 luxe launch party at 1212 decor

Console and Curio, Dorothy Draper

picture 51 luxe launch party at 1212 decor

Café Side Chair, Dorothy Draper

picture 61 luxe launch party at 1212 decor

Take a peek at 1212 yourself! The store is located at 1212 Yonge St. (appropriately), just south of Summerhill Ave., in Toronto. Hours are Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, and Sunday from 12noon to 5PM. Happy shopping!

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kimberley seldon’s sweet model suite

It only seems natural that Kimberley Seldon should assume the design duties for the model suite at Toronto’s covetable new California Condos. My favourite Californian-Canadian unveiled her big, bold & brilliantly blue take on the 695-square foot space last week (you may even have seen it on Kimberley’s June 22nd CityLine appearance), and it’s a stunning example of small space decorating… Here’s a peek!

ks01 kimberley seldons sweet model suite

I loves me a good, old-fashioned galley kitchen layout… The open-concept kitchen, dining and sitting room would be great for entertaining.

ks0 kimberley seldons sweet model suite

Kimberley’s cleverly repeated the Moorish tile pattern from the sitting room cushions on the dining room walls, blown-up to epic proportions.

ks2 kimberley seldons sweet model suite

I’ve coveted those lattice-framed mirrors from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams for ages…

ks3 kimberley seldons sweet model suite

Hanging pendants over the nightstands instead of using more conventional table lamps is a great way to keep surfaces clear.

ks4 kimberley seldons sweet model suite

The suites at this Camrost-Felcorp project range in size from 455 to 1,120 sq. ft. The starting price? A cool $229,900.

ks6 kimberley seldons sweet model suite

For more on California Condos, check out

ks1 kimberley seldons sweet model suiteCongrats, Kimberley! I do believe this is Canada’s Next Top Model Suite. icon wink kimberley seldons sweet model suite

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seeing spots at ikea

I recently had a whack of IKEA goodies sent to me for a photoshoot, but I almost missed the shipment entirely. I’ve become so used to the iconic big blue bag that I kept ignoring this, which showed up in its place…

picture 72 seeing spots at ikeaIt’s IKEA’s brand new Varmt Rund carry bag, and it instantly made me the most popular boy at the office. (Some people have their Coach bags; others have their IKEA totes. Different strokes, and all that.) At only $2, the sunny spotted bag is perfect for lugging gear to the beach, or fresh green goodness home from the farmers’ market. Or simply pack it with you on your next trip to IKEA and look down your nose at all the boring old blue-baggers. So last season! icon wink seeing spots at ikea

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guest blogger miranda mccurlie’s 5 tech essentials

** Editor’s note: Writing a tech blog means I get to meet some really awesome people at events and through the online community. Miranda McCurlie {@ilovecpstyle} introduced me to Flip Video awhile back and we’ve been friendly ever since. A tech whiz and early adopter of all things social media, Miranda used to be the go-to gadget girl at a PR firm and is now a digital consultant. She’s fun, fresh and fabulous, and she’s here sharing her 5 fave tech-y essentials of the moment.**

picture 521 guest blogger miranda mccurlies 5 tech essentials

Tech girl-about-town, Miranda McCurlie

1 Hype Machine
Music makes the world go round and not having access to the latest songs from my favourite DJ`s/bands is simply not an option. I go on Hype Machine — a website that aggregates thousands of the world`s best music blogs from all around the world. This is a great music discovery tool and you can also download the songs. Hype Machine allows you to create a user account, add favourites, manage playlists, Tweet your favourite songs, add their widget to your blog, etc. Honestly, if you have two ears and an internet connection, just go to and follow them on Twitter: @hypem

hypemachine guest blogger miranda mccurlies 5 tech essentials
2 iPad
When this gadget was announced I thought to myself: no front-facing camera? No USB ports? No Flash? No thanks! But then my boss got one, and then my friend got one (he was one of the first to get one from a Canadian supplier) and honestly, I am changing my iTune. It has HD video output and an awesome screen to view all your media – from magazine to movies.  I’m sitting on a train right now with some other digital nerds and here are some of their thoughts on it.
“The Wired App is really cool – it’s the digital version of Wired Magazine for the iPad.” – @clarkey

“The form factor, the portability and the interface are all really exciting.  It makes it easy to do the everyday web computing – on the go.” – @rickweiss

“Forget the iPad – did you know that coming soon to Canada is the ability for consumers to purchase unlocked iPhones? That is a step forward, in my opinion and I would definitely buy an iPhone now.”  – @imnico

ipad21 guest blogger miranda mccurlies 5 tech essentials
3 Otterbox
Otterbox makes practically indestructible cases for iPads, iPhones, Blackberry’s, HTCs, Google Phone — you name it, they probably make a case for it. And if it does break, just call them up and they will ship you a new one.

otterbox iphone case guest blogger miranda mccurlies 5 tech essentials

4 Xbox Kinect
Whether you`re a gamer or not, you`ll want to check out the Xbox Kinect, a new add-on to the Xbox 360. It`s a motion controlled so that you don’t need to actually hold a controller — it senses your motions through a built-in camera and other technology. I checked out some videos online and it looks like a blast to play with! If you don`t have an Xbox 360 already, there`s also a new slimmer version that includes a special port and lets you connect the Kinect with no additional adapters or power cables.

kinect main guest blogger miranda mccurlies 5 tech essentials

5 Gowalla
Gowalla is a location-based application that runs on iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Android devices. What`s different about Gowalla in comparison to Foursquare {another popular location-based application} is that it forgoes gimmicks and provides simple, solid useability. There are tons of fun aspects to this app, such as picking up cool digital collectibles and then dropping them off for others to ‘pick up’ and pay it forward. It`s a cool form of digital interaction — you can tweet that you dropped the “headdress” badge at Burrito Boys and tell friends to go pick it up. Check it out at
gowalla incase guest blogger miranda mccurlies 5 tech essentials

future shop does father’s day

What to get for the dad who has it all? Canadian tech-tastic retailer, Future Shop, has come up with a list of fab Father’s Day gift ideas for the gadget-savvy main man in your life. I’ve chosen my fave three of the bunch, so check them out below!

futureshop future shop does fathers day

1 Apple iPad, $550
Combining the best of an eReader, MacBook and iPhone, the new Apple iPad is perfect for the Dad who wants to stay at the forefront of the gadget world. It features a 10-inch HD touch screen and a 10 hour battery life, making it a great gift for a train/bus commuter {can you say movies, music, and digital magazines galore?}.

2 Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System, $450
It’s no secret that Bose has some of the best speakers on the market, and they dominate the iPod dock market. If your Dad’s a music buff, treat him to Bose’s portable version of the classic dock, which is battery operated and perfect for listening to tunes while lounging at the cottage.

3 TomTom World Traveler Edition, $200
Road maps — they’re huge, bulky, and impossible to use on solo car trips. Ensure Dad gets to his destination on time {you know he’s not going to stop to ask for directions} with TomTom’s newest GPS system. It has a 5-inch display and features detailed maps of all of North America and Europe — ideal for the Dad on-the-go.

jewelry: storage, display + your chance to win!

jewelry1 jewelry: storage, display + your chance to win!
Jewelry storage can be a challenge. If you don’t have jewelry boxes at the ready, your pretty baubles can end up in an unsightly heap on your dresser. Stray earrings can lose their partners and necklaces can end up in a tangled mess. I love this idea from Pottery Barn (pictured above). These hardwood jewelry display frames turn your precious pieces into works of art, displayed for your enjoyment rather than hidden away in boxes. It’s a great way to keep things organized and tangle-free. We’ve got lots of other jewelry storage ideas. Check them out!
Jewelry storage
Green ways to clean your jewelry
Organizing 101: Jewelry
Unique ways to display vintage jewelry

jewelry2 jewelry: storage, display + your chance to win!PLUS:

Enter now for your chance to win this gorgeous necklace from Suetables is a proudly Canadian company that makes sterling silver jewelry that’s designed in Toronto and made in the mountains in Mexico. The beautiful pieces are personalized one letter at a time to feature names or sayings that hold a special meaning to you. They make wonderful gifts, too! You can view the entire collection here. TIP: Enter STYLE@HOME at check out for a 10% discount at

Want to win this beautiful necklace (pictured left)?  This sterling silver, custom large Megan “circle of life” is hand stamped with LIVE YOUR TRUTH and comes with an 88″ ball chain. (Retail value: $88.)  Just leave a comment below, sharing your best tip for storing and organizing your jewelry. I’ll choose the winning response on July 19.

Good luck!

Contest closes July 19, 2010 at 12pm EST. Open to all residents of Canada, except those in Quebec. Not open to any Transcontinental Media employees, their families, or any other persons with whom they reside.

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