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diy: simple and thoughful gift idea

I know I’m biased…but I have some pretty crafty friends! Two of my best friends, Laura and Kelly, had lived together for years up until a few weeks ago when Kelly moved in with her boyfriend. Missing her roomie already, Laura made the cutest (and relatively simple) housewarming present for Kelly’s new pad.

Carrots diy: simple and thoughful gift ideaPhotography by Laura Scadding

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fab find: cute spring plates

Fab find
Seed packet plates, $32.92 (set of six); Crate & Barrel.
fab find spring vegetable plates fab find: cute spring plates
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new-use tuesdays: sugar

Hey there, sweet stuff! If you have a sweet tooth like I do, this week’s new-use feature is for you. I’m putting the new-use spotlight on my all-time favourite food group (kidding – okay, half kidding): sugar. Check out a few other handy ways you can utilize this pantry staple; just don’t share these tricks with your neighbours – they might drop by for a cupful of sugar that much more often!

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the new onion ring

I was over at my friends’ house on Saturday night. They cooked up this interesting take on onion rings – leek rings. Crispy and light like an onion ring, but healthier maybe. My friend lightly breaded them in flour and then fried them. Delish.


leeks the new onion ring

get the look: paris café style

It’s been almost one year since I visited Paris, and one of my fondest memories is relaxing at the charming cafés that dot the streets where small bistro tables crowd the sidewalks and the chairs are positioned for prime people watching.

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sister parish’s go to drink: vodka and clamato

I’ve been reading Sister Parish: The Life of Legendary American Interior Designer. Mrs. Parish was a famous decorator – she helped Jackie Kennedy decorate the White House and she ‘s also known for establishing/founding the American country style. The book shares little tidbits of information gathered from old colleagues, friends and family.  One item that is sticking with me is her drink. It says she enjoyed bourbon, as well as vodka with a splash of Clamato. I thought Clamato was a Canadian thing, but clearly it was available in the US. I don’t think it was a caesar, more like a martini, as it sounds like the Clamato left the vodka looking pink. I mixed one up myself and it was not bad a little salty. Has anyone else tried something similar?

clamato2 sister parishs go to drink: vodka and clamato

behind the scenes: bench update

At photo shoots we often have to make some quick changes. Usually nothing too major, but the below is a prime example of making a simple swap! Here’s a behind-the-scenes pic I took of Ann Marie, Alex and Virginia updating my faux fur bench at my apartment shoot. As much as I loved the grey faux fur, we wanted to bring in a bit more colour to the space. Luckily we had some bright fabric samples on hand…so it was out with the old and in with the new!

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home library: homemade cleaners

I’m far from an earth goddess, but I do worry about the chemicals I come in contact with – especially in my cleaning products. In the last decade, there’s been a clear shift toward greener horizons in the home-cleaning category. But, for the most part, the price points are still higher than conventional products and, in a world of deceptive ad lingo, I always wonder just how environmentally friendly the products are. Well, in their book Homemade Cleaners, authors Mandy O’Brien and Dionna Ford have got the answer: make your own cleaning products from recognizable ingredients, most of which are already in your kitchen cabinets.

Homemade Cleaners OBrien and Ford home library: homemade cleaners

Homemade Cleaners by Mandy O'Brien and Dionna Ford (Ulysses Press, $18)

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decor vs. fashion: yellow rug or skirt?

If you’re thinking of going retro this spring (imagine Now and Then and Mad Men style), you have two options for boosting the look of your home and wardrobe.

Option A: Decorate with yellow using a yellow floral-patterned rug.

Option B: Give your spring style the mod look using a high-waisted yellow and lace mini skirt.

If you had $500 to spend on a spring upgrade, which would you choose–the yellow rug or skirt?
yellow skirt rug decor fashion decor vs. fashion: yellow rug or skirt?
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celebrate cinco de mayo: mouth-watering margarita

Forget celebrating Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving! Cinco de Mayo is one of my favourite holidays. I love Mexican food and I love a great margarita, so what’s better than an excuse to throw a latin-themed fiesta that promotes enjoying both of those delights. Looking at my calendar today, I realized that this joyous occasion is coming right up (May 5th, Mayo = May, cinco = 5), so what better way to get excited than with a fantastic margarita recipe? This favourite of mine comes from Food 52. It’s bold, it’s delicious and it’s sure to please a crowd. Salud!

margarita celebrate cinco de mayo: mouth watering margarita

Photo by James Ransom, Food 52

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