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celebrate national doughnut day with our sweetest recipes

Happy National Doughnut Day, friends!

Yes, it’s a thing. A deliciously indulgent thing that requires no excuse to enjoy today. The Style at Home team are certainly no strangers to these sweet treats, having gotten a taste of everything from regular sprinkles to s’mores and maple bacon creations (thanks Jelly Modern Doughnuts!)

doughnut day celebrate national doughnut day with our sweetest recipes


While we leave these tasty concoctions to the experts, we have seven doughnut recipes to help you celebrate this scrumptious day. Which one would YOU love to try?

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editor’s pick: french market totes

French market totes are having a serious moment right now, and with good reason. They’re emblematic of laid-back summer style and market days in the south of France. Read on for two attractive options, and how I use my French market tote.

FrenchMarketTote KaufmannMercantile editors pick: french market totes

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editor’s pick: jenna kutcher watercolour

It’s no secret that I love collecting art prints. I have a couple different gallery walls around my apartment, including in my living room and over my bed. I’ve recently purchased a few prints from Society6 – including this gorgeous watercolour from Jenna Kutcher.

Lets Be Adventurous editors pick: jenna kutcher watercolourimage via. Society6

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lucite love

Lucite has been trending for the past few years. Since the resurgence of  mid century design spurred on by the popularity of Mad Men, we have seen this versatile material utilized as a home staple. Lucite Table lucite love

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decor vs. fashion: denim pillow cover or blue jeans?

Our favourite ’90s fabric is back! That’s right–blue denim is experiencing a major revival in the world of home decor and fashion this summer. And when it comes to shopping for denim, there are two ways to go.

Option A: Purchase a new throw pillow and use Pottery Barn’s denim cover to add a retro vibe to your modern home.

Option B: Treat yourself to a new pair of denim skinny jeans from H&M–a fashion staple for every woman’s dream closet.

You have $40 to spend this week. Which item would you choose–the denim pillow cover or jeans?
decor fashion denim pillow jeans decor vs. fashion: denim pillow cover or blue jeans?
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places to go, people to see: modern home tour

Have you ever been out for a walk or a drive and chanced upon a stunning modern house? Looking more like pieces of art than houses, these dwellings are nestled all over Toronto, and this weekend you can get up close and personal. This Saturday, June 7, the second annual Toronto Modern Home Tour will grant participants an intimate glimpse of some of the best contemporary architecture and design in the city. The self-guided tour will include at least six homes and run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Buy your ticket online here today or tomorrow for $30 US, or the day of at one of the homes on the list for $40 US. Kids younger than 12 get in free, so it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the family without breaking the bank. Highlights include the award-winning home of artist Charles Pachter, located in Chinatown, designed by Stephen Teeple of Teeple Architects. Built in 2005, the home appears like a stack of transparent cubes – definitely not the dwelling for a messy person!

pachter teeple places to go, people to see: modern home tour

Courtesy of Teeple Architects

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win: irobot scooba floor mopping robot

Let me just start by saying that I hate to scrub floors. I mean, there’s sweeping, there’s vacuuming, there’s mopping, and then there’s Cinderella-like laborious scrubbing. And that cleaning ethic definitely came from my mom.

This woman is so dedicated to keeping her home clean that she hand scrubs the hardwood floors, despite the various easy-to-use mops that have been bought in the past. What can I say? The woman is traditional. It has now gotten to the point where her knees and lower back cannot handle the chore anymore. Thankfully, I could finally provide her a non-painful solution – a hands-free machine that would do the job for her!

irobot 2 win: irobot scooba floor mopping robot

Mother’s Day 2014 marked the day a robot saved my mom’s joints. More specifically, the iRobot Scooba.

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trendspotting: tropical prints

Let’s talk about the amazing tropical trend for summer.  I’ve been noticing tropical prints everywhere, and think they’re fun to try out this summer – whether it’s a dress or a toss cushion on your sofa. I rounded up some fun products in the July issue (on newsstands now!), but I scouted a few more that I’d like to share with you here.

Tropical RiflePaperCoWallpaper trendspotting: tropical prints

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My trip to Minneapolis with Cambria

A few weeks back I went to visit Cambria in Minneapolis. Cambria is a manufacturer and fabricator of beautiful quartz solid surfacing. Here are some photos from my trip (sorry not so pretty):

cambria truck2 My trip to Minneapolis with Cambria

No mistaking who’s picking you up at the airport in this car. Read the rest of this entry »

ombre rose cake

Pretty much every cookie, tart or piece of cake I make and am subsequently forced to eat, I blame on Pinterest. As a self-confessed Pinterest addict, I am constantly finding not only new recipes to try but incredible decorating techniques.

Admittedly, the decorating techniques usually seem to be far outside my skill set but it never hurts to give something new a try. But one of the great things about this digital age is that there’s nothing you can’t find online. Before I set out to make a cake with a new or difficult icing technique, I watch YouTube video tutorials and read the blogs of all those brave souls who have gone before me. There’s so much to learn!

My latest cake challenge was an ombre rose cake, which, if you read food blogs or spend time on Pinterest, you may have seen already. Here’s what I was aiming for:

culinary couture rose cake ombre rose cake
Image via Culinary Couture
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