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I don’t know why but I have a hard time keeping my kitchen sink sparkling. Every time my mother visits, I can see her eying it warily, then casually tossing a cleaning tip my way. Part of the problem is time and the other part of the problem is tea bags, which always stain.
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decor: living room before and after

My first apartment is featured in the current June issue of Style at Home. And while it may look super put together on the pages of the magazine, it was definitely a work in progress! I thought it would be fun to share a few progress shots I took along the way. Here’s the after. Read on to see some of the befores!

Living Room After decor: living room before and after Photography by Virginia MacDonald

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art gallery

With the summer season right around the corner,(cross your fingers) I have been craving bright, cheerful colour in my surroundings. I have always been fond of gallery style white walls decorated in colourful artwork. At the moment I think there is a draw towards pieces that are casual and uncomplicated, the juxtaposition of high end art, accompanied by something created in arts & crafts has become a growing trend… I love it. Here are a few of my top pics from around the web, the price points all vary, but together they work harmoniously. Casual, fab, and of course ever so vibrant.

ART LCD copy art gallery
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decor vs. fashion: blue shower curtain or dress?

Do you feel like your bathroom design is missing that special something? If so, you could use a new shower curtain. Try Lands’ End’s blue and white cotton shower curtain to add vintage charm to your home. And if your stylish bathroom has it all, upgrade your wardrobe this spring with a blue ombré dress from ModCloth. Whether it’s the bathroom or the closet, the decision is up to you!

If you had $80 to spend this week, which would you choose–the blue shower curtain or dress?
decor vs fashion ombre blue shower curtain dress decor vs. fashion: blue shower curtain or dress?
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happy national chocolate chip cookie day

So, our friendly neighbours to the south are celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day today. That was pretty pleasant news to wake up to this morning! And even though in Canada, this is not a nationally recognized day to hail the chocolate chip, I say, why miss out on such a good thing?

So, in honour of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, I thought I’d share the recipe for the BEST EVER chocolate chip cookies. No seriously, that’s what they’re called.

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new in toronto: the good press

If you’re looking for me this summer, you’ll likely find me hanging out at The Good Press. This healthy juice bar in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood was launched this week by Andrew and Leila Ois, the sweetest husband and wife team. Their cold-pressed bottled juices feature innovative, delicious and nutrient-dense fruit and vegetable combinations (My favourites are Pear Me The Details, Ruby Tuesday and the cold-pressed watermelon juice).

TheGoodPressMenu new in toronto: the good press

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anchor’s away

Nautically inspired decor continues to be one of those trends that keeps resurfacing season after season. It has come a long way since the “ship in a bottle” decor that used to adorn every captains chambers and has become the staple of every cottage from the Hamptons to the Muskokas. Blue and white stripes will always be  synonymous with sailing and ocean culture, recently fresh interpretations such as rustic rope decorated mirrors and youthfully designed matchboxes for your interior will have you saying “Ahoy Matey”…..

Nautical2 copy anchors away

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new-use tuesdays: nail polish

Even the most low-maintenance among us have a bottle of clear nail polish in a drawer somewhere. If your nails aren’t seeing much of it (overdue for a mani-pedi?), you can still get some use out of your nail polish. Check out a few other surfaces around the house that could use a quick coat.

Spring lineup Vinyl new use tuesdays: nail polish

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behind-the-scenes: our colourful special issue

Have you picked it up yet? Our newest Special Issue is now on stands and it’s All. About. Colour!! One of my favourite stories is about bookcase styling, which I worked on with the talented Stacy Begg. Check out a few behind the scene pics from our shoot! Here’s Joe Kim, our photographer, working his magic on the bold black and orange ‘Man Den’ shelving unit.

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fab find: embroidered bath towels

Fab find
Typeset embroidery towels, $7-18; Simons.
fab find simons towels embroidered fab find: embroidered bath towels
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