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Valentine's Day decor ideas

It just takes a few little things to project a whole lot of love this Valentine’s Day.

Of all the holidays, Valentine’s Day is perhaps most often viewed with both desire and dread. Relax! Relieve the pressure by creating a romantic atmosphere in your home - after all, that’s generally where love resides. There are myriad ways to mark the day with things that inspire a sense of warmth, comfort, playfulness and passion. And many of them will give pleasure all year-round. These Valentine’s Day decor ideas will help you add a touch of romance at home, to make this time of year a little extra special.
Pretty prints
Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of a florist’s year (save Mother’s Day of course!) so why not go a different route? Pretty prints like this one evoke the same sentiment – saving you a bundle and lasting a lot longer. Etsy, $27.55.

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