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Find out which bedroom decorating style tips suit your lifestyle.

For modern gals, the bedroom is as much a place of contemplation and relaxation as it is one of seduction. With busy workday lives and high-use home offices overlapping into your personal space, the bedroom becomes ever more important as a retreat. If you're single or divorced, we say you've got carte blanche to make it the girly, feminine place you've always dreamed of!

But whether your boudoir is more Sex & The City, Season 5 (mostly single), or SATC: the Movie (mostly coupled), there are some basic rules of boudoir chic to follow. Here are some bedroom decorating ideas for creating a romantic, stylish and restful retreat.

DO start by checking out sheet sets at the department store. Ogle the displays -- those pimped-out beds are there for a reason: so you can picture what the collections actually look like when set up. What style appeals to you on a gut level? Crisp, white hotel-chic? Country-cottage floral matlassé quilts? Rich, spice-tone tapestry prints?

DON'T be afraid to deviate from the rest of your decorating scheme. Even if the social areas of your home are neutral and modern, a self-contained and private space like the bedroom is the perfect little spot for you to break out your Moroccan side! (Or bohemian. Or retro Hollywood -- mirrored nightstands, white shag rug, pink, frilly bedding and all!)

DO make luxury the bottom line. Nothing is sexier, or more restful than premium bedding. Look for a thread count in the 300-500 threads per square inch range.

buy flat or fitted sheets that exceed 600 threads per square inch: the resulting super-tight weave can trap body heat, preventing skin from breathing properly, which can be extremely unpleasant in summer.


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