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Colin & Justin: Dreamy bedrooms

Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, hosts of Colin & Justin's Home Heist on HGTV, teach you how to turn your nightmare bedroom into a heavenly haven.

 A well-crafted boudoir can transform your humble slumber zone into a calming, personal sanctuary -- an escape from the pressures of the outside world. But most bedrooms -- as far as we can tell when we're out on the road filming Home Heist -- are frightening war zones of piled-up clean -- and dirty! -- laundry, cast-off mismatched furnishings, and mattresses that are well past their sell-by date. A dated bedroom simply doesn't deliver the feeling a luxurious bedroom should, and that's such a missed opportunity. Think about the most tranquil place you've ever visited and then multiply that memory by the same pampered feeling you get when you visit an exclusive health spa -- that's how you should feel in your bedroom. Here's how to conjure up those happy feelings.

• Don't ask too much of too small a space. Keep it clearly and exclusively defined as a bedroom, and absolutely avoid multitasking. That means no ironing boards, no splitting-at-the-seams wardrobes and definitely no computers stashed in a corner. It's a bedroom, not a boardroom.

• The main event in any slumber zone is the bed. Because it's probably the largest feature, let your bed define the space. In much the same way as a feature wall of colour or wallpaper can be just enough to provide punch and personality, so too will a well-dressed bed occupy centre stage in your design scheme.

• About a third of your life is spent sleeping, so invest in a good quality mattress and treat yourself to the best pillows and dressings you can afford. Ask yourself this question: What price good slumber? As far as we're concerned, a great night's sleep is more rejuvenating than Botox and a better tonic than a life coach! It really is worth spending more.

• Make your bed as much a tactile feast for the fingers as it is for the eyes by mixing soft satin with cool cotton, then topping the lot with a luxurious cashmere throw. 


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