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Tips for decorating kids' rooms that’ll keep both parent and child happy.

Expect it to happen sometime between the ages of three and five: “I want a big-kid room!” Congratulations! Your preschooler has outgrown the nursery and it’s time for his or her first bedroom makeover.

Here’s the thing with preschoolers though: They’re stubbornly independent … as if we had to tell you this! “I want to do it!” is a classic preschooler mantra. While you may not want to give them carte blanche on every design choice, involving them in the makeover goes a long way in fostering self-esteem, creativity and pride in their “big kid” room – and big-kid accomplishments.

Here’s how to decorate a kid-friendly room for your little guy or gal – with tips for how they can help with a minimum of hindrance to you.

Comfort, safety, storage and play space are priorities in a preschooler room. Little kids want a room they’ll enjoy spending time in and sharing with their friends. Remember: preschoolers can be opinionated! It doesn’t mean you have to give in on that pricey designer bed, but it does mean it’s inconsiderate to expect your child to “live with” scratchy bedding or a wall colour they abhor.


1 Bed
Once your preschooler has outgrown their crib/toddler bed, it’s time for a twin.
  • An extendable bed is easily reconfigured so its length fits your growing child, but these beds use foam mattress pads rather than coiled-spring mattresses, which can be uncomfortable for some, for example, you, when you’re trying to lie beside your child to read at night.
  • A conventional twin bed will last your child many years, so buy the best quality you can afford to ensure proper back support and many years of comfort.
  • Use wool-backed mattress pads to protect the mattress and prevent dust mites.
  • Pass on the bunk bed. According to Health Canada, between 1999 and 2006, there were 2,530 bunk bed related injuries in Canada. With some caveats, older kids can use them safely. But no one under the age of seven should have access to one.
  • Buy bed guards or a long bolster cushion to keep your child from falling out of bed.
  • For all products, regularly check Health Canada for safety-related product recalls.
How your child can help
  • Let her test out beds at the store and select her bedding.
  • Teach him how to make his bed!
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