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Organizing 101: Bedrooms

Savvy storage ideas and functional furnishings can make sweet dreams a reality in organizing your bedroom.

Nothing's worse than being cosily tucked into bed and having to get up to turn off the lights or get a glass of water. Or not being able to find a pair of socks in a messy dresser drawer. The bedroom's where you start and end your day – it should be a stress-free place. Organizing your bedroom will make it the sanctuary you've been dreaming of.

The right stuff
Begin by going through every drawer and shelf, taking out everything from under the bed and giving or throwing away items you no longer use. Then it's time to look at the major elements of your bedroom.

Beds aren't just for sleeping. The areas behind, below and above the bed can offer extra storage space, too.

Maximize the space under the bed by organizing items in easily accessible containers. Plastic bins on wheels are great (and are available at department stores across the country); hide them behind a tailored bedskirt. If your bed frame is low to the floor, make or buy risers (from organizing stores) so that the containers fit.

Stash reading material in a small basket that you can hide under the bed.

Build a headboard that incorporates out-of-sight storage.

Make use of vertical wall space and create a cosy niche with built-in shelves above and on both sides of the headboard. Attach clip-on lights to the unit and store small items in decorative boxes.


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