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99 cheap decorating tricks

Refresh your home with these 99 chic and cheap decorating tricks.

41 Update your kitchen by having the cabinets professionally refaced, or sand, prime and then give them a new coat of melamine or oil paint yourself.

42 A large area rug or hallway runner can hide scuffs and worn hardwood and costs a lot less than having your floors refinished.

43 Cafe curtains give privacy, let in light and are easy to create yourself.

44 Cover old boxes of varying sizes with pretty paper such as leftover wrapping or wallpaper to make lovely storage containers.

45 A woven vintage basket or big bowl filled with seasonal fruits, vegetables or greenery makes a cheap and chic centerpiece for the dining table.

46 Wood moldings salvaged from the lumber yard can add architectural details to a room not just around the baseboards or ceiling but around window frames and in doorways too.

47 Install dimmers in the living room and bathroom to help create instant mood lighting.

48 Group together small framed pictures and art for maximum impact.

49 Update lampshades by adding hand-stitched accents or by gluing flat braided or tasseled fringes along the edges.

50 When framing artwork, use an oversized matte and frame for a sophisticated and stylish gallery look.

51 Display your wardrobe or collectibles as art. Use display hooks and picture ledges to display hats, handbags or accessory collections as art on your walls. It’s a chic storage and display idea.

52 Combine several textured elements (shiny, matte, soft or rough), to add richness to a space.

53 Use colourful accent pieces, such as throw pillows, that can easily be changed with the seasons or latest trends.

54 Glue magnets onto the backs of fabulous faux flowers and affix to the edge of solid-coloured tablecloths for a pretty springtime touch.

55 Decorative molding made of Styrofoam is a cheap and easy to install alternative to crown molding.

56 Hang rugs, tapestries and small blankets or scarves on a wall if you need to cover a large, empty space. Not only will it look lovely but it will act as additional soundproofing in your home.

57 Create a new duvet cover by sewing two broadsheets together.

58 Group framed children’s paintings, drawings and craft projects with photos to create a wall display.

59 Blackboards and bulletin boards are useful helpers in kids' rooms, entryways and in the kitchen.

60 Decorate according your interests. If you like music, frame some sheet music or hang album covers on the walls as art.

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