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Bloggers' budget decorating ideas: Using fabric

Four fab bloggers share creative, budget-friendly decorating ideas using textiles.

Photography by Lindsay Butler

Everything LEB: Trimming the curtains
"Custom drapes are crazy expensive, I love the look, but not the price tag.  To make my own stylish drapery I turn to my favourite DIY budget item, trim. Any kind of trim from ribbon, cotton tape, to pom poms is an inexpensive and easy way to dress up those store-bought curtain panels. With a little fabric glue (or needle and thread) you can turn plain panels into custom-looking masterpieces. Don’t stop with just curtain panels. I also love using trim on lamp shades, pillows, shower curtains and just about anything that could just some added detail." -- Lindsay Butler

Lindsay Butler is a Boston-based design student and blogger. Find her on Everything LEB where she shares her DIY projects, inspirations and anything else design-related.

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