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Photography by Sarah Swanson

Pops of colour

"After a Christmas season that for me is full of creamy whites, black and browns, I love to add a pop of colour to brighten up my home after the holidays. This New Year I am loving shades ranging from soft violets to bright magentas, so that's exactly what I added. A blank wall above my work area seemed to be screaming out for some attention, so I grabbed some watercolours, a piece of paper and painted a quick and simple graphic design. An inexpensive silver Ikea frame received a quick coat of gold spray paint, and for under $25 I have a piece of art added to a space that now completely inspires me!" -- Sarah Swanson

With a talent for merchandising and an eye for design, Sarah has spent years editing her style and defining a signature for Sarah Swanson Design. Check out her daily design finds, from fabulous spaces to great designers, on Flourish Design + Style.

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