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Bloggers' budget-friendly DIY projects

Seven savvy design bloggers share their best budget-friendly decor DIY projects.

When it comes to the world of DIY, design bloggers are an incredible source of information and inspiration. They bring a sense of reality when it comes to interior design, home renovations and do-it-yourself projects by openly sharing their decor trials and tribulations. Seven savvy bloggers share their budget-friendly DIY projects proving they're not only possible, but budget-friendly, too!

Photography courtesy of Tim Lam.

1 Custom-built storage solution

"I decided to build the basics with pieces from Ikea and the rest will need to be custom built.

I lucked out as Ikea happened to have a major sale on the Pax system in the birch finish. I was going to have them all sprayed anyway so the finishes really didn't matter much to me. I also found two doors from the As-Is section for only $20 a piece! Then ordered four kitchen cabinet frames and doors to complete my trip to Ikea. The order came three weeks later and I had all the pieces sprayed by Benjamin Furniture Refinishing. Noel did a great job and they totally looked light years apart from their Ikea brothers.

The custom pieces were then ordered and I totally enjoyed designing the pieces; creating the drawings with the measurement... I felt like a real designer! The custom units also include pot lights for reading and are on dimmer for romance. Thanks to a great suggestion, these bedside tables were designed to be 'floating' and so access to the drawers under my bed would be a breeze!

To take it a step further and add an extra customized touch, I installed crown molding at the top and also baseboard all the way around to unify the pieces. It was a long process, but I now have a bedroom with plenty of storage!"

Tim Lam is a Toronto-based design and decor enthusiast and founder of  Design Maze, a blog and portfolio that documents his projects, savvy shopping and favourite finds.
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