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Photography courtesy of Sara Russell.

4 Chalkboard cheese platter

"This versatile chalkboard can be used in many ways. I have chosen to use it as a cheese platter.

I went to The Home Depot and found a piece of finished scrap wood for free! All I needed was a paintbrush, four round felt pads (I purchased mine at Jacaranda Tree for $2.99), primer paint, and chalkboard paint (which cost me $21.49 for 887mL).

Paint a layer of primer paint on the wood to seal it. Let it dry for one hour then apply two to three layers of chalkboard paint, allowing an hour to dry in between layers. Once all is dry, apply a felt pad on each corner on the bottom to protect any surface you place the board on. The pad also allows for a smooth, finished base that will move with ease. Wait three days for the paint to cure. After this, gently rub a piece of chalk on its side over the entire surface and then rub it off with a dry cloth. This preps the chalkboard surface from permanent chalk mark damage.

Note: When serving cheese, I place a piece of parchment paper under each piece."

Sara Russell is a lover of all things fabulous in decor and design, sharing her passion through her blog Sara Russell Interiors.
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